Newt Talking about Plagiarism on Reddit

This is from a month ago but I saw it on TheCinemassacreTruth today. That’s what these people do. They go through old shit, desperately looking for stuff to talk about. And it’s late and I’m tired so I’m going with it too.

Newt’s comments will be in bold.

I am glad people are able to monetize the worst period of my life. I dont plan on ever watching this. Nor any other video made about the situation or me.

Uh huh.

I lived it. I was there man. I deal with it every f’n day. I made a HUGE mistake. and why I did it and what I was dealing at the time and all the factors that led to me doing someone elses job for no money or credit and no one checking it nor anyone else suffering any consequences does not matter.

The most baffling of Newt’s laundry list of excuses is “Nobody checked my work.” He always trots this one out. “Hey, somebody should have been checking to make sure that I wasn’t plagiarising.”

WHY WOULD ANYONE ASSUME THAT YOU’RE PLAGIARISING? Most people don’t do that. You hire somebody to do a job, you assume that they’re going to do it properly. Newt is a professional. He’s written 1,000 scripts. But somebody should have been checking his scripts for plagiarism? It’s ridiculous.

And how difficult is it to check for plagiarism? The way it was discovered is some complete fucking autist on Reddit went line by line Googling the review. Who the fuck would do that? Who at Screenwave would have this as their assigned task? It would take many hours. Who would even think to do that? This is not a normal task that people have. You just assume that a man who’s written 1,000 scripts is going to do things without plagiarising.

But Newt takes umbrance with that. It’s insane. “How dare somebody not go through my 20 scripts line by line checking for plagiarism?”

If Newt was even remotely subtle with the plagiarism, he would have got away with it. Change the fucking words, Newt. Don’t plagiarise from just one source. Plagiarise from multiple sources.

No. He couldn’t do it. He found the first result from Google and copied the entire article basically verbatim.

My fault. I live with it. and i have said i am sorry more times than I can count. yet still people troll me across all social medias. I am plagiarist guy .

I’ve watched Newt’s videos since this whole plagiarism thing happened. He’s NEVER given an apology. Not a proper one, anyway. It’s always couched with, “Somebody should have been checking my work, James Rolfe should have been writing his own scripts, I was given too much work to do.”

Either accept responsibility or tell everybody to go fuck themselves. But he does this middle ground wishy-washy bullshit where he says, “I’m sorry but it wasn’t my fault.” Did that work for James Rolfe? I don’t think so because the fags on Reddit still talk about that.

people call my job trying to get me fired. people attack people I am working with to get them to abandon me like screenwavers did. friends have told me we can remain friends but need to do so on the down low as not to attract attention or get screenwave people to stop working with them.

It’s insane that people are calling his job and whatnot. I have a strong suspicion who it is. But, contrary to Newt’s beliefs, it’s not me.

I say over and over I am in therapy. I am on meds.

What’s the relevance? Are you blaming the plagiarism on mental illness?

I’m sure that we’ve all plagiarised. I wouldn’t have got through college without it. But I wasn’t plagiarising because I was mentally ill. I was plagiarising because I was lazy. Same fucking reason that you did it. Don’t try to put this on mental illness.

Or is he suggesting that he’s better now because he’s in therapy and on “meds”? Show me the proof of that. If you read my articles about Newt chronologically, he’s only gotten worse. I was sympathetic towards Newt when this plagiarism shit happened but then I saw all of the other horrible personality traits that this guy has and all of the vile shit that he does. Shit that makes plagiarism look completely petty.

I am working hard to try and prove to people I am more than my mistakes. some will never allow that. Its always gonna be leverage over me

I agree with Newt. I think that the fags on Reddit should move on. Forget the plagiarism. That’s small potatoes. Let’s focus on his stalking of horse-faced women, giving a eulogy to his friend that consisted entirely of butt sex talk, having sex with mentally ill women half his age, consorting with prostitutes. These are much more damning topics.

Also, we can update the plagiarism talk by looking at his obsession with public domain films that he can now legally plagiarise from, the Florida Man comic, how every film idea he talks about is, “It’s basically this film plus this other film.” The man does not have an original idea in his head.

