Super Fun TURBOGRAFX-16 VARIETY STREAM! – Erin Plays Extras

TurboGrafx-16 was the first console that I got and the only one that I got more than a handful of games for.  I had…20 games maybe?  Maybe less than that.  It’s not a huge amount but I also had a Genesis and only got like five to seven games for that.  And I bought a Playstation, again just five to seven games.  Gamecube…maybe less than five games.  So I wasn’t interested in this shit.  But I had a TurboGrafx-16 with a few games for whatever reason.

So let’s check it out.  It goes without saying that Erin has never played any of these games.

0:00 – Oh fuck.  The first suggestion was fucking Splatterhouse.  SHE ALREADY DID AT LEAST FIVE VIDEOS ON THIS SHIT!  The gameplay and commentary there wasn’t bad enough for you?  You want to see more?

“I’m bad at Splatterhouse but I love Splatterhouse”.

She loves it so much that she hasn’t played it since she did the video.  I just don’t understand how she can justify these comments.  In what sense does she love the game?  She loves playing it on stream, for money?  That’s fucking stupid.

0:45 – She repeatedly tries to kill a background character…unbelievable.  She’s on the first fucking level.  She played this once, for a video, and that’s it.

Now she’s doing her fucking shit commentary where she just describes what she sees.

“That guy has radioactive vomit.  I wish I had radioactive vomit.”

Who the fuck wants to watch this?  I’m fucking one minute in, I’m invested in the topic, but I’m fucking sick of it already.  How does Shishi do it?  He has his fucking tiny dick in his hand furiously masturbating.  “Oh yeah…I love it when she repeatedly falls in that pit!”

6:30 – “I’ll try other games, I just like Splatterhouse a lot.”

Again, so much so that she never fucking played the game even once in her spare time.

And she keeps fucking talking about “Wanpaku Graffiti”.  I won’t get into this stupid bullshit.but I did a whole review about how ridiculous it is that she calls the game “Wanpaku Graffiti”.

9:00 – She plays some other game.  She never heard of it.  “This is so fucking cute.”

I think I’m done.  I mean, this is trash.  I just don’t understand who’s being entertained by this.

10:15 – “I think crabs are really cute.”

Insert your own joke here.

She also seems to be laughing at a lot of things that aren’t remotely funny.  And even she says, “I don’t know why I’m laughing.”  There might be a pharmaceutical explanation for this.

18:30 – She’s playing a new game now.  She never heard of it, of course.  “This looks adorable.”

I’m done.  These imbeciles are intentionally choosing “cute” games for Erin to make brain-dead comments on.  This is part of their fetish, I guess.  They like watching 32 year old women talk about how some games are “cute”.

I mean, the appeal is very limited.  That’s why her channel is dying, why it was never remotely successful to begin with, and why she complains about it on Twitter.  But she’s still out there making these same shitty videos for the same handful of horny losers.

Why bother?  Why not change the formula?  Very few people are interested in watching a 32 year old woman play “cute” games for the first and last time ever.  Try something else.

Realistically, I don’t know what she can do on Youtube to get more views.  If she was talking about 90s pop music or something, that would be something that she might actually be interested in but who the fuck would watch?  Who cares what Erin’s opinions are on Britney Spears and whatever?

ASMR, pranks, planking, whatever, there is nothing that Erin can do on Youtube that would get views.  She just doesn’t have the personality.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  Some people have it, some people don’t.  She does not.

If you have a boring personality, that’s fine but don’t bother making Youtube videos.  Nobody is going to watch.

Kimchica is a good example of this.  That woman is smoking hot, there is nothing that I wouldn’t do to her but she’s BORING AS FUCK.  That’s why she has 2,000 subscribers.  She uploads regularly and she’s been doing this for years but only has 2,000 subscribers.  Most of her videos don’t even get 100 views.

Even if Erin were to go to MyFreeCams, who would watch?  After ShiShi dies of dehydration, she’s fucked.  People might go once out of curiosity, “Oh, this is the woman who used to make those god awful Youtube videos” but then you move on.  You click on one of the more attractive women.  Or one of the more interesting women.  You don’t sit there and watch Erin flipping through the 1987 Sears catalogue while wearing a thong.

The only realistic solution is to get a job.  It’s beyond me how she thought she could make a living as a gamer grrl, having never played a video game in her life.  Almost all of these gamer grrls seem to have jobs.  Why does Erin think that she’s so special?  She makes the worst fucking videos but expects the most.

There are jobs out there, Erin.  Find something that you enjoy doing.  Forget about this shit Youtube channel.  It’s only been three and a half years.  I know that you fucked up big time by moving in with Mike but you can still recover.  Shut everything down, move back to California, and get a job like a normal person.

Erin is a horrible person but I still don’t like seeing people ruin their lives.  Every day that she’s on Youtube is another day of her life wasted.  This is not going to work.  You are never going to make money off of this.  Your channel has been promoted extensively.  The people watching it now are the only people who are ever going to watch it.  You tried and you failed.  It happens.  Move on with your life.

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