The Addams Family is Hilarious! – Talking About Tapes – Tony from Hack the Movies

I’ve watched ten minutes so far.  It’s…fine?  I guess?  I just find myself zoning out.  

I don’t blame Tony and whoever this other guy is.  They’re both doing a fine job.  But this is fucking boring.  At least to me.  I don’t give a shit about The Addams Family.  This fucking “the 90s” *nostalgia* that they always do.  It’s just not for me.  

And they’re talking about the fucking director and shit.  I don’t know who these people are and I don’t care.  

I watched Tony’s Godzilla podcast again.  Episode 2.  I said that I would give it a chance, if no other reason because I wanted to see if that woman was genuinely interested in Godzilla.

I don’t think that she is.  She did better in this second “episode”.  She talked more.  But it was about some stupid Charles Barkley versus Godzilla Nike commercial and comic book.  And she said that she only read the comic recently, for the purposes of this podcast.

Now, does a Godzilla fan have to consume every stupid piece of Godzilla media including obscure commercials and one shot comic books from “the 90s”?  Of course not.  But then do a podcast on a different topic.  It doesn’t have to be this stupid fucking commercial that nobody remembers.  

I don’t know.  Maybe they are doing everything correctly.  But I just don’t give a fuck.  I made it 15 minutes into that podcast before I fell asleep.  Then I tried to watch it again, from the point where I lost consciousness, and I could only get to the 20 minute mark before I had to turn it off.  

It’s a difficult one for me.  This Rental Reviews reboot and this Godzilla podcast…I like everyone involved.  I think that they’re all doing a good job.  They’re all at least fairly well informed.  They’re all making an effort,.  But it’s boring as shit and I can’t watch it.  

I had an idea that maybe they can review porn.  Like the porn spoof of The Adamms Family: The Maddams Family.  Tony is an avowed porn aficionado .  But apparently, they already did that.  I can’t confirm this but I read that they did a review of some TMNT porn spoof.  I can’t find any such review, though.

And then I got to thinking, maybe it’s not a good idea anyway.  I don’t really want to watch two guys reviewing porn.

I don’t know.  Let’s see if this video gets any more interesting.

No.  I made it 15 minutes in.  It’s FORTY-FIVE MINUTES long.  I just don’t care about this.

I saw the movie.  I think.  It was in school.  I had a lazy teacher.  She showed a movie.  It featured Christina Ricci.  This was 1995.I think it was The Addams Family.  But I don’t remember anything about it.  I don’t give a shit.  I didn’t give a shit about these shit films in “the 90s” and I sure as fuck don’t give a shit about them today.

When I was a kid in the 1980s, people in their 20s and 30s were *nostalgic* for the 1960s.  So I remember we had to do some stupid “play” of sorts where we sang Beatles songs.  And our band teacher made us play Beach Boys songs.  Shit like this.

And you see it in the popular culture.  This is how it’s always been.  Whatever year it is, you’ll see shit *nostalgia* programming depicting life from 20 years earlier.  Because these people in their 20s and 30s, who are the largest consumer group, can never get enough of it.  

1970s – American Graffiti.  MASH.  1950s *nostalgia*

1980s – Peggy Sue Got Married.  Wonder Years.  1960s *nostalgia*

1990s – The Brady Bunch Movie.  That 70s Show.  1970s *nostalgia*

I don’t give a fuck.  And I didn’t give a fuck about 80s *nostalgia* or 90s *nostalgia* when I was in my 20s and 30s.  People who are doing something with their lives don’t have the time or the interest in *nostalgia*.  They’re living in the present.  They’re not wallowing in self-pity about what a failure they’ve become.  If you peaked in junior high, I’m sorry but I don’t want to fucking hear about how amazing “the 90s” were.  “The 90s” sucked, you sucked, and you continue to suck.  That’s the unfortunate reality.  

Once you realise that, you can get your life together and join us in the present.  

You want to talk *nostaligia*, it’s well documented that the 1950s was the greatest decade in America.  Income inequality was at the lowest that it has ever been (before or since), stable families, only one person needed to work, two car households, whatever.  

The 1950s was also the greatest decade for cinema.  One would expect film enthusiasts like Tony from Hack the Movies to know this.  Rear Window, Shane, Seven Samurai, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, On the Waterfront, War of the Worlds, The Quiet Man.  You’re telling me that you can’t get some interesting “content” out of that shit?  

No, let’s just crank out another review of some piece of shit commercial “film” from “the 90s”.  Hey guys!  Remember “the 90s”?  That was a pretty cool decade.  I was getting my ass kicked every day at recess.

It’s trash.  Fuck this throw away culture.  Give us something with substance.  

I’m looking forward to next week’s Talking About Tapes on The Third Man.  Talking About Tapes is a terrible name, by the way.  Same with Rental Reviews.  And Retail Reviews.  “Talking About Tapes”…oh like cassette tapes?  That never even occurred to him because that’s 80s *nostalgia*.  He’s all about “the 90s”.

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