Meeting the Hottest Retro Gamer (in Tokyo) @DestinyFomo – Destiny Fomo

I don’t know how much of this I’ll be able to watch. I skimmed a bit of it and it’s painful as fuck. It’s some fat, loud, obnoxious American in Tokyo having sex with Madam Fomo for money. So she was there fucking “Kid” Shoryuken and this guy and however many other guys that TuanX had lined up for her.

This guy is disgusting. Just look at the thumbnail.

There’s his Twitter. His description is, “Your hot dad living in Japan. Make Youtube videos about my life here. Love 80’s stuff and motorcycles. Giant man child.”

Complete embarassment. This is textbook guy who can’t get a girlfriend in the US so he goes to Asia. Brings shame to the entire country. This is why people abroad think that Americans are big, loud, fat, pieces of shit.

0:00 – “I just want to give a quick introduction into who Destiny is and how I know her.”

And there are videos of her “try on hauls”. She’s a prostitute and you know her because you’re paying her for sex.

0:15 – “She’s basically a hot chick who loves retro video games.”

Why is she hanging out with you? Explain that part.

0:30 – “She’s also a good friend of MadPanicGaming.”

Is that how he met her? “Kid” Shoryuken aka MadPanicGaming is promoting her to his fellow sexual deviants?

He doesn’t explain how he’s hanging out with her. Obviously. Because he’d have to admit that he’s a john and that Destiny Fomo is a whore. But we all know it, right?

Even if you knew nothing about Madam Fomo, isn’t it obviously just from the fact that she’s hanging out with this gross, fat, degenerate?

1:45 – He’s talking to some other pathetic, loser Americans who are showing off their video game tattoos.

2:45 – Then we see Madam Fomo. How the fuck does she do it? She’s earning this money. She has to fuck THIS guy.

Actually, I don’t think that the fucking is even the worst of it. I think that this is the worst of it. Having to hang out with this obnoxious asshole. At least with the fucking, it’s in private. And with this guy, you know it’s not going to last long. When you’re this fat, you can’t even get an erection.

3:00 – Now there are some obnoxious drunk Japanese guys. God, I can’t do this. This is awful.

I’m stopping here. I’m sure that there are things in here that are interesting from the perspective of documenting the life of a scumbag but I can’t bring myself to watch this cringe bullshit.

People in the comments call this guy “Dad”. He calls them “son”. It’s really creepy.

10:30 – Look at this guy. He’s got to be 400 pounds. It’s absolutely embarrassing.

There’s a video literally called, “Being a Fat Loud American in Aomori Japan” with this same asshole.

5 thoughts on “Meeting the Hottest Retro Gamer (in Tokyo) @DestinyFomo – Destiny Fomo

  1. Fuck this motherfucker. He gives us all a bad name. There are normal people that emigrate to Japan, and enjoy things there without acting like a retarded faggot asshole. This dicklicker is by far THE worst. Makes Kid Shoryuken look normal. That’s saying a lot. I hope Destiny Matos gives him a newer strain of crotch rot.

    1. I’m not so sure. I know that you live in Japan and Baron is moving there and I don’t want to alienate my two biggest contributers but what would cause somebody to want to move to Japan?
      I considered moving there when I had nothing going on in my life, was desperate for work, and had difficulty picking up chicks. I think that this is a pretty common motivation for moving to Japan. It’s well known that white men have a much easier time with the ladies in Japan or Asia broadly than they do in their home country.
      What about all of those old guys who move to the Philippines and get a 20 year old impoverished wife? It’s a common thing.
      People tend not to move abroad when things are going well for them. I would not have moved had I not owed all of that money from student loans. If I was working as an investment banker or something and fucking all the ladies, no way would I have moved.
      So I don’t think that there’s any denying that a sizeable proportion of men who move to Japan, and it is overwhelmingly men, are doing so because they can’t get a job and they can’t get a girlfriend. These English “schools” will take anybody and the women are, shall we say, less discriminating than Western women.
      Not that I think that this big fucking tub of shit is getting any loving. Asian women aren’t wholly without standards. But whatever your situation, your success with the ladies will improve, I’m going to say by a factor of five by moving to Asia. This particular guy is is just going from zero so zero times five is still zero.

      1. There are people who just like to move around and live somewhere else. There are good jobs to be found, especially in IT and international companies as well as military contractors. If you’re paid in US dollars you are making double salary basically because of the exchange rate. I still play games , only kind of care about anime but the obsessed weirdos are few in number. They just happen to be the loudest. Japanese women are NOT ready to jump into bed with mister round eye American Joe like it’s nothing. 99% want nothing to do with white men. Ahh yes casual racism. Very good thing! English “teaching” “””jobs””” are a joke. They pay minimum wage and are quickly becoming overtaken by Filipinos because they speak English well enough and work for nothing. Lots of people do it for a year to get a visa then immediately find something better. These two assholes show how retarded they are because they can’t get past entry level where if you have a pulse you’re in.
        But the majority. The successful expat likes Japan because it’s a nice place to live. Simply. A rich country that has inalienable rights because the US wrote their constitution after WW2 and it’s exactly like the US one as far as protections go. It’s like living in the 50s here. People are happy, clean streets, no murders, no homeless shitting on the sidewalk, no queers and trannies running around. The dirty immigrant is you! The white guy in a suit making $75000 a year. There are only about 100,000 westerners here as it is, excluding military. No rag heads!! The nuclear family is still the ideal. No tattoos, no drugs, At the same time you can still feel some exoticism when you want which is nice. I could go on but you get the point.

  2. it’s high time they started sending the gaijins all packing or else something ugly and depraved is bound to start brewing, akin to the status quo in the corrupted retarded west today. giving them the Israeli treatment is the best peaceful solution to the problem. bar that, treating them the way that the Chinese handle uyghars is also a workable course of action

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