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0:00 – Hey guys! Remember Ghostbusters?

Yeah. I guess. I never saw the movie until I was probably in my 20s or 30s. I watched the Saturday morning cartoon. I had the action figures. I didn’t particularly like either of those things but…I watched and I had the figures.

So let’s check it out. I never had the cereal. I never had any of these shit cereals. They’re by Ralston or something. It’s a dogfood company. I’m not eating dogfood cereal.

I suppose that there is a pretty obvious crossover. Dry dog food is similar to a lot of these cereals. Take out the sugar from the cereal and it’s probably almost identical to the dog food.

I had a few Milk Bones as a kid. Those were actually pretty good. I could go for some. Do they still make them?

They do but Smuckers owns them now. I don’t want the company who sells jam to also sell dog food.

I wouldn’t try any of the meat-based dog snacks, of course. But maybe I’m missing out. Who knows?

0:00 – “Irate Gamer is now on PATREON!”

Uh huh. Not interested, Chris BORES.

0:15 – He’s playing with his Ghostbusters toys. This reminds me that this is what he actually does as one of his “jobs”. He’s a “ghost hunter.” He goes to all of the Akron, Ohio news outlets every Halloween to show them how it’s done. He has a bunch of stupid gadgets that he got. I remember one video where a piece of paper fell and he cited that as proof that a ghost was there. Well, a ghost or gravity.

Couldn’t he shave for this video? Not just his face but I mean everything. I want to see a completely hairless Chris Bores, nude, talking about a children’s cereal from 40 years ago.

1:15 – “I can’t wait to bust into this, pun intended.”

Umm…was the gross sexual pun also intended?

I want to see naked, hairless Chris BORES nutting into this old box of cereal.

1:45 – Chris BORES refuses to eat any of it. Well, what’s the point then? Even if he did eat it, what’s the point?

3:00 – Then he “busts” into a box of Ghostbusters II cereal. Who cares? This is pointless. It’s going to look like old, shitty cereal. We get it.

3:30 – He pretends that he didn’t know that there was a record in this box. He obviously planted it there. It was something that came with the cereal. A prize. So he goes to see if it plays. It’s a little flimsy thing.

4:00 – Then there’s a callback to the AWFUL Cameo era of Irate Gamer where he would pay for Cameo’s of Z list celebrities, give them something to read, and then (poorly) integrate it into the video.

So the record is for some sweepstakes. They ask three questions. Then you’re supposed to put the answers on a postcard and mail it in.

Chris BORES is disappointed and confused that the answers aren’t on the record. WHAT WOULD THE POINT OF THAT BE? It’s a contest, you fucking retard.

5:30 – He’s going to taste one of these cereal pieces. Oh great.

The he pretends to die. Then a ghost Chris BORES comes out of his chest.

That’s the video. Completely and utterly pointless.

Speaking of busting, whatever happened to bukkake porn? Do they still make it?

I saw one where a bunch of dudes came into a frying pan and a woman made pancakes with them. She must have added some pancake batter. But then this woman fed this cum pancake to a really reluctant woman.

I saw another one where Teri Weigel, who was some hot chick who was in Playboy and there was a mini scandal when she started doing hardcore porn, did a bukkake with some fucking crack addict. But you didn’t get to nut on Teri Weigel. Teri Weigel was just there to hold this crack addict’s head and do a little dirty talk to encourage the guys to shoot their loads.

But how degrading is this? I know that it’s a bukkake, the idea is to be degrading. But to be so unattractive that they have to hire a hot chick to just stand behind you so that these guys can cum. It’s no way to make a living.

5 thoughts on “Ghostbusters 1980’s Breakfast Cereal – IRATE THE 80’S – Irate Gamer

  1. I also saw the carton first. I think everyone who was a kid in the 80s did. No way would your parents lets you see a Bill Murray movie, especially if they saw caddyshack and meatballs. They aren’t kids movies. Why do movies for adults become cartoons anyway? Then we rented ghostbusters on video. I want to say it was 1988 and must have been a big deal because I remember seeing 1984 on the box and something about how now we can watch old movies on video. My parents went apoplectic. You know the lines. It’s true this man has no dick. I’ve seen shit that will turn you white. And don’t cross the streams which is some kind of gay joke. I guess it is. I don’t know. So why did this shit get cleaned up and turned into a cartoon? Oh yeah and then there’s this fucking awful AVGN I’m sure you saw. And the lazy fuckwad Gaming History has finally given up and is quitting. Yay. Took him long enough. Loved off patreon for almost a whole year only to release a video full of zoom interviews and boring gameplay. He won’t be missed. When will Bimmy and fagfuck, I forget him name, Chris? also quit???

    1. I didn’t know that Gaming Historian quit. After reading your comment, I saw something on Twitter about him taking a break but the font was so small that I didn’t want to bother expending the energy to sit closer to the screen.

      I was watching the latest AVGN last night and wanted to have an article for today but I fell asleep part-way through the article. It’s maybe the worst AVGN ever and not in a good way. There are all of these painful close up shots of bald James Rolfe doing like a selfie and he’s reading a script (that somebody else wrote) where he’s ripping on a game that’s clearly intended to be a joke. He’s just pointing out the jokes, seemingly oblivious to the fact that these things are intended to be funny.

      Whatever intern plagiarised that script should be fired.

      1. Even the “official” Reddit had zero positive comments about it! Not even the weak shit some people give so they don’t sound negative “it wasn’t for me but it was funny” etc. nope nothing! I wonder what the reaction will be behind the scenes? Yeah GH is done. He used a lot of PR talk. Stepping back. Whatever that means. But if he can’t put a video out more than once a year when he’s getting at least $3,000 a month for it, what’s his output gonna be when it’s zero? Exactly. Goodbye.

  2. Check out this tweet by Bores from April 12th, tell me if you get creeper vibes from this:
    Its interesting how people briefly come into your life that impact your world. I had a nice chat with 3 kids from Louisiana when the Star Wars rise of resistance ride broke down at Disneyworld for over 20 minutes. I didn’t realize I had pictures of them until I went back to view them. When I replayed our conversation in my.mind, I wish I could’ve been more inspiring with my words while talking with the dark haired girl. In hindsight I realized she was someone trying to find her place in the world, which also reminded me so much of my own step daughter. The whole conversation caught me off guard so I didnt react like I wanted too and it now weighs heavily on my heart. I hope the universe somehow finds a way to get this message to her, but dont let anyone get you down. Life always dishes out curveballs so just keep getting up from your failures and you will find success.
    I’ll probably never hear from them again but they definitely will impact my approach to similar conversations in the future. I wish them all the best and sending prayers their way.”
    The post also includes 4 photos: a selfie w/the 2 girls in the background , and one of each of them. It looks likes the kids are unaware of being photographed.

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