Hack The Living Dead – Tony from Hack the Movies


Apparently Tony digitally inserted himself and some friends into Night of the Living Dead.  I’m intrigued.  

0:00 – I never saw the original but it probably didn’t have this hip hop music intro.  

3:15 – They altered the radio to be some announcement from Radio Free America.  Is this a joke?  I don’t get this at all.  Radio Free America was the name of several unrelated radio shows…or something.  But where’s the joke?  Is it even supposed to be funny?  If this wasn’t for humour, what was it done for?  Will this advance the plot somehow?  Is this foreshadowing something?

3:45 – Tony is in the graveyard.  On his phone.  And then yeah.  There’s a little comedy segment with him talking to the graves of Justin and Kieran.  It’s kind of funny.  So he is doing this for laughs.  That Radio Free America “joke” must have just gone over my head, I guess.

20:00 – Some music box music has been changed to hip hop music. 

Also, I haven’t been mentioning all of the changes.  I’ve been too engrossed by this, I guess.  But the woman who does the Godzilla podcasts makes an appearance.  And there’s some other woman as a zombie.  Whatever.

23:00 – Oh.  Another reference to Radio Free America.  So it wasn’t a joke, I guess.  It was part of the plot.

39:00 – Then this guy from Radio Free America appears on television.  He previously appeared on like a Youtube channel or something.  I could forgive that.  But television?  Why would a guy who’s on radio appear on television?  

And these segments are too long.  I don’t even think that there are jokes in them.  He calls people communists.  I guess this is a reference to…I don’t know….the 1950s?  Didn’t this film come out in the 60s, though?  

I expected some social commentary on Trump or coronavirus or something.  But no, it’s just a guy talking about communists and “red-blooded Americans”.  What is this referencing, if anything?  

It’s supposed to be like a 1950s thing.  But he’s also doing like a Walter Cronkite Kennedy assassination thing.  And there are also mobile phones in this universe.  It’s just all over the place.  Pick a decade.

And why does this guy have more lines than Tony?  He might be from some other Youtube channel.  There was some reference to something called “tab” earlier.  Maybe that’s a channel or maybe I misheard something.  But anyway, WAY more lines.  And his lines don’t even make fucking sense.  

I’m sorry.  I’m all about promoting Tony from Hack the Movies but this is not good.  This guy in particular.  The idea itself, where he’s inserting himself in the video, is clever.  And outside of this Radio Free America guy, it’s been done fairly well.  But I just don’t get this Radio Free America thing.  It’s bad writing.  

Do I really want to watch any more of this?  No.  I can’t.  It’s just this Radio Free America guy going on for another fucking ten minutes or whatever.  I’ve watched about half of it.  I’m at the 42 minute mark.  That’s enough.

Let me just skip around.  See if there’s anything interesting.  

No.  It was just numerous more Radio Free America scenes.  Good thing I didn’t continue with this.

Then it ends with some more hip hop music.

Well…I can honestly say that that was the best version of Night of the Living Dead that I’ve ever seen.  

What about porn?  What if Tony hacked himself into some pornography?  You just know that he’s done it.  Changed the dude’s face and/or his penis to his own.  

So that’s some more of that delicious Halloween content.  Halloween is nearly here and all we got from Erin was a single costume.  A “sexy” Strawberry Shortcake.  And she was too embarrassed to upload this video to Youtube.  What a disappointment.  

Frankly, I’m relieved.  There was very little Halloween content from Cinemassacre as well.  People talk about their fondness for Monster Madness.  I always thought that it was lazy content.  Two minute reviews?  Fuck you.

And adults who are interested in Halloween always annoyed me.  Even in high school, there would always be that drama club guy who REALLY liked Halloween.  That dude’s getting fucked in the ass right now.  But yeah…the homosexuals…they like Halloween.  I don’t know why.  They like dressing up.  And anonymous butt sex.

So anyway, Hack the Living Dead.  I give it…tough to rate, really.  I liked the concept.  The parts with Tony were pretty good.  He’s a funny guy.  But that fucking Radio Free America.  What is this?  Is this some kind of joke that I just don’t get?  It’s bad.  So…as a film that you’d actually want to sit down and watch…fuck…one star?  I’m comparing this to things that you’d see in the cinema, though.  Maybe that’s not fair.  

As a Youtube thing.  Comparing it to Rainman’s The Head Returns or like Doug Walker’s horrible movies…two stars?  

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