The Legend of Zelda (NES) PART 2 – Erin Plays

Again with this shit?  Is there any demand for this?  Let me check the view numbers.  

She got 20,000 views on what is now part 1.  That’s slightly more than usual for her but not by a lot.  By the way, the Zoobooks video is still at 9,300 views in spite of Mike advertising the video in an AVGN episode.

Let me quickly check SocialBlade.  Yeah, she’s still getting about $100/month.  Subscribers are way down.  Views are way down.  But it’s October so we can look forward to some “sexy” costumes from Erin.  That will raise the viewers, if you know what I mean.  Erections.

0:00 – I don’t want to be a jerk or anything but how wealthy can Mike actually be?  Because Erin has worn this Hamburglar shirt many times.  

Yeah, of course it’s wasteful in the extreme to wear a shirt once and then never again but women like clothes, don’t they?  Even poor women buy a lot of clothes.  And one would think that Erin would like girly shit like fashion.  

Mike has two cars and a building that’s used just for storing Halloween decorations but he’s not buying his sugarbaby any clothes?  Whatever.

2:00 – “X looks like Y.”

4:30 – It’s stressful.

4:45 – “X looks like Y.”

5:30 – Shit tier gameplay.

6:45 – It’s stressful.

8:30  – She’s at some boss character and says, “The old man said aim for the eye so I assume that means the arrow?  I forgot that I even had the arrow.”  And then it turns out that she was right.  You did need the arrow and it makes it a one hit kill.

How did she get this from “aim for the eye”?  What in that clue suggests that you have to use the arrow?  She’s either using a guide or Mike is telling her what to do.

8:45 – “I was not expecting the boss to end that fast.”

I’m sceptical.

9:30 – “X looks like Y”.

9:45 – She kills an enemy with a bomb for no apparent reason and then that reveals a hidden door.  Why would she suddenly choose to use a bomb here?  It was the only enemy on screen.  Why not use the sword?  She’s at full health as well so can shoot the sword.  

She did this a lot in the previous video too.  She would do things, claim that they were “random”, but they would reveal hidden stuff.  I just don’t believe it.  This is a perfect example.  There’s absolutely no reason why anyone would use a bomb to kill this enemy.

Also, she always seems to have bombs and she uses them liberally.  I don’t know.  Questions abound but who really gives a fuck?  This is just boring.

12:00 – Colour appreciation.

13:15 – Again, Erin solves a problem that nobody would ever guess.  But she gets it straight away.  I can’t even explain it.  Something to do with meat and a character that says “grumble grumble”.

13:45 – Speaking of boring, Hungry Goriya gets a shoutout.  She’s in every one of Erin’s streams.  Must be a lesbian.

15:45 – Shit tier gameplay.

16:45 – “X looks like Y”.

17:00 – Some more amazing puzzle solving from Erin.

I’m reminded of when Erin was streaming Legend of Zelda II or whatever it’s called.  Mike was there with her and helping her out.  She was AWFUL.  UNBELIEVABLY bad.  And gave up about half-way through the game because it just became unbearable.  

But she’s doing great at the first game.  Immediately solving all of the puzzles.  Making short work of the bosses.  How does she do it?  Is she just editing out all of the bad parts?  Is the first game significantly easier?  I don’t know.

17:30 – Cute enemies.

23:30 – “X looks like Y.”

24:15 – It’s stressful.

25:00 – “X looks like Y.”

25:30 – “X looks like Y.”

25:45 – Amazing knowledge of where to bomb.

26:15 – And again.

29:30 – And again.

32:15 – Cute enemies.

32:45 – “X looks like Y.”

34:45 – “That’s Ganon.  He’s very cyan.”

I don’t even have the will to comment on this shit any more.

35:15 – “Oh, I think I’m supposed to use the arrow here.”

How did she know that?  

Then she kills him on her first attempt.

37:00 – It’s stressful.

Thank god that it’s over.  Please do not do the second quest.

– “I am so here for more Zelda!”

That was from boring as fuck Retro Ali.

– “Erin more beautiful than Princess Zelda.”

This faggot used the exact same pick up line on the previous video.  Good luck with the Zelda pick up lines, Mr Gay Man.

– “8:55 – Pretending to find secrets is such bullshit. Why are you pretending you know nothing about this game, but at moments like 8:55 you **obviously** knew what to do? Why did you pretend to be surprised? Is it because you’ve played this game before? Is it because you’ve seen others play it many, many times? I’m calling you out as a fake on this one, Erin.”

Let’s see if I pointed this one out too.  Oh, I did.  This was when Erin magically knew to use the arrow against that crab boss.  Yeah, it’s bullshit.  But bad news, Mr Kane.  Erin is banning you for that comment.

– “Do you also play modern games or you just stick with classics”

Erin replies, “I mostly make videos about retro, yeah.”

No…the guy was asking what you play, not what you make videos on.  But for Erin, it’s the same thing.  She only plays video games when she’s making a Youtube video or streaming on Twitch.  For money.

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