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Nobody is watching these videos.  This got 12,000 views after three days.  These are Erin Plays numbers.

Her tits are out in every single thumbnail.  All of the videos are about OnlyFans.  You might think, “Hey, this is going to be popular content.  People like boobs.”

Look at the numbers, though.  People aren’t watching.  “LOOK AT MY TITS!  LOOK AT MY TITS!  LOOK AT MY TITS!”.  Okay, we get it.  This is boring now.  Madam Fomo has achieved the impossible.  She’s made breasts unpopular.    

And I’ve watched this video.  It’s just over 10 minutes.  If a video is over 10 minutes, you can monetise it.  Something like that.  So she’ll make videos that are like ten minutes and two seconds long.

The video is shit.  She answers GENERIC questions about OnlyFans.  These are alleged questions from “fans” of hers.  “What’s OnlyFans?”  Shit like this.  Nobody is this fucking stupid.  Nobody would ask that question.  You can go to Wikipedia and find out the answer in two seconds.  

And she gives these bizarre answers about how it’s not only for porn.  Musicians and “Youtubers” use it too.  Yeah, no they don’t.  It’s for porn.

But she never even says the word “porn”.  She says things like “They’re not restrictive about what kind of content you want to put up.”  Yeah.  Porn.  Why not just say it?  Everybody knows what OnlyFans is.  

Complete trash.  How can you fuck up a channel this badly?  She had a lot of genuine momentum with her videos where she was “pimping out Nintendo.”  Then it became about stupid try on hauls.  Then it became about “Go to my OnlyFans.”  And the numbers tanked.  

OnlyFans is undoubtedly more profitable than Youtube.  But look at how badly she fucked up her OnlyFans.  From everything I’ve read, people hate her content.  And I’ve seen it.  It’s awful.  It’s her in a one piece bathing suit with bubbles on her chest.  I don’t want to look at that for free never mind $13/month.   

Why would a prostitute be this coy?  Because it’s an outright scam.  People are signing up, assuming that it’s nudes (because that’s what OnlyFans is for), seeing these bubbles pictures, and cancelling.  That’s why she has to keep advertising.  She has to have a steady stream of new fools to dupe.  

And it’s not happening because nobody is going to her fucking Youtube channel any more.  The “content” is unwatchable.  

Madam Fomo and Erin make some unbelievably bad decisions.  The other gamer grrls…they’re boring as fuck but they’re not making bad decisions.  With Madam Fomo, she’s just throwing it all away.  All that she cares about is money but she’s throwing that away too.  This OnlyFans promotion is poison and her actual OnlyFans content is horrendous.  How can she get this so wrong?  She has a fucking pimp.  Does he have no business savvy whatsoever?  

I should be “managing” Madam Fomo.  First, we overhaul the Youtube channel.  People want to see videos about video games.  That’s first and foremost.  But I’d also introduce some more creative content.  Let’s see some videos showing a genuine insight into her life.  Stuff that she does for fun, travel videos, food reviews, show her apartment.  Whatever.

Here’s a great idea: hot dog reviews.  She talked about how her favourite hot dog stand closed recently.  Do a review on various hot dog stands in New York.  Give the pros and cons of the hot dogs, talk about the condiments, talk about the merits of the stand itself.  And then you show her eating the hot dog.  You know what I’m getting at?  It would be sexual but not in an overt, “GO TO MY ONLY FANS!  GO TO MY ONLYFANS!” kind of way.  It would be clever.  Stimulate the intellect as well as the…whatever.

Then once we get her Youtube channel back on track, we work on her OnlyFans.  Bubbles are out.  Titties are in.  If you don’t want to at least get topless, you’re on the wrong platform.  Put that bubble shit on Instagram.  

Then we just sit back and watch the money roll in.  And I’ll only take 10%.  That has to be better than what TuanX is charging.  Pimps usually charge 100%.  

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