What will Happen to Mr.Wright Way Channel in 2024 – Mr Wright Way

Well, he can’t do any worse than Zap Cristal in 2024. Let’s find out.

0:15 – He’s charging his car. Interesting. The future is here. I honestly have no idea how cars work any more. The last time I drove a car, gas was 99 cents a gallon.

0:45 – He says that in 2023, he was at various nerd conventions, Japan, and Africa.

Good for him. Not the nerd conventions or even really Japan because he only went there for nerd reasons. But if he found something worthwhile to see in Africa then that’s great.

1:15 – He says that he has a podcast.

Well, he’s getting more views for that than Zap Cristal is. Way more. He’s getting between two and three thousand views, I’d guess. By contrast, Zap is getting between two and three hundred.

2:00 – He talks about getting divorced in January 2023. He says, “Not the best, but things happen with people.”

Yeah. Fuck Zap Cristal. She’s a nut. She’s a nut with an unhealthy interest in her own son and an addiction to marrying black men.

2:15 – “Those two weeks in Japan probably saved my life.”

Oh, do tell. Let’s see how. How did doing nerd shit Japan save his life?

He doesn’t elaborate. Just buying old Famicom games was what he needed, I guess.

4:15 – He says that he’s been having difficulties the past month. My sympathies for that. “But now everything is kosher, as they say.” Well, if you’re Jewish you might say that. Are there many Jews in Arkansas? According to his description, he’s in Arkansas.

I worked in a Jewish school in London. Oh, god. Talk about shit. There was all this security. You had to go through burly guys and tell them what you’re there for. There’s massive paranoia and you’re treated like an untermensch. The Jews really seem to have a problem with superiority complexes and have learned nothing from history.

But I mention this because there was one black kid there. In a certain part of East Africa, I don’t know where, there are black Jews. So this kid must have been from there. He wore a different sort of yarmulke. It was bigger. Whatever. I found it interesting.

5:00 – He’s at 33,000 subscribers. He hopes to get to 100,000 this year. Umm…well, some wishful thinking.

Doesn’t Zap have like 5,000 subscribers? She has 6,000.

So anyway, that’s the video. It was alright. I mean, I watched an 8 minute video of a guy talking about basically nothing. So he’s fairly engaging.

  • “It was an honor interviewing you last year! Hey, man, thank you for your service! Keep your head up and I’m so glad you went to Japan, what a great trip.”

I don’t know what this is about but I’m just going to pretend that the “service” that this guy is talking about is marrying that lunatic Zap Cristal.

Think about it. He’s doing WAY better than Zap Cristal. He’s getting 10 times as many views. He has 5.5 times as many subscribers.

And look at the disadvantages that he’s had to overcome to achieve that. He’s black. He’s a guy. He’s knocking on 50.

A women can pretty much phone it in and get views. Not necessarily a lot of views, as Zap Cristal proves, but she can get views.

A guy has to put the work in. Because there are a billion fucking guys putting out videos about video games. So you see it. He’s putting out at least three videos a week. How many of these are worth watching? Probably not many but he’s cranking this shit out.

John Riggs does the same thing. Just put out a bunch of videos. A lot of it is going to be crap but it’s something. This is his job.

Then you look at Zap Cristal, Erin Plays, Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining, whoever…they’re putting videos out whenever they can be bothered. And you get the ShiShi’s and the Joe’s from Game Sack of the world kissing their asses and saying, “Oh, this is amazing. Just give me five minutes to jack off here.”

So good luck to Mr Wright Way and his channel.

