Video brings old friends together (Storytime!) – supervideogamegal

0:00 – This is uncanny.  I think that this woman had the same tattoo artist as Erin.  Same bad placement and nearly identical tattoo.  It’s some ice cream with two mystery objects sticking out behind it.  If I recall, Erin’s tattoo is an ice cream cone with two candy canes in front of it.  Or maybe behind it.  I can’t remember.

But yeah, we’re back with SuperVideoGameGal.  I’ve been looking for new gamer girls to review for a while and she really speaks to me.  Unbelievably off-putting.  You don’t come across somebody this objectionable every day.  She’s something special.

I was watching another video of hers and “hubs” (as she annoying refers to him in the comment section) is some douchebag with a sleeve tattoo and stretched earlobes.  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Two incredibly obnoxious people finding each other.  It’s magical.  How does it happen?  Like finds like.

She mentions that she’s in Ontario, California.  I’ve never heard of such a place.  Let me Google this.  Is this SoCal or NoCal or WeCal or The East Coast of California?  It is a suburb of fabulous Los Angeles.  So SoCal indeed.  Who wouldn’t want to live in marvelous Los Angeles?  Tripping over celebrities and whatnot.  Is that Dick Christie?

“We are doing a social distance video so don’t worry, I promise I’m doing the social distance.”

Well, that’s a relief.  For a second there I thought that she was a rational human being.  But no, she’s really concerned about getting that nasty cold.  

By the way, does anyone know anyone who got coronavirus?  No, me neither.  But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t all be terrified of it.  Any one of us could be next.  You better wear your mask!

 0:15 – “As you know, myself and Adam or Adam and myself came here.”

No, I don’t know.  I have no idea what you’re talking about.  But it’s wonderful.  I love how you corrected your grammar.  Heaven forfend you say “me and (whoever)” instead of “(whoever) and me” even though every English speaker on earth does this.  But she doesn’t want to sound self-centred.  She’s all about being woke and with it and on the California bleeding edge.

“We filmed him getting his NES”.

Oh my god.  I have so much catching up to do.  This woman filmed a grown man purchasing a 35 year old video game console.  Now that’s “content” that I want to see.

0:30 – “So this an email that Armando, who you guys all know and love…got.”

Oh, sure.  We all know Armando.  That delightful scamp.  And she’s so progressive!  Sounds like a Spanish name.  Wouldn’t it be wild if he was Mexican?  Ooh or even South American.  I bet he’s dark and handsome.  And has a thick moustache.  And he’s full of Latin passion.  

In all seriousness, WHO THE FUCK IS ARMANDO?  And why would her audience know who the fuck this is?  This is her twelfth video since she started making videos regularly a month ago.  Wow.  She made 12 videos in a month?  You just know it’s going to be high quality at that rate.

But 12 videos in a month.  And these videos rarely crack 1000 views.  But we’re all just supposed to know.  Oh, sure.  Armando.  That guy who owns that video game store.  Sure, we all know him.  We watch all of your videos.  Every second of them.

And why assume that we all love the man?  Maybe some people aren’t too fond of him.  For whatever reason.  Maybe some people saw the video and thought, “Eh…he’s alright, I guess.”  No.  Everybody LOVES him.  She’s putting some of that sunny California positivity out into the world.  

0:45 – “So story time with Brooklyn.”

I guess that her name is Brooklyn.  Most people with that name probably just go with Brooke.  But that wouldn’t be annoying enough for SuperVideoGameGal.  She wants to be called Brooklyn.  Like that shithole on “The East Coast”.

“Mr Armando.  I just came across Adam the Woo’s recent video dated August 8, 2020 with him buying an NES and some games at your store.  First off, you have a great store and your customer service was top notch and you have a very inviting personality and after reading these comments (from Adam’s video) he’s not alone”  

I don’t know what this is.  But yeah, “Mr Armando”.  That’s not insulting.  That’s how one speaks to a child in a condescending fashion.

But then she says, “Of course he’s not!  Armando is amazing!  Duh!  Okay!”

