Are You A Gamer Or Are You A Collector? – Zap Cristal

Oh my god. It’s the first episode of season two of the podcast. I’m pumped. What changes are we going to get this season? Is it going to be watchable? That would be a welcome change.

0:30 – Well, there’s a new set. Or their living room. There’s a yellow rotary phone in the foreground, some abstract art sculpture, and…a big olde tyme radio, I think.

This is going to make all the difference, I can just feel it.

By the way, 160 views after five days.

1:15 – “I’m excited for this episode because I know you’ve all been waiting for what we’re going to be discussing in this podcast.”

Umm…NOBODY has been waiting for ANYTHING that you have to say. 160 views after five days. Your channel has shriveled up and died since you left the original Mr Wright Way. Just admit it.

By the way, this is not an attractive angle for Zap “Too Hot to be an Influencer” Cristal. She’s wearing track suit bottoms like the lazy, low-class mother that she is. And she’s overweight. You can see her fat legs. And you can see her fat pussy. What’s that area called? There’s probably some stupid name for this…”gunt” or whatever. But I don’t want to see this, alright? I don’t want to see your crotch fat. Sit behind a desk or something.

You know what they haven’t changed? The LOUD music that plays throughout. This is innovative, I’ll give them that. But there’s a reason why no podcast has done this. It’s really, really, REALLY annoying.

But Mr Wright Way II wants to promote his god awful music so has to do it DURING the podcast. And not just like a segment at the end. He has to play the music THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH. At the expense of being able to understand what anyone is saying.

I’m missing this entire discussion about “gaming” versus “collecting”. I’m really fascinated by this topic that hasn’t been discussed a billion times already by a billlion people with more personality and intellect than these two dullards.

Here’s something that they changed for season two: the god awful “comedy” topic at the start of the podcast. Actually, they probably dropped that early into “season one”.

This music is particularly annoying because every few seconds you hear, “waa waa waa…waa waa waa.” FUCK OFF!

I can’t. I’m turning this off.

Five minutes. I made it five minutes into this big season premiere. And this is coming from somebody who has a professional obligation to watch these videos. How many SECONDS is a casual person going to make it into these videos?

Four comments. Four generic comments from people who, I suspect, didn’t even watch as much as I did. You CAN’T watch this shit.

How can they make this any more off-putting? You’ve got this annoying music, Zap’s crotch fat, boring topics that have been done to death, and two people who don’t have a single interesting thing to say about anything.

It’s offensive visually, aurally, and intellectually. What other senses can we offend with this? I’m still waiting for smell-o-vision. What happened to that? I want to be able to smell what I’m watching. Zap’s fat cunt, in this case.

I might have gone too far with that comment. It’s just a delusional woman who thinks that she’s a hot chick and she’s putting out god awful videos that nobody is watching. It’s mental illness. Perhaps I shouldn’t speculate on the odour of her genitals.

I remember in the summer bewteen 9th and 10th grade, a teacher warning the girls against using douche. It wasn’t part of a lesson or anything, it was just an offhand observation. And she kept going on about how the vagina is like a “self-cleaning oven”.

Umm…okay? Maybe she saved some girl from the perils of douche that day but…what a weird lesson to impart. It was a young teacher. She probably recently graduated.

She would flirt with the popular boys. There was another young female teacher who did the same thing. Flirt with the football players and whatnot. How weird is that? Somebody who’s in her mid-20s…coming on to 9th graders.

That would bad enough. But these women were so shallow, so concerned about their own popularity and their own ego, that they targetted the popular boys. Why not go after the misunderstood loner kids? You’d have a better chance with them. These kids might have more substance. No, I’ll stick with the captain of the football team. He’s so dreamy. I’ll be the most popular teacher in school.

It just makes you think less of them. How pathetic that was. These teachers are still stuck in that mentality that they want to be popular. They probably weren’t popular when they were in high school so they’re making up for lost time. “Hey, I have breasts now. Maybe I can finally snag that 9th grade football player.”

Anyway, douches.

2 thoughts on “Are You A Gamer Or Are You A Collector? – Zap Cristal

  1. I’d be willing to look past that Zap is pretty fat. I don’t like fat chicks, no one does but I’d overlook that if she didn’t have a fucking buzz cut!! Even on a supermodel body, it’s a total boner killer. Bitch put a weeg on!
    Why do blacks love absolute shit garbage music? I guess whites can like it too but it feels like guys like Mr. Wright Way II will collapse and die immediately if he ain’t got he beats and shit playing 24/7. And it’s easy to make this shit hip hop backing track because a computer did it all in the first place. It’s a shame because black music until hip hop was the best music in the world, all stolen by whitey. Jazz, blues, soul, funk. It was all good. Now it’s just beats and weird whistles and random noises with Ebonics nonsense mumbled over top.

    Blacks love to self promote too. Every black man is like a carnival barker over some minor creation. Every thing is hyped as the second coming of Jesus, this podcast is no exception! Dis is season two baby! We taking it to newer places! It be blowing up !! Like, God, calm the fuck down.

    1. She used to wear wigs but more or less stopped when she got with Mr Wright Way II. I was disappointed to learn that they were wigs. How hard is it to grow your hair out? Why would you want a buzz cut?

      The only people who should be wearing wigs are black women. The texture of the hair seems to require time-consuming and/or damaging hair styles. I can understand the mentality of saying, “Fuck it, I’ll just shave it and put a wig on.”

      But Zap Cristal presumably has fairly straight hair. She can grow it and do nothing with it. Minimal effort.

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