8 thoughts on “What will Happen to Mr.Wright Way Channel in 2024 – Mr Wright Way

  1. He has a big enough following to keep going. There are a lot of autistic retards who love to beat off in their mouths about collecting “physical media.” They love it. Seeing overpriced plastic shit taking up space. And they are always in a panic that it’s going to go away. So they always champion some asshole who makes them feel like he’s going to save gaming because he’s not going to go digital or something. They all follow the same script and it’s retarded. Seriously though I HATE this kind of video. The annual “plans” video. The only kind of video anyone puts out in January. And they pontificate like their some king about how great they are and what they want to do this year. Fuck off with all that shit. The only thing worse is the “I’m taking a break” video. This is usually the eulogy for the channel. Something happened in life and they have to take a break from YouTube, then they never return. Like it’s so damn crucial that the 183 subscribers you built up over the last 9 years have to know they channel they forgot all about has some personal issues and won’t be back making dumb shit for a while. Then I suppose the person behind the channel realizes nobody ever gave a fuck in the first place and just give up. No goodbye no thanks. Not that anyone would know. Tree falling in the woods. Those video are kind of interesting in a way though because you have to wonder what they are up to these days. After making 5 years of recycled Wikipedia shit that never broke 100 views, where are they now?

    1. Yeah, I was looking at Daria Plays’ channel recently and her last video was a channel update from three years ago. I read the comments and she says that she hasn’t come back because she had another baby, I think with a new husband.

      I used to go to Camo Dave’s channel. He talks about, what’s his name, that fat Jesus nut who Super Awkward Gal sort of knows. I can’t remember the name. Anyway, he died a couple of years ago. Kind of interesting to see his last video. He was old but he looked as healthy as he ever did.


      There’s also Ryan Boundless. Oh, wait. He’s back. He cleared all of his old videos. He used to do videos about living in Japan. Now it seems that he does creepy videos about living Africa.


      1. The thing about Diarrhea Plays is that her channel was kind of popular. Of course much of that come from being a woman, however dry, droll and boring that she was. She had some attitude much like Pam but without that strain of feminism somehow.

  2. All these nerds talk about Japan as if it is some kind of magical place, a paradise. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to Japan (at the time of writing this, I am in Seoul, and in March, I’ll be moving to Tokyo), but it’s not “life-saving” or “nerds paradise,” as they want to make it look. They have so little to brag about, nothing different from the average Joe, that they want to capitalize on the fact that they managed to have a couple of weeks off and paid a ticket to Japan. Once they arrive there, it’s all about savings, visiting retro stores, and “hacks” for travelers. It’s been done thousands of times.

    1. Japan is a nice place. But it is in many ways a third world country. It’s crowded and there is a language barrier. It’s not recommended for everyone. It is absolutely overrun with gaijin idiots who like you say, think living in Japan is some kind of salvation. Like just because you can walk into a shop and see a Famicom or something this is some kind of homeopathic therapy that heals the soul. Other foreigners hate these people because they’re fucking annoying for one but also set a stereotype. Except for kid shoryuken, they usually bail after a year or two when they see how expensive life is here, with shit pay if you have no skills, and how difficult it is. How kid survived I’ll never know. But it’s easy to spot a tourist because it’s some annoying fat fuck with a loaded backpack buying everything that’s not nailed down. If you’ve been to Korea I think Japan is a breeze in comparison. I think you’ll like it. Just don’t go to Akiba on the weekend.

      1. I’ve been to Japan/Tokyo several times. Yes, as you mention, “nerd” places, like Akiba are overrun by tourists. Yes, all fat, bold, and John Riggs style, hehe.

        I only went to Akiba my very first time in Japan. Now, I usually try to stay in quiet places.

        The reason I visit Japan is because I feel people are similar to me: mostly quiet, never bothering others, and coffee addicts. Oh, and Japanese women are beautiful.

    2. Oh right. I’m sure that there are loads of worthwhile things to see and do in Japan but these nerds really ruin things. I’m thinking of moving too. Probably within Europe. I might as well since I’m a citizen of a European Union country. I suppose that there’s always the pervert option of the Phillipines or something but I don’t want to deal with visas and all the hassles. Medical care and whatnot. Anyway, good luck with the move.

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