And yet he expects us to worship at the almighty altar of the self-proclaimed “Ideas Man”. Oh, when will you grace us mere mortals with Shark Vampire? Or Amityville Slut Cheerleaders? We can’t wait to feast our eyes on your artistic vision. These shitty movies that are all ad-libbed by fucking literal whores.

It is what it is. I cant stop people from making these videos, saying what they wanna say. It sucks when the spotlights turns back to me again and the cycle begins all over. feel like every time I get a little advancement, this shit knocks me back.

Newt is getting off lightly with these plagiarism allegations.

I wish I never went to go work for them. I knew the stories. the toxic lazy, blame shifting and i still took part and became part of the problem.

Newt, YOU’RE toxic. YOU’RE lazy. YOU enjoy shifting blame. This is you to a tee.

Your laziness caused your plagiariasm. You blamed everybody but yourself when you got caught out. And you’re a toxic consorter of prostitutes and abuser of the mentally ill.

I am an adult. i chose to do things. say things. copy things and expect them to be rewritten. its my fault. and every single day the last 2 years its been on my head and heart and that sucks but……

Newt is upset because he turned in plagiarised work and expected somebody else to re-write that plagiarised work. It’s insane. How can he possibly offer this up as any kind of justification?

Somebody else should have hidden your plagiarism better? This is actually what he’s proposing. In his mind, he was failed because other people at Screenwave didn’t fix his plagiarised work.

No, Newt. YOU should have hidden your plagiarism better. It doesn’t take long to change a few words around. Get a fucking thesaurus out. That’s what I did back in college. I’d get the fucking library book, it would say something like, “As readers have noted since its publication, the plot of Huckleberry Finn , for example, deteriorates markedly at the end.” Then I’d look up some of the “big” words in a thesaurus and change them to simpler words so it looks like I’m the one writing it. “As people have observed since it’s release, the plot of Huckleberry Finn, for example, weakens at the end.” Done. Nobody will ever know that I plagiarised. Bonus points for changing the sentence structure around.

Or, here’s a crazy idea, Newt, DON’T PLAGIARISE! Don’t submit plagiarised work AT YOUR JOB. The job that you’re getting PAID for.

And then he has the nerve to shit on Screenwave for giving him a job. How dare Screenwave assume that Newt is going to be a professional? It’s Ryan’s fault for being an idiot. Ryan should have known that Newt is completely unprofessional. Newt is actually blaming Screenwave for hiring him. They should have known better.

I mean, he’s right. They should have known better. They should have better vetting processes. They shouldn’t just hire people because they’re friends with existing employees. But does Newt want to advertise this? “Anybody who hires me is an idiot and should know that I’m going to fuck up”?

The leaps in logic that this guy will jump through to blame everybody except himself. And then he says, “Oh, but I apologised.” He apologises and then immediately blames every single person he’s ever known or ever will know for this plagiarism. The guy who restocks the water cooler was late one day so Newt got a little dehydrated and this caused him to not have enough energy to write an original script. The chubby Asian chick was too damned sexy and it was distracting Newt from his work so he had no choice but to plagiarise. Daylight savings time fucked with his sleep pattern so it was inevitable that he would copy from that website.

Newt, go fuck yourself, you complete degenerate.

4 thoughts on “Newt Talking about Plagiarism on Reddit

  1. No money or credit? Why the fuck did you do the job then Newt? If you can’t do this shit without stealing then turn down the job offer. You lose nothing. Was Screenwave blackmailing him or something?

    “I knew the stories. the toxic lazy, blame shifting and i still took part and became part of the problem.”

    Why then? Why was he so desperate to take on a job he gains nothing from offered by people he knew were scumbags? And don’t gimme the NDA bullshit, explain what these mysterious factors are. Or are you just lying again Newt?

    1. He was working in a movie theatre and was offered a job in an office. That’s generally an improvement, not necessarily in pay, but in work environment.

      Of course, Screenwave doesn’t seem like a great place to work but presumably he didn’t know that at the time.

    2. I bet he did it to prey on them for connections for his shitty projects and because frankly he’s an attention whore who loves going on long rant stories in front of people.

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