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So we’ve got Chris BORES doing his ghost hunting scam.

God. How stupid does anyone have to be to fall for a GHOST HUNTING scam? What is the level of education and mental health care in the US like that people are falling for GHOST HUNTING scams?

I was doing some looking at business that are open in my hometown. There’s some sort of a psychic. She took over a shop that had recently closed. People are leaving Google reviews of this psychic.

What fucking year is this? How fucking stupid do you have to be to give your money to a psychic? It’s sub-retard.

1:00 – So speaking of sub-retards, Chris BORES thinks that ghosts haunt his computer and didn’t want him to do this livestream. He shows his laptop with the blue screen of death.

Just take the fucking thing to a computer shop. Tell them that ghosts haunt your computer and you’d like to get it working again. They’ll do a clean install of Windows and you’ll be off to the races. Nothing to do with ghosts.

Also, he has a fucking Hewlett Packard. What a piece of shit. How much did he pay for that? A hundred bucks?

1:45 – “I had to really bless my house last night to make sure I got a good night sleep.”

This guy is married. Apparently. From what I can piece together, he married a woman who has at least one child. This guy really needs a professional to come and see him and make sure that he’s not a danger to himself or anyone else.

I mean, it’s a delicate issue, I guess. People believe in all kinds of crazy shit. Are you going to lock up every religious person? Every UFO nut? Everyone who believes in Bigfoot? Fucking retard James Rolfe and his Loch Ness Monster obsession?

I went to that Loch Ness not long ago. Maybe a year or two ago. I went with my girlfriend. There’s just some ruined castle near to the water that you can wander around in. It was rainy as fuck when we went. I think there’s a boat tour that you can also take.

Everybody there was an American. It’s a tourist thing, obviously, but fucking embarrassing. They’re doing the old, “We can’t understand what you’re saying because you’re Scottish!” thing. Nobody finds that cute. You think that they’d be used to it, frankly, but no, Scottish people find it offensive. And rightly. It’s true that they can be difficult to understand but if you just shut the fuck up and listen to what they’re saying, you’ll quickly figure out what they’re saying. It’s not that challenging. They’re speaking English.

We had to take a taxi to this castle from the nearest town. It was a 30 or 45 minute drive. And the driver is talking about the Loch Ness Monster, how it’s theorised that it was just a pod of dolphins or something. And my girlfriend, who must not have been listening very carefully, excitedly said, “So there’s really something in there?” He had to repeat that it was a pod of dolphins. I mean…come on. Can she honestly believe that the Loch Ness Monster is real? Maybe I should get her that book that James was reading from in that podcast.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah. People who believe crazy shit like Chris BORES and his ghost mental illness.

2:00 – “When you are tuned into something, like the secrets of the afterlife…like I am, the resistance man, it’s just like…uggggh.”

People with schizophrenia believe that they have superpowers. This is what Chris BORES is suggesting.

And he has a bunch of Buddhist shit in the background. I’m not sure how the Buddhism jives with his staunch Christianity. I don’t think that it does.

2:30 – He advertises his onling ghost hunting service. He can also cure sleep paralysis over the internet because he says that it’s a “dark attack”.

This has to be illegal. Can he advertise that he can cure medical conditions with this fucking blatent quackery?

He’s also describing himself as a “ghost doctor”. This can not possibly be legal. Shut this fucking nutjob down.

There’s his website. He says that his online ghost hunting methods are 100% effective and then goes on to say that they can be performed as often as needed. If they’re 100% effective, why would you need it done more than once? Just get the shit done in the first attempt.

So he has three different packages. For $50 you can get rid of “stage 2” ghosts, which apparently are responsible for things like “shadows” and “touching. I could go for some ghost touching. Find me a sexy lady ghost who isn’t afraid to touch me down there.

For $75, you can get rid of “stage 3” ghosts who are responsible for “voices”, “sleep paralysis” and “bed shaking.” Again, give me some of that big titted, bed shaking ghost action. But yeah, hearing voices is a serious sign of mental illness but retard Chris BORES is pretending that he’s a “doctor” and can “cure” people of this by doing an online ghost hunt.

For $100, you can get rid of “stage 5” ghosts. What if you only have stage 4 ghosts? You’re just fucked. Stage 5 ghosts are responsible for “physical harm”, “thoughts of suicide”, and “objects shattering.” Again, suicidal ideation and self-harm are signs of mental illness but this asshole Chris BORES is preying on the mentally ill with his idiotic online ghost hunting idea.

If he’s not mentally ill himself, he should be deeply ashamed of himself.

Oh, a homo on Reddit helpfully time-stamped everything. Well, I dont’ want to watch this shit so I’ll just take a page from Newt Wallen and plagiarise this guy’s post:

So Chris did a livestream Q&A for his Ghost Doctor channel and it was pretty funny through and through. Chris kept saying all kinds of crazy shit and generally gave off schizo vibes the whole time, he is very adamant through the whole stream that he’s better than every paranormal expert living today “I’ve evolved so much in this field that I can’t learn from anybody anymore”. If you enjoy listening to delusional schizo ramblings with a bunch of cope mixed in then I would recommend giving it a listen but the highlights are listed below.

