Finally showing you my Animal Crossing island (and Q&A!) – Brie Larson

I think that I learned about this channel from Tony from Hack the Movies.  I’ve only been looking at this channel for about ten minutes and I know nothing about this woman but it seems to be a “meme” to give her shit.  Something about her not behaving like a human and “SJWs” and all of this shit.

I don’t care about any of that.  I hate “memes” and the term “SJW” is at least as obnoxious as the behaviour that these internet nerds are trying to call out.  So I didn’t want to participate.

But then I started watching the videos.  These are exceptionally bad.

So she did a video on Animal Crossing and as I’m watching this, I noticed some remarkable similarities to a certain Erin Plays.  It’s apparent that Ms Larson has never played a video game before in her life.  So…well, I don’t want to spoil it.  But let’s see what sort of comments she makes as she shows us the game.

I only made it three minutes in before I had to shut it off but I’ll try to go further.  If possible.

0:00 – “Hello everybody.  My name is…Brie Larson?”

She had an edit right before her name.  Like she had to think about what her name is.  And then she said her name as though it was an interrogative.

She’s in her pyjamas but this is all contrived.  Her publicist said, “People play video games in their pyjamas.”

She also looks rough.  She’s apparently 30.  That’s shocking.  I don’t normally comment on appearance but…how is this woman making a living off of her appearance?  I’ve never seen any of her work so maybe makeup does an amazing job but I just found it really surprising.

“Here I am making my first gaming video.”

Sort of a “I’ve never played this before.”

0:45 – Then she starts talking about how she can’t show you her in-game island, which she says she’s been working “a really long time on”.  So instead, she’s just going to start a new game.  Umm…what’s the point of this?  Even if this is all true, which I doubt, she’s never going to play this new saved game.  This is purely for “content”.

“We’re going to build a new island together!”

This is just bad.  Right away, this is shit.  And her mannerisms and all the editing…it’s like somebody acting like a “normal” person.  And failing badly.

1:15 – She has to choose her name.  She goes with Brie.  Just like how Erin always chooses “Erin”.  It’s boring as fuck.  These are boring as fuck people.

2:00 – “I just want to talk about my love for this game.  I think that this game came out like ten years ago.”

This is maybe a minor point but obviously the game didn’t come out ten years ago.  She’s talking about earlier games in the franchise, not this specific game.  And the first Animal Crossing released in the US was on the Gamecube and it had to be at least 15 years ago.  Let me look this up.  Yeah.  2002.  So 17 or 18 years ago.

2:30 – “Look at that bug.  What the heck?  Like who could hate on this game?  Look at that pile of books.  Look at these mushrooms!”

She’s pointing out shit in the background.  Who else does that?  Fake gamer grrl Erin Plays.

Neither one of these simpletons knows anything about video games.  So this is what you do when you don’t know anything about video games.  You just point out what you see.  That’s the only possible commentary that you can make.

“Oh my gosh.  These neighbours are cute.”

This is it.  It’s positive proof that this is the inevitable commentary that somebody would make when they know nothing about video games.

When Erin points out background shit and says that everything is cute, that’s not her being kooky and different.  That’s her announcing to the world that she knows nothing about video games.  And it’s the exact same commentary that ANYONE would make when they don’t know anything about video games.  This video proves that.  It’s the exact same commentary that Erin makes.  “X looks like Y” should be coming up any minute now.

2:45 – “Oh my gosh.  Our neighbours are so cute.”

See?  This is trash.  And these minced oath expressions are obnoxious but it’s obviously done to allow the video to reach as wide an audience as possible.

3:00 – “What is this person?  Who are you?”

She has no idea what’s going on.  In this game that she allegedly has played extensively.  For at least ten years.

She doesn’t know what the villagers are.  This is something that you figure out on day one of playing any game in the series.

You know who else has a complete unfamiliarity with video games?  Erin Plays.  Erin will play a game that she alleges to have played extensively but then seems to know absolutely nothing about the game.  Same baffling shit here.

“Antonio?  You’re gorgeous.”

She’s again just talking about cute video game characters.

3:30 – Then she starts fielding questions from…I don’t know.  Somebody.  Where did these questions come from?  But this is like a let’s play/Q&A video.

So the first question is who her favourite villager is.

“My favourite is Soleil, I think.  Soleil is sooooooo cute.”

This is uncanny.  It’s like she’s doing a parody of Erin’s videos.  But this woman never watched a fucking Erin Plays video before.  It’s just the inevitable commentary of somebody who never played a video game before.

4:30 – Next question.  “Is it possible or do actors have the control to create more diversity behind the camera?”

