Reacting to Crash 4: It's About Time Trailer – Summer Game Fest Developer Showcase – Bobdunga

This is now her second “reaction” video in a row.  Is this what she’s going to do now?  Did she discover the “success” that Retro Ali has with these videos?

0:00 – Video starts in mid-word.  Then she says “stop looking at my boyfriend” and points behind her.  There’s part of a poster behind her.  Is that what she’s talking about?

I think that she’s off her medication again.

When I was a kid, there was a mentally ill neighbour on our street.  He was in his 40s or 50s and lived with his very aged father.  He was a nice guy, quiet, went about his business.  I’d seen him walking down the street regularly.  He would be getting the newspaper or some groceries or something.  He always wore like a bowler hat.  And this was in the 80s, not the 50s.  People didn’t wear hats back then.

Sometimes he would stop taking his medication so he would go for his morning walk without trousers on, for example.

As kids, at night, we would sometimes go to his house, in the backyard, and it was like, oh, this is where this crazy guy lives.  And we’d look in the windows and dig up his yard looking for bodies and shit.  I wasn’t the ringleader by any means, and I was very young, so I don’t feel too bad but it’s unfortunate that this man had to endure this.  And obviously he was suffering from mental illness.

Do you suppose that Bobdunga has these problems?  Like neighbourhood kids sneaking around her home.  “Crazy Raven lives there.  I dare you to tap on the window.”  And she’s going to the grocery store in her little dress that’s cut down to her naval.  Or her furry suit.  I would hope not.

Then she’s talking about…Crash Bandicoot?  I guess.  I think she likes the game.  The camera keeps zooming in and out.  It’s done in post-production, presumably.  Very distracting and something a crazy person would do.

What is she wearing in this, by the way?  Some kind of lingerie?

1:45 – She finally starts this video.  It’s some video about Crash Bandicoot, presumably.  They’re going to advertise the game and Bobdunga is going to “react” to this advertisement.

2:00 – “I’m so excited!”

Yeah.  This is happening.  Bobdunga has decided to be a “reaction” “Youtuber”.  She’s hit rock bottom.

Then she’s clapping and holding her hands in front of her face over the mention of Alf.  “Oh my god”.  Alf.  That puppet show from the 1980s.

Here’s some trivia for you.  The father from Alf was caught smoking crack with homeless male prostitutes of African descent.  The National Enquirer ran a story on it.  There are pictures of it.  You see “Willie” smoking crack with some rough-looking, overweight, shirtless black dude.  It used to be on his Wikipedia page but they took it down because apparently the National Enquirer isn’t reliable enough.  But there were fucking pictures.  It was him.

That guy died not long ago in complete ignominy.

3:15 – “I’m so excited!”

So you’ve said.  But why?  It’s a fucking commercial for a video game.

Even as a kid, I didn’t give a fuck about video game commercials.

I’ll go further than that.  In my entire life, I have never been so excited about something that I said, “I’m so excited”.  You know?  Fucking nobody does this.

I’m trying to think of something that I was even genuinely excited for.  Having sex with a girlfriend for the first time, let’s say.   I’d be thinking, “Oh yeah.  I’m finally going to see her boobs” or whatever but I’m not fucking sitting there and saying, “I’m so excited”.  That would be fucking weird.

But Bobdunga is excited over video game commercials.  REALLY excited.  Audibly excited.  She can’t even contain herself.  She needs to voice her internal monologue.  That’s how excited she is over this video game commercial.

Oh my god.  And this fucking commercial.  It’s some fucking guy in a Crash Bandicoot costume making scripted comments to that guy who was in Pax or whatever last year.  Whatever that big “gaming” convention is.  It’s not Pax but I can’t think what it is.

So the guy in a furry suit says “for reals” and then Bobdunga gets excited, covers her mouth again, and says “for reals”.  She can’t fucking contain herself.  She is so fucking excited over this Crash Bandicoot character uttering scripted slang from “the 90s” in this stupid fucking promotional material.

3:30 – “We’ve been waiting for so long!” and she claps and puts her hands in front of her face.

It’s just so disingenuous.  How can anybody fucking believe this?  I just don’t get it whatsoever.  This whole fucking “reaction” genre.  It’s somebody doing obviously fake “reactions” to mundane shit.  Who was the first person who decided to do this?  And who are these fucking morons who don’t realise that these “reactions” are 100% fake?

And what’s the appeal anyway?  Let’s say that these are genuine reactions from a ridiculously overly-excited mental patient.  So what?  What do I care if Bobduna is excited for Crash Bandicoot?

You’re supposed to jerk off to this stuff, I think.  But I don’t get that either.  What’s erotic about this?

4:00 – “I’m so excited for this game.”

I’m done.  This is trash.  And if she continues with this shit, she’s off my review list.  I kicked Retro Ali out and I have no problem doing it for crazy Bobduna too.

She thinks that she’s going to get 50,000 subscribers with this trash content?  Unless she starts sucking Mike Matei’s dick, it’s not happening.

Here’s my advice: make interesting videos.  If you get 50,000 subscribers, great.  If you don’t, that’s fine too.  Do this as a hobby.  Get a job.

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