Trying Japanese Candy with TokyoTreat – John Riggs

I couldn’t watch it for more than a minute.  It’s John Riggs with his daughters.  He’s shilling this subscription box hard.

Do people still buy these?  Didn’t Loot Crate go out of business a little while back?  I know that it’s food and food maybe makes more sense than getting a box of random crap every month but I don’t know.

How much is this?  Wow.  $22.50/month and you get like 12 Dollar Store or Poundland type off-brand candies.

Or you can get the “premium” version which gives you all of that generic candy plus five candies made by known companies.  That’s $31.50.

So you’re paying like $2 an item for largely generic candy.

I know that shipping costs a lot.  Indeed, shipping probably costs more than the items in the package.  That’s the way with sending candy internationally.

Also, I know that imported candy is expensive.  I used to go to a place in London that sold Japanese candy and fucking everything was expensive.  £5 for a little Hello Kitty tin of mints and whatever.

There also seems to be an influx of American candy shops in the UK now.  They’re owned and run by Muslims 100% of the time.  I don’t know their country of origin.  But yeah, these are good places to go if you ever want a $15 box of Lucky Charms or a $5 bag of Reeces’s Pieces that sells for 50 cents in the US.

It’s just such a racket.  There’s no way it costs that much to import this shit but these shops are always packed with people.  “I want this £8 package of Twizzlers, mummy!”

If you’re genuinely interested in getting sweets from a foreign country, just go to SnackExchange on Reddit.

Then you’ll get you exactly what you want.  No mystery.  And I think that they only charge what it costs them.  Then you do the same for them.

Totally straight forward.  And none of this generic bullshit, unless that’s what you want for whatever baffling reason.

It’s still probably going to be expensive but, as I said, I think they only charge what it costs them.  This TokyoTreat seems to have a huge markup.  And you’re getting exactly what you want with this Reddit thing.  Maybe you make a friend.  You’re also sending them stuff.  It’s fun and you feel good about yourself.

Here’s another idea if you want cheap candy from abroad: go to one of these ethnic grocery stores.  I’ve gone to a lot of Polish shops and they always have interesting Polish stuff.  Not just the sweets, but I’ve got sauerkraut and kielbasas and whatever.  I used to get canned cabbage rolls which were really good.  I couldn’t believe that such a product existed but it did and they were great.  And everything is really cheap.  The sweets cost no more than the local sweets.  Indeed, they probably cost less.

There’s also a Turkish shop I go to sometimes.  The candy kind of sucks and potato chips apparently don’t exist in that culture but they have some interesting cookies and that sort of thing.  Some interesting sodas but I’m not a big soda guy.  And it’s all definitely cheaper than what you would get in a regular grocery store.

Chinese grocery stores are another option.  They don’t just sell Chinese stuff.  You can almost always get Pocky, for example.  And they always have a lot of spicy nuts and shit from Thailand and whatnot.

You can also often just go directly to the manufacturer.  I got a box of high quality chocolate bars from one of the leading European chocolate manufacturers.  It was 18, high quality, premium chocolate bars and it cost €45 plus €15 for shipping.  That’s about the same amount in dollars.  So figure $2 a bar?  That’s the normal retail price.  They’re not jacking this up.  So it’s just the shipping that you’re paying for and $15 is probably about what it costs.  This was a heavy box.

So those are my ideas.  Use promo code “GAMERGRRLS” to get 10% off your first order.

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