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She’s wearing a Star Wars t-shirt. She’s a big Star Wars fan, guys. She’s relating to all of the nerds out there. She’s just like you sexless losers. Isn’t that hot? You want to have sex with this sexless loser Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining? You can talk about Wookies and…whatever…droids.

It’s pathetic. And this is all calculated. Pam doesn’t give a fuck about Star Wars. Even if she did, why would she wear the t-shirt? She’s an adult.

0:45 – Point and Drink. I haven’t listened to this one in a while. I can’t. It’s aggressively boring. Pam and her lesbian long-distance girlfriend drinking and talking about video games and movies and hot chicks. Come on . There’s a limit to how much tedium I can endure.

1:00 – Pam says that Pele is going to visit her this weekend. So last weekend. I’m late on this. I’m trying to visualise the dynamics. Does one of them don a strap on and go to town or what? Which one is the man in the relationship? You’d assume Pam but I don’t know. Because Pele isn’t overly feminine and Pam, although a giant bitch, isn’t overly masculine. Maybe they take turns.

1:15 – She was also on the Drunk Friend podcast. Well, she is a drunk. I can understand her doing all of these alcohol-based podcasts. But she’s not an interesting drunk so I won’t be watching them.

2:00 – She’s rubbing her dog just off-screen. I don’t even want to know where she’s rubbing it.

3:00 – Footage of…something that she was on where people do…something. NO IDEA.

4:00 – Then she puts an ad in the video. An ad on this boring as fuck PICKUPS video.

5:15 – The Shoot Oot. But I gave up on this shit years ago. Pam used to only shoot oot women who make videos. Now it’s just whatever.

7:15 – Quest for Glory III. She’s been playing this on Twitch. She says that it’s underrated. Yeah, because it sucks dick. It’s by far the worst. At least among the first four. I never played the fifth one, which is supposed to be not good.

She claims that Quest for Glory is less well-known than the other Sierra Quest games like Police Quest, King’s Quest, and Space Quest.

No, Pam. Are you out of your mind? Police Quest? Space Quest? Nobody gives a shit about those games. But people know about Quest for Glory. Well, giants nerds do. More giant nerds are interested in Quest for Glory than Police Quest and Space Quest combined.

8:45 – Balatro. I was watching some nerd play this recently. So it must be really popular if it reached my radar.

She explains why she doesn’t like it. Well, that actually convinced me not to get the game. I was considering it. A public service from Pam.

21:45 – Pam’s legs are spread REALLY wide and she’s begging her dog to sit next to her. Umm…

Somebody wrote a comment years ago about how my references to Pam fucking her dog are disgusting. Well, I can agree with that. But am I wrong? Look at the way she interracts with this dog.

The comments are all losers jerking off to Pam’s hair.

3 thoughts on “Balatro, Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden, Home Safety Hotline and more March updates – Cannot be Tamed

  1. I’m curious to see how long her channel will go. I guess she’s still good looking but a lot of it has to be makeup. I looked up (stalked?) an old girlfriend I had long long ago. She’s 46 now. Kind of looked like Pam. I guess a lot of White women look the same anyway. She had an open facebook. About 15 years of photos or something so you could see the slide from 30 to today. Hooooo man did I dodge a bullet. She was hot when I knew her. She was 18. Of course she’d be hot. She was still good up to 41 it seems and then, I dunno man. Grey roots and she puffed out (like Retro Ali). So much makeup to cover things that it looks like paint and you can easily see it.
    I get it of course you can’t look young forever. Someone who is 90 was probably attractive back in her day but it’s the attitude I knew of being stuck up (like Pam) and being in denial about it now, apparently. Still wearing clothes from 90s too. One time when we were going out she showed me a photo album and had a picture of the day she beat Super Mario Bros. 3 for some reason, so she was more of a gamer than most grrrls on here. She married a guy who looks like the singer from the Crash Test Dummies and named her kid with some non English letters to be “cool and metal.” Fuck that. Life is infinitely better knowing I’m not stuck with that mess.
    So I wonder about Pam and when she will hang it up because at some point she will be 50 doing this. 50 talking about fucking police quest!! To keep up she’s going to have to dye those roots a lot and cake it on to cover up. As long as the juggs stick out more than her stomach I’d say there is still a chance to go on. Being childless probably helps here.

    Time will tell.

    1. It’s 100% makeup and lighting with Pam. In this very video, she shows clips from some stupid Youtube show that she did for somebody else, where she wasn’t in control of the lighting and the angles and…not a looker. And in every candid picture I’ve seen of her, she’s not an attractive woman.

      It’s impressive what she’s able to do with the makeup and lighting and whatever but…it’s not reality.

      1. Holy shit that was HER? Fuck. I thought it was someone else. There are smoke shows and then there are smoke and mirror shows.

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