Highlights: He has his Irate Gamer logo on the screen for the whole stream for some reason

0:47 Chris appears late to the stream and claims “Dark Forces” always try to prevent him from streaming and this was no exception. He believes there are spirits fucking with his computer giving it the “blue screen of death”. He also says he is feeling sick and gives the reasoning “when you are as attuned to something like the secrets of the afterlife as I am the resistance is exerted grunting

2:35 Chris has opened a new Ghost Doctor website where you can hire the Doctor himself to cleanse your house of evil spirits, demons, and other “dark attacks” like sleep paralysis, remotely. He also once again claims that the “Dark Forces” try to stop the website from going up. He offers a few tiers for his “services”, the silver pack will get rid of shadow men and the gold pack will get rid of suicidal thoughts, because I know if I’m feeling suicidal I’m going to call the fucking Irate Gamer to save me and get charged $100. He also offers a book, a “Ghost Doctor Toolkit” and “Tar Water”. He says once you buy these you can protect yourself from Dark Forces forever

8:52 Chris says he was attacked by a cloaked demon with chains in the middle of the night.

21:50 Chris claims that he is so successful and amasses such huge crowds at paranormal conventions that he’s been banned from ever returning to them and that “household names” in the community have stolen his ideas to try to replicate that success. The example he gives is that he says he came up the term “parasitic ghosts” and he’s seen others use that term without crediting him. He refuses to name anyone specifically. He goes into this subject again at 37:07 and he desperately insists that he knows what he’s talking about and that these people are going to suffer in the afterlife.

24:40 Chris claims he has a new groundbreaking device that he doesn’t even want to elude to because it’s so crazy and he can’t risk it getting out.

25:25 Chris says he talks to schizophrenics and tells them the voices they hear in their heads actually are demons.

26:43 Chris says that he’s been told by other big names in the paranormal community “we don’t want you here” (lol) He then goes on to explain that “once the genie is out of the bottle” that the “shit will hit the fan” and it will affect everyone, he references the situation he went through with AVGN and Youtube in the past and says this will be much bigger. And apparently according to Chris he’s been warned by spirits to watch his back because things are going to come for him.

29:12 Chris tries to get viewers to send him money so he’ll answer their questions.

31:00 Chris says that demons embed demonic incantations into chart topping pop songs and the most popular Youtube videos (probably the most sane thing in the stream to be honest)

32:10 Chris claims he witnessed a satanic afterparty at E3 and once again claims that Youtube fucked his channel in 2012 because he didn’t fall in line (he doesn’t specify what he means by this, I guess he means YT wanted him to worship Satan or something?) and warns popular Youtubers to watch their backs. He says Microsoft is the worst offender for these practices.

36:17 Chris gets distracted by his daughter wandering into his room and then goes on a rant about how spirits commonly try to attack his family and children and it pisses him off. He calls these ghosts low lives which I find hilarious.

47:30 Chris says he is visited all the time by spirits through the night who killed themselves begging for his prayers.

48:37 Chris says he doesn’t care he has haters because they are going to be coming to him for help when they die and he will still not turn them down. What a nice guy.

51:58 Again, Chris desperately insists that he knows what he’s talking about.

53:08 Chris says he can’t talk about astral spiders because he’s worried that other people will “steal his knowledge”. What a nice guy. He later goes on to talk about them anyway and later says he believes that the tv show Stranger Things was “divinely inspired” because their interpretation of astral spiders was spot on. So essentially Chris watched Stranger Things and learned about astral spiders and then claims that if anyone else talks about them anywhere then they are obviously stealing it from Chris. What a hack lmao

1:00:18 Chris says the only other famous ghost hunter he likes is Zak Bagans (of course he is) but he is worried about him because he says Zak keeps getting darker and darker and he’s going to pay for that.

Chris then ends the stream saying that he plans on doing these weekly from now on because “some crazy shit’s gonna go down” and he wants to be on stream to talk about it.

There’s a lot of disturbing stuff here. He says that he speaks to people with schizophrenia (which he BADLY mispronounces) and tells them that voices they hear are ghosts.

Then at 36:00 his “little girl” comes into this creepy as fuck room to ask him something. Chris BORES then says that ghosts are coming after his children and says “the trials and tribulations of being a father.” I’m pretty sure that this is his step-daughter. God. This guy should not be anywhere near children. He’s mentally ill. What is wrong with that girl’s mother that she find CHRIS BORES to be a suitable partner?

And the retards in the chat are asking questions like they actually believe what he’s saying. Shit about ghosts and whatnot. “What do I do if a ghost kills me?” That’s an actual question.

Hopefully this guy gets the help he needs before he impacts any other mentally ill person’s life.

7 thoughts on “Ghost Doctor LIVE Q&A Podcast – Irate Gamer

  1. speaking of podcasts, what came of the cinemassacre podcast? it was supposed to be the next big thing but then it was apparently quietly discontinued. i supposed there should be a solid enough audience for that

  2. He wants to charge people money to get rid of ghosts bit he can’t get rid of the ghosts in his own house. On in person cleansing he probably sniffs the dirty laundry

    1. ” …he can’t get rid of the ghosts in his own house”

      This is hilarious. This thought never crossed my mind in his stream of craziness, but yeah. I wouldn’t hire an electrician whose house burnt down in an electrical fire, either.

  3. >Chris says he talks to schizophrenics and tells them the voices they hear in their heads actually are demons.
    Chris BOREs is now plagiarizing from 16th century monks. The guy must be really running out of ideas.

    1. He should rip more old school stuff off. He’s apparently plagiarising from some recent tv show with his ghost spider idea whatever. I was thinking that he should go way back, find something obscure, and use that.

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