Pat the Nes Punk has been streaming 80s commercials on Twitch for SIX MONTHS

Why am I only finding out about this today?  He’s up to 250 of these streams.  Some loser in the chat compiles HOURS of commercials from the 1980s (for free, presumably) for every fucking stream.  This one is two hours.  Let’s assume the other 249 were also about two hours.  That’s 500 hours of 1980s commercials that this guy compiled.  And again, I’m almost 100% certain that this guy is doing all of this work FOR FREE.  While Pat profits off of this shit.

And these streams.  Holy shit.  It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life.  Pat comes on and talks about coronavirus and how depressed he is because of it.  Then one of the losers in the chat agrees and says that it’s been a hard year for him.  And Pat chastises him.  “Just for you?  It’s been a hard year for everyone.  Has it been particularly hard for you?”

Yeah.  Maybe his whole family died in a factory explosion.  What an asshole.

We’re supposed to watch this whiny bitch talk about how depressed he is about coronavirus?  And he’s one of these bombastic pussies who tells everyone that if they don’t wear masks and social distance, we’re all going to hell.  Fuck you.  You want to hide under your bed from the nasty cold, that’s your business.  Don’t try to force that shit on everyone else.  

And how does any lockdown even affect him?  He “works” from home.  Is he afraid of losing his job where he sits at home all day and talks about video games?  Or these 30 year old commercials?  Is Twitch going to fire him?  

After like 20 fucking minutes of Pat feeling sorry for himself and pissing his pants over that big nasty cold, we finally get to the “content.”

You know how Retro Ali does “reaction” videos?  And I always say, “What the fuck is this?  All she’s doing is giving fake reactions to a commercial.”

I’m being somewhat facetious when I say that.  She’s not actually watching commercials in the sense that we usually think of them.  She’s watching like 10 minute promotional videos from Nintendo or whatever.  

Pat is literally watching commercials.  And he’s giving fake “reactions” to them.  Five hundred fucking hours of this.  Five hundred hours of this little bitch whining about coronavirus and “reacting” to commercials.

And the fucking stream starts with all the losers in the chat telling us the year that they were born.  Like it’s a fucking contest.  And these people are mostly giving years which indicate that they’re at least 40 years old.  What 40 year old is behaving like this?  Children do this.  Older children enjoy lording it over younger children.  “Oh, I’m 8 and you’re only 7 so I’m the boss.”  You have fucking 45 year old dudes doing this in Pat’s shitty Twitch streams.

And there’s this woman Audriana.  She’s a “mod”.  Pat references her a lot and the horndogs in the chat all love her.  She’s the only woman in this thing, after all.

Here’s her Twitter:

She retweets every one of Pat’s podcasts.  She retweets shit about how awful Trump is and how scary coronavirus is.  And she talks A LOT about her greatest achievement in life: being the moderator of Pat’s shitty Twitch streams.  Like this one:

LOL. As a mod, you could not pay me enough to even glance at this shit. You get banned, you stay banned. 

And it’s some app that let’s banned users appeal the ban.  She doesn’t like it.  And the horndogs all agree with her.  Yeah!  Give us hell!  We LIKE getting banned!

It’s fucking pathetic.  This is a woman who has achieved absolutely nothing with her life.  And she’s trying to pull an Erin Plays here by hooking up with Pat.  “Maybe if I just adopt all of Pat’s ideas and interests and fears, he’ll let me move in with him and then I won’t have to work for a living.”

And in case Pat doesn’t take the bait, she also retweets all of Norm the Lazy Gaming Historian’s shit.  “Beta orbiters”, I think they’re called.  

Holy shit.  She also retweets John Riggs’ stuff.  That’s like a fucking omega orbiter.

Anyway, the whole thing is unsavoury.  

4 thoughts on “Pat the Nes Punk has been streaming 80s commercials on Twitch for SIX MONTHS

  1. Pat’s podcast is actually pretty good in terms of gaming news. Yeah I know? What the fuck there’s nothing else on apple podcasts. Not much really, take a look yourself. It’s background noise for me at work on weds. And I kinda love how they (Ian & Pat) have an ongoing beef with Tommy Talerico is quite hilarious

  2. I used to listen to his podcast back when it was on some site I can't remember and it was audio only. I enjoyed it. This was years ago. Then he just chopped these podcasts up and turned his channel into 100% chopped up podcasts. You had to go to Patreon to get the full podcasts in video form. This is about when I started to lose interest.Then there was that Blizzard “controversy”. I actually agreed with Ian's comments about these nerds but I didn't like the way Pat aggressively deleted “negative” comments. Around this time is when I stopped watching the videos and I had long stopped listening to the audio-only podcast. This is also around the time that just about everyone stopped having any interest in the channel.And since coronavirus, from what I little I see of his “content”, he's insufferable about it. The man “works” from home and never has to leave the house if he doesn't want to but he's still petrified of this bad cold and has no problem condemning people for not being similarly petrified.So I used to enjoy the podcast and Pat's channel generally (except for those scripted game reviews with the bad skits). But now he's a giant asshole. And those Twitch streams where he just “reacts” to 30 year old commercials are absolutely unwatchable.

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