That wasn’t the question.  The question was worded significantly differently.  They show it on screen.  But for whatever reason, she did a different take on it.  Because she’s an “actor”, I guess.

And who the fuck asked this question?

Let’s say that you’re interested in “diversity” in terms of Hollywood directors.  More women, more “people of colour”.  Fine.  The answer is obviously “no”.  Why the fuck would you ask this question?  This “actor”, who I’ve never seen before, has the pull to determine who’s going to be the director of films that she’s in?  There’s no fucking way.

So this question was totally fake and it was just an excuse for her to do some “virtue signalling”.  Or it was submitted by a fucking imbecile.

And then, yeah, she didn’t answer the question.  She was saying something.  It was English.  But it was just…I don’t know.  I didn’t process it is human speech.

5:00 – “I’m with Tom Nook now.  What are we getting?  A phone!”

Cute.  And again, she’s just narrating what we can see.

5:30 – Next question.  French fries or onion rings?

Who gives a fuck?

You know, you have an opportunity to ask a famous (I guess) Hollywood “actor” any question that you want and THIS is what you choose?  This is fucking trivial in the extreme.  How about some questions about the movie industry?  Behind the scenes stuff that she can share?  Tips for how to get into the business?  No.  People want to know about “diversity” and side order preferences.

Where did these fucking questions come from?  Was there an opportunity for the general public to submit questions?

Oh.  Then she says, “An onion ring is way closer to a deep fried oyster.”

Yeah.  We’ve all had those.  Where did I put my ivory back scratcher?

You can say that she’s grossly out of touch and that’s true but only in relation to the common man.

In her social circle, this is all normal.  It’s normal to obsess over “diversity” and your fondness for deep fried oysters.  It’s just a way to fit in.

She wasn’t always like this.  There’s no way that this woman was describing herself as a “privileged white woman” when she was a child.  You adopt these ways of speaking and “interests” to fit in.

It’s no different from any other group.  I went out with a lot of women with “professional” jobs.  Doctors, lawyers, bankers, accountants, this sort of shit.  They were all training for a marathon.  They all enjoyed organic soy milk.  And they all went to yoga twice a week.

How is it possible?  How is it possible that these women all have the same interests as each other?  It’s what they do to try to fit in with their peers.  These aren’t genuine interests.  It’s just a facade.

So what are their genuine interests?  They don’t have any.  They never took the time to develop any.

Same with working class British men.  When I first came to the UK, I took a taxi from the airport to my hostel.  And the taxi driver was really annoyed that I required his services.  “I wanted to watch the football!  Football is on!  Football!”

Oh.  Big game?  No.  Just whatever.  A regular match.  There are thousands of them every year.  All year long, it seems.

And I’ve worked with working class British men.  This is what they talk about.  Exclusively.  “Football”.  Or “soccer” as it’s known in the US.  You know, that activity where muscular young men wear tiny little short pants and run around chasing each other.  Trying to grab each other’s buttocks.

This is what they’re watching.  How is it possible that they’ve all developed this same interest independently?  They didn’t.  They do this to fit in.  If you’re not talking about “football”, these people have nothing to say to you.  That’s what every fucking conversation is about.  Every day.  “Football”.

I’ve worked with wealthy men and they talk about classical music, and world travel, and theatre.  That’s it.

Talk to nerds and it’s all Star Trek and video games.

It’s all social conditioning.  You can’t get mad at them.  This is how most people are.  They just go with it.  They never try to break outside of their box because that would make them an outcast.  Find a group and adopt that group’s interests.

7:00 – Next question is about cooking.  “What’s your favourite deep fried oyster recipe?”  No, it was actually some stupid shit that I’m not going to bother with.

Oh, but she does say that her favourite food is kobocha squash.  Oh yeah.  Mine too.

8:00 – “What are the best BLM movies and tv shows?”

Who the fuck would ever think to ask this?  These have to be fake questions.  What the fuck is a “BLM movie” anyway?  Just any movie with a predominantly “POC” cast?  I’ll say Girls -N- the Hood, the porn parody of Boyz n the Hood.  Charisma was a pioneer for mixed race women in adult cinema.  And the feature film debut of Mimi Miyagi?  This was a landmark film in the BLM movement.

Her answer was atrocious.

9:15 – Then thefreshprince_01 asks her about her fitness routine during lockdown.

I’m going to look this up.  Is this a real person?

There’s an Instagram with that name.  It’s private.  It seems to be a South Asian guy Neel Das.  Let’s look that up.

There are a number of people with this name but none of them appear to be this guy.  I’m going to say that this was fake.  And all of these were fake.

