Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Review – Newt Wallen

Newt, PVC Bondage Guy, and Scumbag are reviewing Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. That hidden gem.

0:00 – Newt says that this is one of his favourite “1980s adventure movies” and “The internet told me is wrong to like because it’s racist.”

Is that the issue? I don’t think so. I think that issue that people have with the movie is that it sucks dick.

I have a vague idea of the racism claims but I don’t think that that’s a big movement and I don’t think that that’s why people say that the movie is bad. The idea that the movie sucks pre-dates woke culture.

Newt asks PVC Bondage Guy if she thought that the movie was racist and she refuses to answer. Newt, rightly, calls her out on this. Just proffer an opinion PVC Bondage Guy. There are clearly offensive depictions of the people of India. And fucking Short Round. I think that Short Round is even more offensive than the depictions of Indians. I don’t think that anybody actually believes that people in India are savages who eat monkey brains and sacrifice people but the depiction of Short Round is clearly racist.

I’m not saying that you have to necessarily be bothered by any of this but you can’t deny the racism.

I was watching that Squid Games with my girlfriend recently. The awful American “reality” show that’s as scripted as all the other American “reality” shows. And there was a scene where a black guy comes in and he says, “Yo, yo, yo.” Actually, I think it was just one “Yo” but it was a really stereotypical black guy thing that he said. I don’t remember the exact phrase.

So I said, “This is offensive.” My girlfriend said, “But that’s just how he talks.” So I said, “Then don’t include it. This thing was edited. They chose to include that cretin saying, ‘Yo, yo, yo.’ They could have easily edited that out. Even if he does talk like that, get rid of it. Including it just perpetuates negative stereotypes about black people.”

I have some views on black folk and Chinese folk and Indian folk and all kinds of folk. But we don’t need to see negative images of these folk in mass media. It’s just Jews profiting off of this low-brow bullshit. Interestingly, you don’t see many negative depictions of Jews in the mainstream media.

0:45 – Scumbag says something and nobody on earth can hear this. Hopefully this was filmed weeks ago and this asshole is back in whatever podunk town in Iowa that he came from, doing his whole cookie cutter Marilyn Manson “aren’t I edgy” routine.

5:00 – Mic check for the bald unemployed man.

9:45 – Newt says that he showed his teenage employees the Turned Down for What music video, which he gleefully describes as being about dicks and tits.

Next time I call Newt’s boss trying to get him fired, I’ll be sure to mention this.

14:15 – Newt retells a story that he apparently told PVC Bondage Guy and Scumbag about how he wants to be reincarnated as Harrison Ford’s penis between 1977 and 1984.

Guess what, Ideas Man? I’m done. Let me know when you get a new idea. Tits and gore? We’ve heard it. Try reviewing the fucking movie without constant perverted bullshit. He hasn’t said ANYTHING about the movie so far. And I give up.

2 thoughts on “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Review – Newt Wallen

  1. Woke is the death of civilization. But I never thought the movie was racist. I did like the parts where Indy met the Englishman in Egypt. Back when it was part of the British Empire. India too. All these wonderful exotic places were maintained by the Western world until they were handed back over to the locals and now they are hellholes run by maniacs in every case I can think of. Maybe not India but it doesn’t seem like a great place.

    But as I kid I thought the “Doctor Jones! No Doctor Jones!” parts 90 times in the movie were annoying as shit.

    1. I didn’t think it was racist either but looking at it now, I can see the argument. Maybe not the Indians so much but Short Round…terrible. I’m not offended, but a Chinese kid who can’t pronounce “R”s and “L”s is a little dubious. Even if it’s accurate, which it is, the accent is done for comic relief.

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