SupaPixelGirl's musical output

It’s just like fucking game music.  I don’t know how she did it, if these are samples that she’s mixing or she’s using some kind of music software.  But…that’s what it is.  

So it’s like she took some music from Diddy Kong Racing and mixed it or…something.  I don’t know.

I was expecting vocals.  She probably erased all of her songs where she was actually singing.  She used to have a few of them.  Now the only one remaining is her awful AVGN cover.  

Anyway, she’ll probably delete all of this now that I’ve mentioned it.  She also deleted her two recent Youttube videos that I reviewed.  And she hasn’t tweeted in like two weeks.

How thin-skinned can somebody possibly be?  You know how many clicks that SupaPixelGirl “Where I’ve Been” review got?  54.  But that’s counting every click, even if you’ve already seen it.  And that review got two comments (one from me) so commented videos always get more views because the same people who already read the review will go back and check the comment so that counts as another view.  So really, take 54 and cut it in half to get the true total.

The hits on posts only work for people on phones because the PC version of the site doesn’t really have clickable links.  They just get all of the reviews on one page.  But 2/3 of the views are from people using their phone.  So let’s take that 54…divide it by 2…that’s 27.  Then take a third of that…that’s 9.  Add the 27 phone users to the 9 PC users.  Thirty-six people.  Thirty-six people read my review on SupaPixelGirl’s Youtube video.  That’s enough for her to put all of the videos on private and shut down her social media.

It’s similar with Erin.  She’s made a few veiled comments about the blog.  Fucking nobody is reading this.  How warped is their ego that they think that a blog about their shitty videos is attracting large numbers of readers?  Even their videos aren’t getting many views, how much less popular is a long form blog about their videos going to be?  And blogs haven’t been popular in well over a decade.

Hey guys!  Remember the Drudge Report?  

Most of these 27 readers are probably the gamer grrls themselves just obsessively refreshing the page.  

It’s just pathetic.  They’re putting work into these videos and it’s just fucking Shishi, NewWaveJunkie, Sergio, me, and a handful of other people who give the slightest of fucks about this.  Why bother?  Making videos for like six people, half of whom are hate-watchers. 

I was watching MadamFomo’s latest OnlyFans promotional video and one of the recommended videos was this one:

It’s a woman talking about selling pictures of her feet.  So she goes on and on about her prices and then at the end of the video there’s the big reveal.  She makes $250/month.  Like three people are buying her pictures.  Who gives a fuck?  This isn’t even worth doing.

But she talks about her “fans” and how cute her feet are and how everyone wants to see them.  THREE PEOPLE!

I also found this woman thanks to the putrid videos of MadamFomo:

It’s a 300+ pound woman talking about how to make money on OnlyFans.  She sometimes dresses up in lingerie for these Youtube videos.  She puts out a new video every few days.

So how many views is she getting?  She rarely cracks 100.  Nobody is watching this disgusting shit.  Her latest video is how to make money while on your period.  It’s currently at 16 views.

But she talks about the money she’s making and all of her “fans”.  Sixteen fucking views.  83 subscribers.  

And I don’t want to be offensive.  I really don’t.  But there should be some sort of trigger warning before those lingerie pictures on her Youtube channel.  It’s fucking…I don’t want to be too harsh…but come on.  She’s 300+ pounds.  It was fucking gross.  I’m sorry.  

There’s no money in this shit.  Nobody cares.  But they’ll still talk about their “fans” and try to big themselves up.  

Today, I was walking home from work and I saw a couple of those guys on bicycles delivering food.  It’s some fucking company like Uber who hires them.  

Twenty five years ago, I used to deliver pizza.  It was a job.  You were employed by the restaurant.  You were able to make a reasonable amount of money.  It was respectable work.  

These fucking “self-employed” app-based delivery people aren’t making shit.  But these are the jobs that people have to do now.  People scrambling for crumbs.  Gamer Grrl.  Uber Eats bicycle courier.  Whatever.  While Jeff Bezos just made another $100 billion.  People should be outraged.  

At least most of the Uber delivery people know that it’s a shitty job and they’re being taken advantage of.  These gamer grrls think that they’re living the good life with their $50/month and half dozen “fans”.

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