Retro Ali Met Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Or at least a young woman pretending to be Belle and willing to work for minimum wage.

I don’t know. I always imagined Belle as having breasts.

I’ll bet that Disney intentionally chooses women with small chests for these characters so as to make them as non-sexual as possible, and therefore kid-friendly. Let me look this up. Surely there aren’t any jumbo-breasted Cinderellas walking around Disney World.

I don’t know. I’m seeing a mixed bag on Google images. I mean, nobody is obviously large chested but some of the dresses do seem to emphasise the chest more than I expected and one of these women had a big of cleavage showing.

Oh, you know who would be great here? Games & Movies. He has nothing but videos of him hugging the characters at Disney World or Disneyland.

Here’s his channel. This is a guy who goes to every Erin stream, every Mike stream, he gives them money every month…and just look at that guy and his channel. It’s not subtle.

Here’s a compilation. I think he uploads basically the same compilation every couple of months.

In the first fifteen seconds of the video, he’s having a debate with a real duck. And I think that the duck got the better of him.

17:30 – Here he is with the Evil Queen. Whoever that is. From Snow White? Oh, yeah. He mentions that in the caption.

God, this is humiliating. He approaches her and says “your majesty” but she’s “entertaining” a group of kids with her community theatre bullshit. She has to do deal with this very unfortunate guy. She’s earning every penny of that $12.

I’m surprised that the minimum wage in Florida is $12.

Anyway, no, these women do not have breasts. To the point where I thought that the Evil Queen here was a man. Snow White is ridiculously flat-chested too but I can maybe understand that. She’s supposed to be young, isn’t she?

I want to see an Evil Queen with a couple of melons. Is that asking too much?

I can’t even watch this any more. This fucking Games & Movies guy keeps interrupting this poor woman while she’s trying to do her stupid routine with Snow White.

This is the guy who has given probably thousands of dollars to Erin and Mike and god knows how many women on Twitch. A literal retard. And they all know it.

19:30 – The Evil Queen and Games and Movies are taking a picture where they’re crossing their arms. This woman literally has no breasts. Like where did they even find this woman? It’s not natural. Is Disney recruiting women who got double mastectomies?

19:45 – Now Sleeping Beauty aka Princess Aurora. Let’s hope she’s got a little more something.

Well, yeah. She’s maybe a B cup. But she’s in some indoor area. So it’s a more controlled environment.

Then he rattles off the characters who he met. It’s so fucking uncomfortable. Disney should be ashamed of themselves for indulging this guy.

I don’t know. What’s the solution? You have this autistic retard. He likes certain things. The things that he likes…I mean, it’s not like Disney or Erin are targetting autistic retards. Are they? No. I mean, Disney is targetting children with these characters. It’s just autistic retards who seem to like them as well.

Is Disney supposed to ban retards? That wouldn’t be good public relations. There has to be a solution though because these characters are encouraging this. That doesn’t seem right either.

And then this guy dances with this woman. I guess that that’s part of the “experience”. Now this is…this woman must take ten showers a day to try to cleanse the grime from her. It’s not right. This should not even be a thing that exists. You should not be able to dance with the characters. But I think that’s what this is. That’s why she’s indoors. You’re allowed to dance with her.

What kid would even want that? Let me look this up. Is this really a thing? Are adults allowed to dance with the characters? Because I can foresee a lot of problems with that. I think that these characters get harassed a lot by horny men.

I don’t know. That’s all I really found. Apparently, it’s normal for adults to take pictures with the characters but I don’t know about the dancing.

22:00 – Snow White is creeped out by this guy too. Of course. And yeah, not much in the way of breasts for her but not to the disturbing levels that the Evil Queen was. What the hell was that? Maybe the characters wear some kind of…what’s it called…breast bindings.

24:45 – Here’s another character. No breasts.

He seems to be interested in having chats with these characters. Awkward, painful chats.

He calls Aladin “Al” like they’re close personal friends.

I think that’s it for the characters who aren’t entirely covered in costumes.

It’s not right. None of this is right.

But anyway, yeah, the women don’t have breasts. Weird.

There’s also a video where he goes to his first anime convention. These women can be a little more full-figured. And they’re not professionals and don’t have handlers so don’t know how to manage this guy.

1:45:30 – There’s a woman in a revealing costume sticking her ass out and he rewinds and replays this footage repeatedly in the video. So this is clearly a sexual thing for him.

It’s gross. I assume it’s his parents who are enabling all of this. Why are they doing this?

Where was I going with all of this? Oh, yeah. Retro Ali is still working at Disney World. Good for her, I guess.

6 thoughts on “Retro Ali Met Belle from Beauty and the Beast

  1. Oh god so he is *actually* mentally challenged, right? I thought it was just some sort of a derogatory term.

    Where does he get the money for donations? Is Erin and gang actually taking money from him? That is low.

    1. Yeah, I’ve said many times that I’m not calling these people “retarded” as a joke. I know it’s hard to believe and people assume that I’m just joking but no. It’s right there.

      I was watching Mike’s recent stream on Space Invaders for the N64 and Games and Movies gave a bunch of “gift subs”, worth like $25, and Mike just read it out like it was nothing and thanked him. Games and Movies is regularly giving money to Erin and Mike and they both know that he’s legitimately mentally retarded. They don’t care. It’s completely disgusting.

      And it’s not just him. There’s this guy Geoffrey who goes to Erin’s streams, Mike’s streams, and also Destiny Fomo’s streams who is clearly mentally retarded. He works in a grocery store and lives in a group home.

      ShiShi, I strongly suspect is mentally challenged.

      And if you just randomly look at these people’s profiles from Youtube or Twitch, it doesn’t take long to see that many of them are…not right mentally.

      1. Well, yes, I was thinking retarded as in Bimmy-retarded, you know, it’s not a joke but still. By the way, yeah, I caught an Erin Twitch stream, and 2 minutes in, I was thinking: “Well, she might not be the most gifted gamer ever, but she certainly plays better than me. I would never in a million years spend that much time playing. Maybe when I was a kid, but now I just don’t have the patience”. Ten seconds later, she loses in the most stupid way.

  2. Ok she met “Belle,” she works there! That’s not an accomplishment! That’s like working crew for WWE and saying I met Cena. Well no shit. It’s bound to happen.

    I’m up in the air about adults taking pictures at Disneyland. I don’t really care. It’s weird you’d go there without kids. It just seems like a waste of time.

    This one comment from that Reddit made me laugh my ass off though…

    “As part of on older/younger gay couple, we went to Disneyland earlier this year and wanted some pics with characters. When we got to Mickeys house, he looked at us, clasped his hands in front of his heart, then drew a big heart with his hands in the air and opened his arms wide for a hug. It literally made us both cry, we were beyond enchanted at really being “seen” by the actor in this iconic role.”

    Like what in the fuck? He also said he didn’t have kids. Well shit, you’re gay! But guess what else, you’re probably the kid in your older/younger gay couple!!
    How old and young? Enough to make a difference! If you were 30/35 that’s younger older but so what? It’s probably like 25/60 or something like that. And we know why that happens. Doesn’t he???

  3. do those gamergirrls realise that they have parents who love them and are more than willing to rescue them from this loserish lifestyle?

    1. Well, what are you suggesting? Retro Ali is basically done with Youtube. She’s working at Disney World. It’s not investment banker but it’s better than living with her parents.

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