Grand Theft Auto V – Neighbor Nerds – Cinemassacre

I hate the edited-to-fuck Neighbor Nerds videos but this is a pretty rare time when I actually played the game that they’re talking about so I’ll try to watch it.

0:30 – John says that it’s the best game ever. No. It sucks dick. I got it when it came out. I think that I beat it but it’s so unsatisfying. If there’s a mission that’s too difficult, you can just skip it. You can skip every fucking mission and “beat” the game. What’s the point?

I have all the Grand Theft Auto games and I don’t just mean the 3-d games. I have the original Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto 2 (which took place in the future), Grand Theft Auto: London (which took place in 1962 or something).

I was really pissed off when they went to 3-D. Especially the fucking 3-D game that we got, which was laggy as shit. I’m talking about the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 3. I never played on any fucking consoles. And the PC ports were awful. It’s insulting because Grand Theft Auto started off as a PC game. Then the PC market became a total afterthought, starting with Grand Theft Auto 3.

I have Vice City. I didn’t play it too much. I bought it years after it came out in some Grand Theft Auto bundle on Steam. I have San Andreas. I liked that but stopped playing after some impossible plane mission. Grand Theft Auto 4 sucks fucking cock. I didn’t play it too much before quitting in disgust. You keep flying out of the fucking windshield.

So compared to Grand Theft Auto 4, Grand Theft Auto 5 is pretty good. But it still sucks. I put about 100 hours into it. So that’s pretty good. I think that I’m qualified to give an opinion. Sucks penis.

And the multiplayer? I think that I tried it once and it was awful so never again. I think that they’ve made improvements since I played but fuck it. It wasn’t remotely fun when I tried.

What? And there’s DLC now? You can get a “whale pack” that gives you a bunch of shit for online play that would presumably take you ages to grind for. Yeah, this looks terrible. I never buy this sort of shit. I never even play games that offer this kind of shit.

Wow, this DLC has been around since 2017. I must not have played the game since then. And it’s not even really DLC. It’s just pay to win bullshit for the online mode.

0:30 – “But first, a word from this video’s sponsor.”

Shameful. It’s an app that lets you cancel subscriptions…like if you have a Netflix subscription or something. You can cancel it. It’s for people who have so many subscriptions to various shit that they can’t keep track of what they have.

What? Even if that’s the case, just look at your fucking online banking app and see where the money is going. Don’t want to spend that $10 or whatever for Netflix? Cancel it. This isn’t hard. You need an app for this?

This makes absolutely no fucking sense. Can this really be what this app is about? Let me look this up.

“I’ve used it to consolidate and cancel subscriptions, track my spending, allocate classifications to spending and I’ve also started to use the feature that automatically puts money into an emergency fund and or safety net. I look at it more than my actual bank account at this point.”

I don’t get it. What are these people doing with their money that they can’t keep track of their subscriptions? What do the banking apps look like in the US? My banking app shows every transaction of money going in or money going out. Isn’t it the same for everyone? Isn’t that all you need?

Apparently, this app takes a chunk of your money for every dollar they “save” you by cancelling subscriptions. What? Who are these people who can’t cancel these memberships? It makes no fucking sense. Who is this thing for? Complete fucking retards?

I tried to cancel my broadband a few months ago. It was difficult. They raised a stink about it. They ignored my email where I said I was cancelling so they continued to bill me. But I cancelled my fucking Direct Debit (which allows them to take money from your account) at the same time that I sent the email so that’s it. They’re fucked. They’re not getting any money from me.

They want you to call to cancel. Fuck them. I’m not calling to cancel. I’ve had too many problems with that. Email is sufficient.

So then they sent my “debt” to a debt collector because they refused to acknowledge an email as a valid way to cancel. So I raised a complaint the Ombudsman. I lost the case because the women dealing with it was a complete cretin and those people at the Ombudsman have no legal training at all. They’re open about this. I asked her directly if she has any legal training and she said that she doesn’t.

Nevertheless, the debt collectors stopped bothering me after I raised the action. I suspect that the broadband company withdrew the debt, even though initially that they said they weren’t going to. You just have to stand up to these assholes and they back down. And cancel whatever fucking payment method is being used to take the money out of your account. It must be possible. I don’t know how things work in the US any more.

That totally pointless app is $8/month according to the comments in that thread. Plus they apparently take 40% of every dollar that they “save” for you. What a fucking scam. There is absolutely no need for this shit.

2:00 – Jimmy teases an old home video at the end of this video of him and John that he admits is totally unrelated to anything that they’re doing. We can all look forward to that.

Then Jimmy starts talking about he’s unable to play this game and/or record the footage on various consoles that he has collecting dust. Use a PC, asshole. This isn’t fucking 1992.

4:30 – Jimmy says that he plays the game just like he’s driving and taking a vacation. He’s said this before. It’s really stupid. He says that he gets sentimental about being in Los Angeles so he plays this game. Eugh. Don’t remind us of that awful AVGN Movie.

7:15 – They’re using some stupid cheat code, I think, that causes explosions when you punch or kick somebody. Mr Seven and a Half Years in Special Education finds this really funny. I find it stupid.

No. I’m turning this off. They’re just using stupid cheat codes. Play the game right, retards. They did this kind of video before. It was Mike showing wacky cheat codes of San Andreas or something. Get some new fucking ideas.

Let me see what this stupid fucking home video was about.

19:30 – Jimmy is showing a “movie” that he made as a kid called Spirit. He actually calls it a “movie”.

No. I’m not watching this. Come on. This is trash. James’ childhood home videos. Like I’m supposed to give a shit about this.

5 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto V – Neighbor Nerds – Cinemassacre

  1. Those top down GTA games were awesome! It really had a PC feel too. It didn’t feel like any SNES or PS1 game at all. I disliked the move to 3D. All 90s games in 3D sucked shit! No they didn’t age poorly they were ass back then! Buggy laggy jagged horrible shapes that were impossible to control.

  2. i find it hard to believe that there really is an app just to cancel paid-for subscriptions. and it’s a signed app, meaning that you keep paying for it even after you “bought” it?!

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