Backlit Sakura Game Boy Color Mod – Retro Ali

Let’s check this shit out.  She got…something for her Game Boy.  Sakura.  Look at me, guys!  I’m a giant nerd!  But it’s cool because I’m a girl!

0:30 – At the risk of sounding like Erin, this is disorienting.  Is her giant mousepad upside down or is the camera upside down or what?

Oh.  Sakura is a type of pink?  Is that right?  I thought it was some Dragon Ball character or something.  It’s the colour of cherry blossoms.  Oh.  Of course.  How silly of me not to know that.

So this is just Ali putting a pink case on her fucking Game Boy.  Who cares?

4:00 – Oh.  No, this is some kind of reference to a game called Sakura Wars.  How is John Riggs watching this trash?  I think he only watches the “reaction” videos.

So…that’s the video.  She takes her Game Boy apart, puts this case on, and that’s it.  The title suggests that there’s also a backlit screen but I didn’t see anything about that.

4:30 – “Thank you again to ExtremeSomething for sending this Game Boy Color shell right over.  I also got a Game Boy Advance shell from them as well, the same pink.”

Oh.  So this was just a dumb commercial.  

“So if you guys have any ideas what I should do with that one, please let me know.”

Well…you can put it on your Game Boy Advance.  That’s the idea that immediately sprang to mind.  But let’s think about alternatives.

You can look at it and do a video where you “react” to it.  

You can use it as a plate and eat a small meal off of it.  

You can cut soft vegetables with it.

You can smoke crack off of it.

Anyway, I don’t really get any of this.  Who would play this?  Is anyone playing Game Boy, be it OG, Color, or Advance?  Why?  

I can see maybe on an emulator.  You want to re-live some games that you had in your youth.  Or games you wanted.  Or if you’re a kid, you might just want to play a bunch of old games for free.  

But playing on the actual hardware?  What’s the point?  

I guess that some people are peculiar about wanting the feel of the buttons and the d-pad.  You can just get a controller then and plug it in your computer.  But personally, I have no problem using the keyboard.

Maybe you want to play the games on the train or whatever.  But isn’t this what people use the PSP for?  There are emulators that you can put on the PSP.  

I just don’t see the point.  These are just uber nerds taking part in some uber nerd niche hobby and pretending that they’re having a good time.  Spending all of this money on games and stupid mods and shit.

I buy games.  I can easily pirate them, and I do that too, but sometimes I just buy them.  It’s easier, you get the updates, whatever.  But I’m not buying fucking 30 year old games.  I’m not even playing 30 year old games for free.  

Is there fun to be had with Super Mario Land?  I guess but I’m just not doing it.  

And Ali wasn’t even born when this shit was released.  So there’s no *nostalgia* factor.  

Why not get a hoop and a stick?  People enjoyed that.  Try it out.  That’s retro.  

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