Let's check out Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2! – Erin Plays


Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2?  Where do you get your ideas, Erin?



0:15 – There are two difficulty settings.  In “Veteran” mode, you have limited lives and you get knocked back when you take damage.  In “Casual” mode, you have unlimited lives  and no knockback damage.

No prizes for guessing which mode Erin chose.

Mike chose “Veteran”, by the way.

But Erin Plays isn’t about pro gaming.  Or even competent gaming.  It’s about all of those delicious comments that she makes.  “Oh, that’s cute!”  “I love the colours!”  “That thing looks like this other thing!”  “Thank you Shishi for subscribing for 22 months!”

0:30 – She suggests that in her next stream, she’s going to play this in two-player mode with Mike.  That’s always entertaining.  Mike having to carry an incompetent fool who wants no part in the proceedings.

By the way, according to Mike’s stream of this game, this game is some kind of review copy that he got before the official release.  I’m not entirely sure how Erin got her copy.  She doesn’t say.

3:15 – “Look at this little slithery friend.”

People are actually watching this.  It is just unbelievably shit.

And I’m just thinking…she’s basically playing on god mode.  This is completely idiotic.

8:45 – Somebody in that chat is complaining that her face cam window is too small.  That tells you what these people are here for.

9:45 – “I should have a giant Dr Disrespect window?  Does he have a giant window?”

You tell us, Erin.  You said in your Q&A video that you’re all about watching shit on Twitch.  I understand that Dr Disrespect is one of the most popular streamers.  You never bothered to check it out?

15:30 – She’s going on a long rant about how the dock for the Nintendo Switch sucks.  Gee, Erin.  Where do you get your ideas?



18:00 – “And I’m sure somebody will be a dick and say, ‘You’re just saying it because Mike said it’.  Yeah, but he’s right.”

Whether or not he’s right isn’t the issue.  Get your own topics to pontificate on.

18:15 – “I was in a shitty mood today because my allergies suck.”

Uh huh.  You know, they have treatment for allergies now.  There are injections and medication.  Just go to the doctor and they’ll sort you out.  Tell them about your crippling hand pain as well.  Wouldn’t that be the thing to do?  Or do you just enjoy suffering?

Well, I’m 30 minutes in and I’m just bored out of my mind.  Erin has been waffling about how “angry” she got when she read somebody say that he doesn’t understand why people like retro video games.  Yeah, I’ll bet.  She became enraged because she’s just so god damned passionate about retro video games.

This stream isn’t as rage-inducing as most of her streams.  It’s just boring.  Really, really boring.  I just spent 30 minutes on this boring as fuck nonsense.  Do I really want to continue?

30:00 – Oh, good thing I persevered.  Erin then inhaled a tissue.

This isn’t the first time she’s done this.  We don’t need to see you shove a tissue up your nose.  If that’s how you want to blow your nose, fine, but just turn around for a second.

Maybe this is a fetish for somebody.  “Oh, yeah.  What other orifices can you stick things in?”

32:00 – “Have I played the Batman 89 arcade game?  No, it’s not ringing a bell.”

Have you seen her play it on stream or for a Youtube video?  Then she hasn’t played it.  These fucking idiots.  It’s so annoying.

33:30 – “Look at that big old heart.  It looks like a tomato.”

Oh.  Riveting.

40:00 – She starts sniffling.  “Stupid allergies!”

What is she allergic to?  Video games, I guess.

I’m at 45 minutes.  That’s enough.  It’s just so fucking boring.

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