Japanese Reaction on Shin Megami Tensei V getting removed from e-shop – Zuvi

She does a lot of these “Japanese reaction to (whatever)” videos. How the fuck would she know? She hasn’t lived in Japan in many years.

It would be like me doing a video about what America is like. “Well, they’re eagerly awaiting the Friends finale. And gas is $1/gallon. And George W Bush is doing a lot of wacky shit. And Terri Schiavo is all anyone is talking about.”

My information is woefully dated. I don’t fucking know what’s going on in the US.

Whatever happened to that Elian Gonzalez guy? Last I heard, he was an adult and happily living in Cuba with no desire to move to the US.

Yeah, that’s about right. He’s also involved in politics in Cuba.

0:15 – She calls Twitter “X”. This is the first time I’ve ever heard somebody call it that. I suspect that she calls it that because it’s easier to pronounce.

1:30 – All she’s doing is reading like message board comments from Japanese people about this game. And she’s using Google translate to translate this shit. So ANYONE can do this. This is totally pointless. She can’t even be bothered to translate this shit herself. Presumably, she can’t.

Totally pointless video. No wonder nobody watches this shit. And this is somebody who sells hardcore porn. Even selling hardcore porn isn’t enough to get people to watch these awful videos.

This woman has had cosmetic surgery done. I think a lot of it. She’s talked about getting her eyes done. She had that surgery that makes your eyes bigger. It’s apparently popular in parts of East Asia.

Why the fuck doesn’t she get her ears pinned back? That would be the first bit of cosmetic surgery I would get if I was her. Breast implants would really help too.

And she sells these porn videos for like $100 each. For a hundred bucks, you get a twelve minute video of her allegedly having sex with her husband. Who cares? Who would pay that? Where is she getting these prices? NOBODY is paying for this. You’re going to pay to see a 35 year old woman with not tits and jug ears having sex within the confines of marriage?

I’m not saying that it’s the worst channel out there. I think that Retro Ali takes that distinction. But it’s awful.

Her main Twitter (or “X”) is almost entirely pictures of cats and stuffed animals.

Her “cosplay” Twitter (or “X”) is what you’d expect. Well…I don’t know. More anuses than I expected. You guys like anuses, right? And there’s a heavily pixelated video of her masturbating with a dildo and even the heavily pixelated video made me nauseous. I don’t want to fucking see the clear version. It’s gross. Come on.

2 thoughts on “Japanese Reaction on Shin Megami Tensei V getting removed from e-shop – Zuvi

  1. Zuvi is the absolute bottom of the shit barrel. Not laughably bad like Zap or retarded, but still trying like Erin. She just sits there and expects to be adored. But doesn’t even beg to be adored. She’s just dead fish. Maguro as they say in Japan. There is absolutely no ent value of any kind from her. It just goes to show the built in advantage women have in gaining traction online. It’s like a golf handicap. Add 10000 subscribers automatically to the total if you have tits. Well A cups are still tits in the same way that man boobs are not boobs.
    Also I’m the same boat as you. People ask me about America all time. What the fuck can I say? I have no connection to any of it anymore. I think people just feel engaged by asking the question and don’t know what else to say. I’m trying to immerse myself here. That’s why I left. Fuck back there. If I cared about it I’d still be there. Unless it’s world news like 9/11 what do I really care? News is just a waste of time anyway. Almost none of it matters. It changes nothing I do anyway. The worst. The fucking worst is working with Americans who never mentally left home. They watch fucking CNN during lunch break. Never bothered to speak the language but are ready to suit up for the May Day parade. Always part The Offended. “Hey did you hear what some city councilman in Peeholeskin North Dakota (pop. 184) said?! Oh my god what a racist bigot! No what did he say? He said illegal aliens couldn’t get free tranny surgery in his town! No shit? Well then you better take your ID card if you go there on your next vacation right? Like who gives that much of a fuck?! But apparently people do. Imagine 40 years from now when people born after you left are adults with kids and nothing is how you remember it. Could you ask someone who left their home country in 1970 what it’s like today? They’d have no idea.

    1. It never ends. I had an American history professor from Germany, who lived in the US since he was in his early 20s. He was an old man. People would ask him about Germany and he’d say that he’s lived in the US for 40 years and considers himself an American.

      I knew an old Polish guy who moved to the US when he was 14. People would constantly ask him about Poland.

      I’ve known Irish people in Scotland who constantly get asked about Ireland. And the difference in culture is negligible.

      Scottish people in England get asked about Scotland.

      If you sound different, people are always going to ask where you’re from and what you’re doing there. Even if you’ve been there 40 years.

      There was this creepy guy Ryan Boundless, who had a Youtube channel about Japan. He had a video where some old Japanese guy was asking him about the US. And Ryan got offended and put this old guy on blast about how he’s been in Japan for 10 years or whatever it was. People in the comments talked about what an asshole Ryan is.

      It’s annoying and even offensive but what are you going to do? Change everybody’s opinion? They’re just making conversation. They probably don’t even give a fuck.

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