The American Book That Offended The British – Dominic Noble

This started off as a review of a PushingUpRoses video.  I’ve tried to review PushingUpRoses shit before and couldn’t do it.  She’s a hugely detestable person.  I could never get through the videos and the reviews were just full of contempt and vitriol and I’d think, “I can’t publish this on an upstanding forum like Gamer Grrls.”

I don’t encourage this but you quickly get sucked down the rabbit hole with PushingUpRoses.  First you see her contemptible videos on Youtube.  Just from watching the light-hearted stuff, you quickly get the sense that this is a horrible person.  Then you watch some of her personal videos where she talks about her past and whatnot and you really start growing to hate her.  Then you look at her Twitter, where she gives her pronouns, and her infuriating tweets and you think, “I can’t do this.  Life is too short to spend any time whatsoever on this awful, awful person.”

It’s not like with Erin.  Erin is a horrible person but I enjoy shitting on her videos.  And sometimes her terrible videos can annoy me and I certainly don’t like her as a person but I don’t hate her.

Conversely, with PushingUpRoses, you quickly reach a level of contempt which can’t be healthy.  Or at least I do.  She has to be in my top 10 most hated people of all time and I barely even know anything about her.  It’s just everything that I have learned about her is absolutely repugnant.

She has 245,000 subscribers though so it takes all kinds, I guess.

One of these subscribers is a man by the name of Dominic Noble.  She mentions him in this recent tweet:

They were having some sort of conversation, I guess.  Just over the internet because it seems that PushingUpRoses lives in Chicago and Dominic Noble lives in California.  But they seem to be in some kind of internet relationship.

I have bad news for both parties: you’re both gay.  It’s not going to work.

You see, Dominic Noble is originally from the UK but he moved to the US within the past few years.  This is what I gathered from his Twitter.

He helpfully gives his pronouns, just like PushingUpRoses.  He/him, in case you were wondering.

He posts a lot about being “gender critical”, whatever that means.  I think it just means, “Hey, guys.  I’m gay.”

He also posts a lot about Donald Trump.  He doesn’t care much for the man.  Indeed, he regrets moving to the US since Donald Trump won the election.  I have no idea how it affects him.  Nothing any politician has ever done has affected me in any way that I can determine.  But people still get upset over this stuff.  Seemingly.  Is it mass hysteria?  Virtue signalling?  Are they trying to get a date out of this?  I don’t know.

Here’s a tweet where he complains about not being able to open a bank account in the US and difficulties in finding a place to live.  And there are comments like, “Yeah… the US seems to be pretty US-centric in that regard.”

Well, no shit.  Every country is the same way.  It took me months to open a bank account in the UK.  I had to walk around, in person, and beg every bank I could find for an account.  Every bank had their own rules.  Each branch within a bank had their own rules.  Every place told me to get the fuck out.  I must have gone to 50 banks.  Finally, I found a branch of a particular bank, and I stayed with that bank for 12 years even though I had a lot of problems with them subsequently.  I was just that grateful that they were the people who gave me an account when everybody else told me to get out.

This is not a problem unique to the US or to the UK.  This is how it is everywhere.  It took me two years to find a job because these idiot employment agencies refused any deviation from their normal course of practice.

If you don’t like it, leave.  These are the difficulties that one encounters when one is an immigrant.  Obviously, these things shouldn’t happen but to sit there and shit on the country as a whole is absurd.  Figure it out.  There are hardships to being an immigrant.  Things were more difficult 20 years ago.  And more difficult still 200 years ago.  At least you’re not working as a blacksmith to pay off your steamship voyage and then dropping dead of cholera seven years later.  You’re simply having problems with online forms.  Deal with it.

This guy also makes videos about books.  I found one about that great wordsmith and Anglophobe: Mark Twain.  So let’s finally check out this shit video.  Hopefully briefly.

0:00 – Oh, it starts with a commercial.  Great.

0:15 – “Hello my beautiful watchers.  By your leave, I would like to start this episode by…”

Oh yeah.  This is a gay man.  No question.  It’s a posh accent, which explains how he was able to move to the US, and posh English accents sound gay.  But this guy is also gay.  So he sounds SUPER gay.

4:15 – Well, for the first four minutes or so he just starts describing the plot of the book at a Retro Ali speaking pace.  But then…then he’s doing cosplay.  I…I’m going to reluctantly continue.

7:30 – I’m done.  I can’t listen to this any more.  It’s a guy speaking at a really rapid pace and he even edits out pauses after sentences to make this go even faster.  No time to let things sink in.  People don’t have attention spans.  Just cram as much of this shit into the video as fast as possible.  Splice some gay cosplay into here too to keep their attention.

I can’t do it.  Is this all the video is going to be?  Him summarising the book?  I already read it.  Maybe he does some analysis after the summary but I just can’t do it.

So that’s Dominic Noble, the homosexual internet boyfriend of homosexual PushingUpRoses.

I’ll say this one semi-positive thing about PushingUpRoses.  She sells art.  The art is bad, it’s abstract, and she showed how she did it one video.  It’s the sort of thing you might have done in 5th grade art class.  But at least it’s something.  She’s doing something and people are buying it.  I don’t know how much this shit goes for because everything sells out immediately.

So she’s not all about “give me money because I’m a woman.”  Although, she does that too.

This will be my last post for a few days, by the way.

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