Newt Broke his Leg

Or something. I don’t know. Who cares? “MCL”. Fuck you. I’m not going to medical school just to read your gay ass tweets.

Speaking of gay asses, top comment is from Joe from Game Sack. You know, the guy who Newt showed his penis to.

Joe: Twist your ankle? That’s never fun. Takes a few weeks to feel somewhat normal again, depending on the twist.

Newt: Shoe slipped and knee twisted. Mcl is hyper extended. My ears were ringing. Could not stand but still finished the shot. Just from the floor. Cause I’m a filmmaking professional ha

Joe: Oh twisted knee fuck man

Newt: See What trying to look cool in front of FallonVendetta gets you

Fallon is the prostitute who’s appearing in this “film” that Newt has some involvement in. You know, his “friend” who he pays to hang out with him.

There’s some Lao-Tzu quote about a man who only saves another man for money would also drown a man for money. I don’t remember what it was exactly. But I’m reminded of that.

So yeah, Joe from Game Sack is replying to Newt’s tweet. He must be openly gay. Because think about what happened. Let me recap.

Newt says that he showed his penis on webcam to Joe from Game Sack and 8 Bit Eric. At the same time. And both Joe and Eric commented on how big Newt’s penis is.

What you boys do in the privacy of your own bedrooms is your own business. Maybe they were just playing “Gay Chicken”, a game that I recently became aware of through some other video, unfortunately. Maybe they were just being “bros”.

But for Newt to then announce this on Twitter…that would be the end of any relationship that I would have with Newt, if I was in that position. “Newt, I looked at your penis. We were just having a laugh. I swear that I’m not gay. Okay, great. But for you to then announce it to the world? Fuck off. I didn’t give you permission to say that. Now what is everyone going to think? I looked at your cock. It clearly sounds gay.”

Joe from Game Sack didn’t take that view. He still talks to Newt. He has no problem with the fact that Newt, effectively, outed Joe as a homosexual. All this time, I thought that Joe from Game Sack was interested in Erin. No. He’s interested in Newt.

And Newt is openly gay. He’s spending a lot of time with PVC Bondage Guy, a known man. He has sex with him for pennies and he puts the video on his OnlyFans which I’d be astonished if it has even five subscribers (all ladyboys). So Joe is looking at the penis of an openly gay man? And then has no problem when this openly gay man reveals this shocking information?

He’s gay. Joe from Game Sack is clearly gay. You want to know how many times a heterosexual man asks to see a man’s penis in his life? Zero. And when offered, a heterosexual man will say, “No thank you. I have no interest in seeing your genitals.”

Not Joe from Game Sack. “Sure, Newt. Show me your cock. It sounds hot. It’s big, right? You have a big, throbbing cock? Let’s see it.” And fucking 8 Bit Eric is there jerking off in anticipation.

What else? There was something else that I saw on Newt’s Twitter. Oh right.

Newt re-tweeted this. It’s a letter that Ron Howard wrote 25 years ago saying that some journalist shouldn’t criticise Jake Lloyd’s performance in Star Wars because he’s nine.

Yeah, but he sucked. Right? We can’t say that? At what age is it okay to say that an actor is terrible?

Other people share the blame. Writers, directors, whoever casted him, whatever. But his performance was poor.

Anyway, the only reason Newt posted this is because he identifies with people who are criticised. It’s all about Newt. He doesn’t give a fuck about Jake Lloyd. He’s saying, “Hey, let’s not criticise people for turning out shit. Let’s praise shit.”

No. Shit is shit and should be called out as such, whether we’re talking about Jake Lloyd in Star Wars or every single “creative” thing that Newt Wallen has ever done.

I never actually saw the Star Wars prequels but I’m just assuming that he’s terrible. Oh, but I did see some Youtube compilation of Jake Lloyd’s parts in the movie. Yeah. Shit. He has mental health problems? I’m sorry to hear it. But his performance in Star Wars was awful. His performance doesn’t become good just because he’s nine or because he has mental health problems.

Oh, I just thought of somebody else for that Top Ten 1980s Stars Who Fell Into Drug-Fueled Ignominy video idea I had. The kid who played the little boy in Family Ties. Let me look this up. He had face tattoos and shit.

Brian Bonsall. Yeah. Well, according to Wikipedia, he hasn’t had any legal trouble in 15 years. Good for him. Oh yeah. And he was also Worf’s son in a few episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

I’m looking at pictures. These are really old pictures from the last time I looked this up, which was maybe 10 years ago. And maybe it’s “just” neck tattoos. No face tattoos.

But I read some crazy shit on the IMDB forum back in the day about a guy who got these same neck tattoos, which are huge, and was using them to have sex with women. He was posing as Brian Bonsall. And the actual Brian Bonsall was understandably outraged by this and warning people that it’s not him.

Who poses as Brian Bonsall to pick up chicks? And to go to the effort to get these huge neck tattoos. Maybe it actually was Brian Bonsall and he was just trying to cover his tracks. “There’s some guy who LOOKS like me, doing the old pump and dump all across the country, but I swear that it’s not me.”

8 thoughts on “Newt Broke his Leg

  1. It’s weird Joe Sack would be friends with Newt. Big YouTube channels are often stuck up and refuse to speak to the common people even though those are the ones giving these assholes a cushy life. Comment sections are absent if replies even though they all seem to have time to talk on X all day. Speaking to Erin I get. Sex. Maybe if he’s a queer he’s trying to bridge the gap to Matei. Garbage stabber loves his 10 inch cock or whatever. But with newt there’s nothing. No fame no money. Just persona non grata. But the person who sincerely loves Joe sack and has watched every video for 10 years and comments every time gets jack fucking shit.

    I don’t know what the big deal is about criticizing the prequels but I read that letter and it was dated 5 months before the movie was out so it was probably justified because how could it even be finished? But whatever that was 25 years ago and if the fucking stupid internet never existed I’d have my own opinion of it, the asshole at the video store would bitch like a retard until I’m out of earshot and a week later the thing would be nearly gone from my memory.

    1. You look at Kris Glavin calling Horseface a smokeshow in every single tweet and I don’t think she’s ever replied to him. He’s a complete creep, of course, as most of these horntards are but you’d think that she’d reply once. Maybe this is Kris Glavin’s fetish, though. Being ignored by women.

      1. She’s looking especially horselike this week since she’s sick and apparently needs attention to feel better on Twitter. She looks rough as shit without makeup especially.

  2. Joe from Game Sack, as a grown adult, used to live with his mom. Then his mom passed away and I guess he inherited the house. Oh, the life of a video game-obsessed Man Baby!

  3. “Newt says that he showed his penis on webcam to Joe from Game Sack and 8 Bit Eric. At the same time. And both Joe and Eric commented on how big Newt’s penis is.”
    What the absolute fuck?

      1. If i recall…he claimed to have a “10 incher” on Hack the Movies once…he was sitting next to Crystal too, he said he won a contest or something i think it was one of the cosplay Batman reviews. Don’t tell Garbagestabber.

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