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Work selfie pre covid (Love hotel emoji) (Handbag emoji) I can’t believe my internship is ending. After this month, I’ll officially be Dr. Supa. I moved to Baltimore without any friends or family here (playing life on hard mode!!) I ended up making amazing friendships and even dropped down my guard long (1/2)

enough to experience a romance after 3 years of being single. While I’m leaving Baltimore with some heartache, overall, I am just so proud of myself. Beast & I are ready for our next chapter together in Boston. Time to put the energy I was using to get a PhD into me! (2/2)

Finally some “me time” for SupaPixelGirl.  She’s usually so altruistic.  You’ve earned it, Dr OnlyFans!

And then there’s a picture where I swear I thought that she was pregnant at first but let’s just move on.

She moved to Baltimore without any family friends and describes this as “hard mode”?  What the fuck?  She went there for her studies, I guess?  Or no, maybe it was the internship.  I thought that she was living in Seattle as little as a year ago so I’m guessing it was for an internship.

Anyway, I moved to another country with $2000, didn’t know anyone, no job, nothing.  I met a Polish guy who said that he did the same thing but with the equivalent of $300.  This is what people do.  I’m supposed to feel sorry for SupaPixelGirl?  “Oh, you moved to Baltimore with a job lined up.  You brave, brave girl.”

The only remotely difficult thing about this is finding an apartment, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this internship arranged for housing.

Then she got fucked by numerous “chocolate” men who she met from Tinder.  Oh, you’re so progressive, SupaPixelGirl.

I was fucking “chocolate” women before it was cool.  Well, not really.  I only met a few.  It’s mostly whoever replied to my internet dating shit, and that was overwhelmingly Asian women.  And I met my long-time “chocolate” girlfriend through a job I had.  I’ve never called her “chocolate”, by the way.

I’ve found that if you treat people as human beings rather than racial caricatures, things go a little more smoothly.  Of course, you can make some assumptions based on race or nationality and they might apply to some or even a lot of the people, but not all of them.

Not all of these Asian women I met were quiet and demure, for example.  Some of them were giant bitches.  Similarly, I have to imagine that not every black man is filled with animalistic lust for SupaPixelGirl’s oversized white “booty”.

Imagine having this person as your therapist.  Somebody with an OnlyFans, someone who sexualises black men, calls them “chocolate”, someone who has had numerous “mental breakdowns” over Youtube drama.  It’s fucking ridiculous.

I’m a really depressed black man.  I go to SupaPixelGirl’s office.  She has her degree prominently displayed on the wall.  And I start talking about my childhood traumas and how my wife recently committed suicide and I lost my job because of a global bad cold.  Then SupaPixelGirl looks up from her notes and says, “I think I know just what you need” and starts twerking.  “What do you think about this, chocolate man?”

It’s a fucking joke but you have to assume that the psychology field is full of lunatics like this.  Everyone I’ve ever known who was a psychologist or studying to be a psychologist was seriously mentally ill.  The whole industry seems completely unregulated.

I used to work with a woman who quit her job to become a “sex therapist”.  She has no fucking training, as far as I’m aware.  We were doing kind of like an office job.  But one day, I was Googling former co-workers, and there she was.  She was advertising her services as a “sex therapist”.

The more you look into it and who these people actually are, the more you realise that it’s just a giant waste of time going to these charlatans.  And this industry seems to be particularly big in the US, perhaps the world’s leader in medical scams.  All the fucking drug commercials and drug salesmen giving doctors a financial incentive to prescribe their drugs and all the insurance scams.  The whole industry is based on profit and full of scammers and deplorable people.

So it’s really no surprise that even somebody like SupaPixelGirl can get a job in such an industry but…who the fuck would go to such a “medical professional”?

It’s not just the OnlyFans.  Her OnlyFans is just one of many bizarre decisions that she’s made.  Well, whatever.  I don’t want to get bogged down in the deeply dysfunctional US healthcare system.

So she’s going to Boston for some job, I guess.  And I assume that her dog is named Beast.  And some “chocolate” men broke her heart.  Good luck with it.  If it keeps her off of Youtube, I’m all for it.

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  1. I'm a black man and I like her content but I didn't know she called black men “chocolate”. I'll be honest I think she very sexy and would love to raw dog her gorgeous ass and make a baby with her.

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