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She has to keep up with the young people. Make those pennies.


I just really appreciate that we can travel to learn the history and culture of this world.✨🌏 What a beautiful, historic (and “retro”😂) palace! #versailles #france #paris

♬ Versailles Palace Baroque Music – bluepanda

So her latest video, which is from over a year ago, is her trip to Versailles. It’s just a bunch of video clips of the palace. You get no sense of what the actual trip was like. She doesn’t even appear in the video.

I’m suddenly reminded of something I read where somebody was commenting about how Chinese people always stand in front of an object of interest and have somebody take the picture. Today, that probably seems normal because I’m trying to remember what the issue was. It was something about how ridiculous it is to see Chinese people standing in front of that mermaid statue in Denmark or whatever and making the “V” symbol. This was years ago, before “selfies” and whatnot, so it was considered borderline rude, perhaps.

But the explanation that this Chinese person gave was, “How else would anyone know that I was there? It could be anyone taking the pictures.”

It’s true. Because that’s my complaint with Super Awkward Gal’s video. It’s just clips of this tourist site. Anybody could have taken this. This could be from the official website for all I know.

It was definitely a noteworthy thing at the time for Chinese people to do this, though. Because now, I think most people would take these sorts of tourist pictures where you’re in the picture. Something for you to put on Instagram or whatever. I read this probably, I don’t know, 15 years ago at least.

Anyway, that video sucked. Moving on.

This is her 1970s/1980s inspired office. This must be a home office. I don’t think that a “food and beverage” manager at Disneyland gets an office this size. