Is Being A Content Creator A Viable Career? – Zap Cristal

146 views after 12 days.

This would be like me doing an article called “Can You Get Rich from Blogging?” I mean…I don’t know…maybe? But I’m not. I’m getting nothing from this.

1:00 – It’s the RE-wind segment where they talk about stuff that they talked about in “season 1”. So they’re already out of ideas.

2:00 – Zap makes some kind of a noise. I think it was supposed to be like tape being rewound. Mr Wright Way II says I have no idea what that was. Zap explains that it was “1980s internet.”

Umm…yeah. Some of that 1980s internet. Remember that? What the fuck.

Then Mr Wright Way II suggests that it was AOL. AOL in the 1980s.

When did AOL actually start? 1983. They had an online service for the Atari 2600. What? Obviously nobody had that. I’ve never heard of it.

Well, maybe this is what Zap and Mr Wright Way II are talking about. 1980s AOL. I stand corrected.

Mr Wright Way II is making vague comments about people with “fake” personas who make podcasts. He’s really upset about this.

You know what would be great? If Mr Wright Way II put on a fake persona of a guy who has something interesting to say.

THIS IS BORING AS FUCK. I’m just going to leave it on as background noise while I talk about other stuff.

Today, I went out for lunch at my favourite place. The food is awful, it’s expensive, but nobody was ever in there. You know, because the food was awful and expensive. But I’d go because you have the place to yourself. I’d go to the tables downstairs and literally nobody in there.

The last time I was there was probably in December or early January. The downstairs seating area was closed off. Well, fuck.

Today I go there, and it’s closed. Signs are removed. There’s a little thing in the window explaining that they’re closed for good.

14:30 – Mr Wright Way II is saying that successful “Youtubers” have committed suicide. He’s presenting this as a reason not become a successful “Youtuber”. Oh my fucking god. Don’t worry, Mr Wright Way II. You will never be a successful “Youtuber” and have to deal with the stress of fame and fortune.

Anyway, back to my restaurant story. What the fuck am I going to do now? It was the worst burrito in town. Vaguely Mexican food prepared by Polish immigrants. £10 for a burrito. A TERRIBLE burrito.

16:30 – Zap says, “Success is whatever it means to you.” She’s quoting from some “mentor” of hers. Or maybe she just read it on a menu from a Chinese restaurant. But anyway, it seems that “success” to Zap Cristal is getting 146 views on your video after 12 days.

So now I don’t know what to do for lunch. I didn’t go there all the time but I’d go there when Subway looked too crowded.

There’s also a better Mexican restaurant but there usually aren’t any seats at lunch time.

So I don’t know. I’m going to have to look. My main issue is finding a place that isn’t crowded. I don’t like the anxiety of waiting in line to order and hoping that there’s still an open seat somewhere. Because if there isn’t you’re fucked. Although, this has never happened to me. The possibility still exists. Then what am I going to do? Eat while walking like Retro Ali?

Retro Ali told a story years ago about how she was living in South Korea and eating while walking and people gave her dirty looks. Ali thought that this was some weird cultural thing. No. It’s universal. Don’t fucking eat while walking. I’m not saying that I’ve never done it but I’m saying that I know that it’s behaviour that’s frowned upon.

I’m stopping this video, by the way . I can’t do it. I made it to 22:00. Mr Wright Way II is talking about his channel and how nothing he does can influence whether or not he gets subscribers. MAKE GOOD VIDEOS. That’s how you get subscribers.

I didn’t become the number one blog about women retro video game Youtubers by putting out crap. Only high-quality articles.

For example, there’s no loud music playing while you’re reading this. Because that would be annoying as fuck. Who wants that? But that’s what they do with this awful podcast.

I’m not sitting here in a track suit talking to a black man about nothing. I’m talking about my lunch. That’s eminently more interesting.

And as a result, I get more views than the Zap Cristal and Mr Wright Way II podcast. You get back what you put in. Give people what they want. What they want is good content. That’s universal. What they don’t want is crap. Crap is bad. Try to avoid making crap.

These people I write about just don’t seem to get this fundamental idea. Make GOOD videos. What’s so hard about that? Fuck these shitty videos. Let’s see something good. “No, we’ll stay the course on the shitty videos and just see how that goes.”

