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0:00 – Jump scare.

Reminder: She thinks that this is sexy. She thinks that we’re jerking off.

0:15 – She thanks Rikuson1 for “gifting” the game to her. Why do these horntards do this? Why do these women accept the games? If you want a game and don’t want to pay for it, go to a torrent site. What’s the big deal?

These are probably console games. I don’t know how easy it is to pirate stuff on modern consoles.

So who’s Rikuson1?


A black anime hillbilly nerd in his mid 30s with no girlfriend. She’s accepting gifts from THIS guy. This guy who clearly has mental health problems.

I think that this is him. That’s a Georgia accent? Maybe he’s gay and the gay accent is just throwing me off.

Back to the super hot Pelvic Gamer.

This is boring as fuck. She’s just reviewing the game. I’m going to make a sandwich. Keep my strength up.

I put a couple of Lorne sausages in my George Foreman Grill that I must have bought nearly 20 years ago. Still works great.

Lorne sausages are a square sausage with no casing. They’re a Scottish thing. When you order a sausage roll at a cafe, they’ll ask if you want square or link sausage. I bought a box of 10 of them for £4, which seems pretty cheap. But now I have to hurry up and eat them because I don’t want to bother freezing them.

It’s a rare opportunity to be able to live in Scotland. How many people have done it? Even people in England would welcome the opportunity to live in Scotland but they don’t do it. So I should take full advantage of the culinary delights on offer.

I only had haggis once. But they sell it and people eat it. It’s not some tourist thing. I was at work and they were making haggis in the canteen and some guy said, “That haggis smells delicious” and then regaled us with his childhood memories of eating haggis.

They sell it in the store either canned (which must be god awful) or refrigerated in tubes. Like how you would buy a roll of Jimmy Dean sausage, for example. I don’t think that they sell Jimmy Dean sausage any more. Some multinational corporation bought old Jimmy Dean out. Plus, I think he died years ago.

They also sell it in refrigerated pouches.

I had it once. I bought the tube. The taste is actually fine. There’s a strong pepper taste. Like salt and pepper. But the consistency…there are little grisly bits in it that reminded me of eating maggots. This must be the various internal organs that they put in there. You guys like eating various internal organs, right?

If it weren’t for the consistency, I could see eating it. It was fine. But…maybe take out the heart, lungs, stomach, and whatever the fuck else you’re putting in there.

They also sell haggis in restaurants. Just anywhere, from a takeaway to fine dining. I’m never brave enough to try it again.

What else? Oh, pizza crunch. This is a cheap pizza that you get at the grocery store, deep fried and they put vinegar on it. It’s fine, I guess. Kind of bland.

Munchy boxes. This is a pizza box full of shredded lamb, various types of Indian-style chicken, fries onion rings, shit like this. They give a couple of pita breads too. The idea is to assemble your own kebab. Like a downgraded gyro.

Different restaurants will have different takes on the muchy box. A Chinese place will have a pizza box full of spring rolls and whatever else. It’s just a pizza box full of cheap food to satisfy the nutritional needs of poor families and big fat guys.

5:00 – “What can I say? I’ve got a thing for bad boys.”

Oh, my penis is so hard here.

I’m turning this off. I made it to the eight minute mark. She’s going into excuciating nerdy detail about the combat system of this game that I have absolutely no interest in.

Oh, she’s in Japan. And if you want to give her money and/or games while she’s living it up in Japan, you can do that.

This is somebody who lost their job, by the way. They’re unemployed and going on expensive vacations. And they want you to give them money and games. The entitlement of it all. Shaking down literal retards for money.

Here she is with…I don’t even know. Her lesbian girlfriend, I guess. In Japan.

Here she is eating tiny Japanese cakes for her birthday. Birthday cakes are smaller and more efficient in Japan.

Here she is eating at a wackily-named Japanese restaurant. Reggae Hairstyle Rockstar, am I right?

Oh, it’s not even a Japanese company. It’s an American company. So she went to Japan to eat at America Town.

She went clubbing and got some STD.

While in Japan, she still found time to locate a Youtube comment that she doesn’t like and call the guy out for it. And his comment wasn’t even offensive. Calm down, you fucking cretin. People have different opinions.

Everybody in the comments: “Boo! We hate that guy for expressing an opinion. Please have sex with me.”

Still in Japan, she decided to watch…Heathers. That most Japanese of plays.

By the way, she apparently speaks some Japanese. She’s been learning for years, I believe. And she seems to be doing NOTHING Japanese while she’s in Japan.

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  1. She does a lot of the “black attitude” stuff with her hands. Snapping and pointing and waving. I hate that shit! I’m sure I’ll be called racist and sexist but there is only one race and one sex that does this. Why? It’s retarded.

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