Soul Man Is A REAL Movie That Exists! – Tony from Hack the Movies

Oh, we’ve got a black guy as the guest for a movie about a white man who pretends to be a black man. Or something. Some of that delightful racism that Tony so clearly enjoys.

You know what I’d do if I was Mushmouth over here? Mushmouth is the guest on Tony’s show today. He doesn’t speak very clearly, much like the beloved character Mushmouth of Fat Albert fame. I’d say, “Well, Tony, I’d love to appear on your Talking About Tapes Youtube show but not to talk about this movie that deal with racial issues in a comedic sense. I will, however, appear on the show to discuss any number of other movies. Sure, I’m a black man but I enjoy a wide variety of movies. Don’t let your racist views influence what kind of movies you think I would enjoy.”

Here’s his Youtube channel:

He has a handful of videos. He’s a “local comedian”. He also has some podcast that nobody listens to. He would kill to get Zap Cristal numbers.

Here’s one of his stand up comedy videos. It starts with the 400 pound MC saying “Let’s give it up for the comedy stylings of Manny Muskets!”

Well, let’s see. The video is entitled “Is Manny funny?”

Okay, I’m calling a halt to the proceedings at 2:00. The answer is a resounding “no”. I only understood a few words. “Pussy” and “Nigger”. Those words kept cropping up a lot.

Well, comedy isn’t easy. Or enunciating.

Oh, this guy was talking about wanting to be on Kill Tony. John of Cinemassacre fame was apparently on there. I have no idea what “Kill Tony” is but let’s check it out.

It starts at 1:01:00.

Okay, I’m just going to move on. It’s not even worth discussing.

Back to…oh god. Tony from Hack the Movies? I thought that I retired this bullshit.

2:00 – Tony says, “I introduced him and then afterwards he said the ‘N’ word about 20 times.”

Yeah, that seems to be his routine. I…hmm. You don’t want to kill anyone’s dreams but…is there a career in this? It’s not exactly breaking new ground, is it? We get that you’re a black man. What else have you got? Any hobbies? Interests? What’s the deal with airline food?

2:30 – Tony wishes us a happy Black History Month.

That’s right. I forgot all about it. Where was Pelvic Gamer promoting all of these businesses of women who may not be black? Without this, the entire month passed me by. This whole time, I was just thinking that it’s February. It didn’t dawn on me that it’s also Black History Month.

Okay, I’m stopping the video at 6:00. Six minutes of this trash is six minutes too long.

According to the comments, people are saying this is the funniest Hack the Movies ever. I’m not sure what number two would be but…in spite of that endorsement, I still can’t bring myself to watch this.

I just don’t find “White men walk like this but black men walk like this” to be funny. It’s been done a billion times by a billion funnier people. What is this guy going to bring to the table?

2 thoughts on “Soul Man Is A REAL Movie That Exists! – Tony from Hack the Movies

  1. Mushmouth! Fucking spot on!! What the fuck is Tony more sheltered than Bimmy? Soul Man was a movie that was weekend filler on cable from the day it was made. Until we were all retroactively made racists nazis sometime in the 2010s it was still on TV. It’s a shit movie with a retarded premise. You know the ending before the movie starts. He will get busted for faking being black. Why is he dressed like Dave Chappelle dressed
    as Prince? Is this how he sees black peoples? Well I’m sure he’s happy the thing is over. He can go back to his south Jersey neighborhood filled with Dagos and regale his friends about his first experience with a man of color.

    Mushmouth’s routine sucks corroded donkey dick!! “Fucking a lesbian is like giving a vegan a Big Mac.” That’s retarded. It makes no sense. Well actually it does. You can’t fuck a lesbian. She will say no. A vegan won’t eat a Big Mac. It’s more like an SAT analogy questions. Dicks are to lesbians as Big Macs are to vegans. Unless the next line is that he raped the lesbian who was also a vegan and after sexually assaulting her, he shoved fast food down her face. That would be funny. At least funny to hear a comedian say it. Cliff! Now a character as a loser mailman trying to be a comic with awful jokes that purposely bomb would be hilarious!

    1. Yeah, I didn’t understand the outfits but I didn’t want to spend any time thinking about it.

      In that video, he literally starts with, “Yo, yo, yo”. When I’m writing an offensive stereotype of a black person saying something, I start with “Yo, yo, yo.” Here he’s doing it for real.

      Then I just clicked around in that video and it’s all about pussies and dicks and black folk.

      I don’t want to be too critical. I don’t think he’s been doing this for long. He’s still honing his “craft”. And he’s out there making an effort. How many terrible comedians exist? Almost all of them. There must be enough demand out there for even shitty comedians to make some kind of money. So good for him.

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