It’s crazy. If you don’t have the ability to produce good videos, then get a job at Jiffy Lube. There’s no shame in that. The shame is only in doing something that you’re bad at. There’s enough trash in the world. We don’t need more of it. Put something good out into the world, whether it’s good lube jobs or whatever your skillset may be. Making Youtube videos isn’t it.

Newt talks about “positivity” but he creates nothing but trash. He’s effectively polluting the world with his idiotic, terrible bullshit. We’re supposed to praise that? We’re supposed to praise trash? It’s not happening, Newt. I’d only be adding to the negativity of the world by praising trash like Shark Vampire or some video where Newt is in a hotel with a crack addict. I’m bringing light into the world by condemning that bullshit.

Newt has it all twisted. It’s like a hobo taking a shit on a crowded train and then when everybody flees in revulsion, the hobo says, “Hey, come on guys. Stop being so negative. I’m just doing my thing here. This is art.”

Karma will come for Newt. Newt has been a destructive, negative influence for everyone around him his entire life, as far as I’m aware. We’re supposed to praise this guy and his disgusting actions lest we be “negative”. Not happening, Newt. You’re the piece of shit. You’re the one who needs to stop what he’s doing.

2 thoughts on “Is Being A Content Creator A Viable Career? – Zap Cristal

  1. I think about these kinds of people from time to time. I think about RGT85, who is a faggot, and how he lucked out enough to make his “job” YouTubing. Wow auto correct capitalizes that! Fuck! People joke that washed up YouTubers go work at 7-11 or a gas a station or something. He supposedly worked at a pharmacy. Well as much as we laugh at these assholes, it really is harming society that everyone thinks they’re hot shit, an “influencer” (I hate that fucking word!) and e-celeb, a whatever. The so called “lower strata” of life needs to be filled with certain kinds of people. Think about a local gas station. Do you really want to work at one? Maybe not but someone should be. If old Billy from the gas station works there long enough he becomes a trusted member of the community. He learns skills. Maybe he checks engines and gives advice. People prefer him and visit his gas station often. Maybe it can expand he can gain ownership. On top of that having a trusted person in that place all the time makes things safer, he knows who’s coming and going and others know he’s always around. Add that to the local store, bar, drive thru, whatever. It used to be called “a society.” Now people refuse to do real work. It’s all automated, abandoned or filled by third worlders. Oh but YouTubers are retarded and/or narcissists, you say. Yeah YouTube made them that way. If someone knew their lot in life was filling orders at Rite-Aid, honestly not a bad job, then it sets in quickly that’s what you’re meant to do, so get good at it or your ass’ll be out on the street. If Zap Cristal knew all she could do was waitress, she’d have to cut the shit, stop acting like a movie star, stop rotating abusive black husbands and do the right thing for her son. Lots of single moms have done it. There’s no shame in it. It’s actually noble. But instead she sees herself on the screen and thinks she’s the big time. Thousands do. Millions do. How many millions of people we don’t even know about like Newt, Ali, awkward Gal, etc turn on a camera, babble some nonsense, and get 50 views, doing it daily hoping the next day they’ll be mega viral and can cash in. Or like Zap are so delusional they think they’re already there. So to answer Zap’s question, no it isn’t profitable, except for a fraction of a percent who will blow the money anyway. But more than that, it’s undoing society too.

  2. “Today I go there, and it’s closed.”
    I get the feeling that everything goes to shit, piece by piece. I mean, many years ago, when I first discovered AVGN, the videos were hilarious. As years went by, the videos turned into shit. Things get more expensive (one of my favorite restaurants in Mexico City, a steakhouse, used to charge USD $30 for my favorite steak. The last time I went there, like 4 months ago, they were charging USD $60. Too damn expensive for an already overpriced piece of frozen meat). I get older, YouTubers get older, and as YouTube was once a source of entertainment, it’s now a collection of ads, sponsored reviews, and the same old shit over and over. Pick a subject, any subject, and I guarantee you will be flooded with videos of the Erin equivalents.

    One small piece of pleasure, to go to a restaurant and find some solace, is now forbidden: it’s now closed.

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