REVIEW | Wild Arms 2 – Pelvic Gaming

0:00 – Jump scare.  I’ll just move on.  She looks like a complete buffoon.  

Okay, so she just reviewed the fucking game.  Usual profanity laden bullshit.  Oddly, she said “Thank goodness” instead of “Thank god”.  Maybe she’s a religious woman and doesn’t want to use the Lord’s name in vain.

She didn’t appear on screen too much, so that’s good, but when would appear I honestly started to feel physically sick.  That little shirt and…the hair…and the lipstick…and the weird skin tone.  Not that she can really help her skin tone, I guess, but she can change everything else.

 What am I looking at here?  Does she honestly think that this is appealing?  

And now for the really crazy part: let’s check out the comments.  And I can assure you that the comments will be full of horny losers talking about how “hot” she is.

– “Blue is your color luv”

She has blue hair and blue lipstick, by the way.

– “that blue hair looks good on you.”

– “cool look”

– “First of all: how dare you, that hair color is gorgeous!! I love it.”


– “God your lipstick game is on point.”

– “Generally, I comment on the content, but 3 seconds in and I just wanted to say how amazing your style looks right here. The curls, the blue, the lipstick! Very artistic.”

– “I love your hair so much so awesome.”

– “Lip color is optimal.”

I don’t think that there’s anything she can do to attract negative comments.  I mean, how much more ridiculous can she possibly look and she’s still getting compliments from these desperate horndogs.

Part of the problem is that she undoubtedly bans people who leave “negative” comments.  But…how can anyone possibly find this appealing?  

Oh my fucking god.  Look at this ridiculous tweet:

She’s doing some kind of “audition” to be a host for G4.

At the 35 second mark, she says:

I’m styling.  Gamers don’t only watch me because of my video game reviews, but also to see what lipstick shade I’m rocking and what hairstyle I’m wearing.  You know, the works.

And then there’s a montage of the fucking “cringiest” shit you’ve ever seen in your life.  She’s walking around IN PUBLIC in various clown costumes.  She’s wearing some fucking weird bodysuit in one of these.  

“I’ve got talent.  I can fit in costumes four sizes too small.”

And there’s a clip from that video where she’s wearing a toddler’s train costume, which she simulated the front end as being a penis.

“And I can rock a mascara beard”

And there’s footage of her dressed as a man, trying to seduce herself.

Anyway, it’s just crazy, crazy…what’s the word…off-putting.  She’s ridiculously objectionable.  And she goes out of her way to be repellent.  She’s INTENTIONALLY dressing up as a buffoon.  She offers that as a reason why people are watching her videos.

I don’t know what criteria G4 uses to find their…whatever…hosts.  If Erin got on, it suggests that the door is open to anyone.  Or, more likely, there was some behind the scenes shadiness going on.

It’s as if there aren’t jobs out there.  Why do something that you’re bad at?  Year after year after year?  It can’t be enjoyable.  Having a Youtube channel for like six years that only has 25,000 subscribers?  Move on.  

$500/year according to SocialBlade.  She’s spending that much on blue lipstick alone.  Who would take a job that pays $500/year?  Even a job that’s only like five hours a week.  That’s probably about how long she spends on her videos.  There’s a video a week.  So that’s about $2/hour, if my arithmetic is correct.  

Anyway.  Pelvic Gamer.  Poor decisions in life.  Wasted opportunities.  Squandered potential.

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