By the way, she’s just picking weeds in the game.  This is some riveting stuff.

10:15 – “What advice would you give to a young woman with big dreams?”

It’s fake.  These are all fake.  Why would you ask a big time Hollywood “actor” (I guess) generic questions ABOUT YOURSELF?  It’s fucking insane.

I have a chance to ask Brad Pitt some questions.  So I’m going to ask him, “Do you like working out?  What are you doing to improve diversity in Hollywood?  Am I an awesome dude?”

No.  None of that shit.  Those questions would make my top billion list.

And again, her answer is insane.

11:30 – “What helps you get through tough times in your life?”

I don’t give a fuck.  And this has become like 90% shit Q&A, 10% Animal Crossing.

Another insane, self-obsessed answer.

12:30 – “Ooh furniture!”

So cute.

“I heard that there are three pieces of furniture hidden in trees every day.  I don’t know if that’s totally true.”

Well…having played the Gamecube game, I can tell you that it’s probably true.  Because I seem to recall that being the case back then.  But you’ve been playing these games for over TEN YEARS, apparently.  Don’t you know?

13:00 – “What’s your favourite cartoon series?”

Hey.  Guys.  She’s an actor.  Any acting questions?  These are all questions that you can ask the guy who works at the delicatessen.  Not that your local delicatessen would entertain such idiotic questions.

But you know what her answer is?  Doug.  “The 90s!”  Same as boring as fuck Erin with her vague “the 90s” *nostalgia*.  “Hey guys!  Remember 1993?  I didn’t do anything that year.”

And then she talks about stuff from “the 90s” that doesn’t “hold up”.  Parker Lewis Can’t Lose was wrong then and it’s wrong now.

13:30 – “How are you?  What’s your favourite book you read?”

It’s not real.  None of this is real.

Her favourite book is something called “Why Won’t You Apologize”.  Hey.  Change the fucking record.  We get it.  You’re full of guilt for being white and we should all be too.

14:00 – “How do you practice being anti-racist?”

I just don’t get it.  Why would anyone ask these questions?  Why is this woman the fucking expert?  Why wouldn’t you save these questions for somebody who’s some kind of authority on issues to do with race?  Maybe a sociologist or somebody who wrote a book on racism or something like this, you know?  Not a fucking “actor”.  You ask “actors” questions about ACTING.

And once again, her answer is insane.

People were raging about this video because of all the “SJW” stuff.  I get it.  It’s absolutely relentless.  I’m surprised that she didn’t inject racism into her french fries answer.

But this is how these people talk.  It’s not just her.  She’s giving you an insight into the mind of the average person in Hollywood.

It’s like the horny nerd losers on Erin’s channel.  “Hey Erin!  You’re really hot!  Do you like anime!”

Every one of them.  I don’t want to read about fucking anime and it’s insane that these people think that their love for anime is going to get them a date.  But they do.

So you listen to this shit or you read this shit and it can be annoying.  They’re out of touch with the average person, no question.  But there are many, many people who think like this.

You’re not going to get Shishi to stop talking about anime.  He’s made his choice.  He’s in the nerd tribe.  He’s obligated to talk about nerd shit.  He can’t break free from it or they’ll kick him out.

Same with this shit.  This woman is in the Hollywood tribe, she’s obligated to talk like this.

These are people to be pitied.  How much of this shit can she honestly believe?  How much can Shishi possibly like anime?  But they have to continue the charade.

They’ve linked this shit with their identity.  If they suddenly stop talking about “BLM” or anime, it’s like changing who they are as a person.  It’s difficult to do.

You think of something as trivial as changing your look.  Getting new clothes.  A new style.  It’s difficult.  People don’t like doing it.  People are going to laugh at your cowboy boots or goth trenchcoat or AVGN vs Irate Gamer t-shirt or whatever.  So it takes a fair amount of courage to do it.

It takes far more courage to try to change these fundamental beliefs that you’ve adopted.  Your friends aren’t going to like it.  You’re going to have to get new friends.

So that’s all this is.  It’s a sad, pathetic, lonely person who’s desperate for approval.  Just like Shishi.  Just like Erin.  Just like the overwhelming majority of the population.

As for the video…yeah, I didn’t learn anything about the game.  She doesn’t know anything about the game.  That’s why she didn’t talk about it much.  And what little she did have to say was just pointing out background shit and saying, “This is cute.”  The same complete horseshit that Erin does.

She has three other videos.  From my brief perusal of them, they seem to be even more off-putting than this Animal Crossing one.

I can’t imagine that this is going to continue.  Her channel has received a lot of negative…whatever…feedback.  This can’t be good for her marketability.

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