How does this woman possibly have all of her teeth?  She must have learned to dodge at an early age.

Then this horrible woman goes on.  She’s reading something, by the way.  I don’t know if I explained that.  I don’t really know what’s going on, to be honest.  But she can’t read.  She stumbles a lot.  And whoever wrote this can’t write.  

Then this guy goes on and on and on about some NES that he saw in Adam the Woo’s video and how it was his NES as a child and what made him decide to place which Mario sticker where.  NOBODY GIVES A FUCK!

Why is she even reading this?  What the fuck is going on?  Where is Armando?  Maybe he can shed some light on this.

Here’s some recent video with this woman and Adam the Woo is also present but they don’t really interact.  They’re at a video game…store or something.  Maybe this is the video they’re talking about.

Everybody is wearing a mask, of course, so the sound quality is amazing.

3:15 – “So when I talked to Armando, he told me that he got that –“

And then it just cuts to Armando.  I don’t understand this edit choice.

Finally, we see the man himself.  Boy, that’s quite a colourful Scrooge McDuck shirt that you have there, Armando.  I suspect that Armando prefers the company of men.  So that’s another thing going for him.  He’s a visible minority and he’s a friend of Dorothy.  Perfect BFF for any woke California douchebag.

Armando says that he’s going to return the NES to this guy.  Presumably, in exchange for money but he didn’t mention that.  Why not?  I don’t begrudge him for it but be honest.  You’re not returning this free of charge.  You’re selling it back to him.  

5:15 – “It looks nostalgic”.  

Armando is referring to the stickers on the console.  The stickers “look nostalgic”.  

Now, I put up with a lot of misuse of the word “nostalgic”.  “I’m so nostalgic for (whatever)”.  I don’t think that that’s right.  I don’t know.  Maybe it is.  Sounds wrong to me, though.

But can something really look “nostalgic”?  I don’t think so.  Something can look old.  Something can look rustic.  But nostalgic?  Nostalgia is a feeling that one gets when thinking about the past.  One might also see something that reminds one of the past.  But does that make an object “look nostalgic”?  I really don’t think so.  

This A&W root beer next to Armando is making me thirsty.  They don’t sell root beer in the UK.  I’m so *nostalgic* for root beer.  Well, not really.  I never drank that shit when I was in the US either.

6:30 – “You’re so amazing, Armando.  So obviously, that’s like the coolest story that I’ve ever heard in my whole entire life.”

Tone it down a little, Brooklyn.  But she can’t.  She’s just so jazzed.  Everything is so amazing in California.  Everybody is so upbeat.  It’s great.  Putting that positivity out there.  Sure, it’s totally fake but these are totally fake people.  It’s what they do.

7:00 – “And of course, Armando who is one of the most amazing humans who I ever met in my entire life.”

Based on what?  He’s the proprietor of a video game shop.  That makes him a fucking hero?  THIS is the most amazing person you’ve ever met?  A small shop owner?  

Maybe it is.  Maybe her life is so empty and shallow that this is the best person she’s ever met.  

By the way, there are bars in front of this shop window.  I guess that “SoCal” isn’t all puppy dogs and rainbows after all.

Oh, she links to her “friend” Adam the Woo.  Uh huh.  They sure enjoy name dropping in “SoCal”.  I’m somebody because I know somebody!

She also links to Armando’s shop.  Oh, he opens at noon.  Interesting.

Overwhelmingly positive Google reviews.  Great.  We’re all about the positivity over here.  But here’s an interesting contrarian:

– “You can’t believe a single positive review on this because the owner paid vlogger Adam the Woo have his half a million fans come write reviews in exchange for a old NES. In my opinion this place charges too much. They would rather sit on stock charging ebay prices then charge reasonable rates.”

Here’s another:

– “Owner went on lunch break and did not provide information on his return.”

It reminds me of a little mom and pop hardware shops.  You have to ring the bell to get in because nobody is manning the store.  They’re all in the back, where they live, watching tv or whatever.  Then you feel bad for making them come out when you just wanted like 20 screws or something.  

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