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What could The Ideas Man be apologising for? Plagiarising 20 episodes of Monster Madness? Stalking Crystal Quin? His shameful eulogy of a friend of his who died where all he talked about was how he enjoyed fucking her up the ass? Taking advantage of the mentally ill PVC Bondage Guy? Showing his penis to Joe from Gamesack and 8 Bit Eric? Employing prostitutes to make shitty films that nobody wants to see? Repeatedly failing on his comic book release dates? Sullying my good name by claiming that I’m trying to get him fired from jobs? Being a general sleazebag without a shred of talent?

This guy has a lot to apologise for. And these are only the things that I know about. How can he possibly fit all of this in a video that’s six minutes long?

0:00 – He has puffy, reddened eyes. People told him not to make the video.

0:30 – “You’re going to think of me what you will. You know, Reddit, and ‘Oh, we thought you knew a lot about movies.'”

Wait. Is this what he’s going to apologise about? Not knowing much about movies? Because that’s never been a complaint of mine. That’s also never been a complaint that I’ve seen.

This better be good, Ideas Man.

0:45 – “I have been making steps to go back and fix as many of the mistakes that I’ve made as possible.”

Well, I’ve provided a helpful list. Let’s see how many he addresses.

“But obviously this one keeps popping up.”

This better not fucking be about you not knowing about movies.

1:15 – “I’ve seen a lot of movies in my life. I like to think that I know something about film.”

Is this really happening? He’s apologising for something that NOBODY HAS EVER COMPLAINED ABOUT.

1:30 – “I made the mistake of parroting information that I had gathered from other places.”

Oh. So it’s about the plagiarism. Well, I don’t care about that.

You know the problem with the fags on TheCinemassacreTruth? Well, one of many problems. But the problem I’m thinking of is that they repeat the same fucking three things over and over and over again.

So this is what we get. They’re complaining about something that’s frankly small potatoes. Newt has WAY bigger issues that plagiarising fucking Monster Madness. Keep up. I’ve provided a list. He’s a total degenerate. If “plagiarist” was the worst thing you could say about him, he’d be an upstanding guy.

2:00 – Then he starts talking about how he’s never seen Jingle All the Way and he knows that this is disappointing to some people. What the fuck is he talking about?

What is this? He’s still talking about this two minutes later. Apparently, people have called him out for not seeing Jingle All the Way? Is he insane? I’ve never seen this and why would this bother him?

Oh my fucking god. What? Apparently, he said that he liked Jingle All the Way despite the fact that he’s never seen it. So now when people ask him about the movie, he just smiles and nods and pretends that he’s seen it.


Newt. Read my fucking list of shit you should be apologising for. You claming to like Jingle All the Way despite never having seen it wouldn’t even make my top 1000 list of things you should apologise for. What the fuck is wrong with you?

Then he starts listing popular movies that he’s never seen. NOBODY CARES! What is this?

“I know Jingle All the Way means a lot to you guys.”

Is this a joke? Is this a parody video? Because the comments seem to be treating this as real.

I’ve Googled “Newt Wallen” and “Jingle all the way”. Nothing. This is fucking idiotic. You need to make another apology video for wasting my time with this apology video.

5:30 – “I’m tired of constantly defending myself when it comes to this stuff.”

This is complete madness. NOBODY cares that that he didn’t see Jingle All the Way.

That’s the video. It has to be a joke but you read the comments and everybody’s treating it seriously. Are they just not in on the joke?

  • “Wasn’t expecting to hear “I’ve never seen Jingle All The Way” with that intro build up. Hate to say i had a laugh at that at first. Idk the context to this but whatever the case, we all appreciate the work you do and your passion for movies. Here’s to a better 2024″

Yeah. What the fuck is this?

I’m putting this down as a joke video. Newt was crying on Christmas so wanted some attention. He should have put out an actual apology video.

9 thoughts on “Christmas Apology video – Newt Wallen

  1. Well, this guy is clearly depressed. I am not surprised. He has wasted his life, and now he’s all alone and a loser.

  2. I feel for people like this because they all pin their hopes on going viral. You’d have better luck with a powerball ticket. And when you know someone who went viral like Bimmy, it probably makes things worse. Aside from that Bimmy is a fucking autistic retard who can’t wipe his own ass, what did he actually do for his success? Nothing. It was all luck. The computer picked a video at random and showed it to a million people. Every single channel is shit. There’s no level of quality you could reach that would somehow elevate you. So it is somewhat fair to complain why him why her why not me? It would be best for a lot of people to never use the internet (for leisure) again and just work, have friends and enjoy life like it’s 1980 all over again.

  3. ‘Ol Newt was on Twitter vowing “vengeance” against his old friends and coworkers over the weekend, but the posts got pulled down.

    Then he went to YouTube to spout some more delusional nonsense:

    He’s a psychopath and will probably hurt those old friends and coworkers, and/or himself, unless the authorities intervene.

  4. When it comes to hard hitting, cutting-edge Newt Wallen news, you are second to none sir. Shit is hilarious in a dark way.

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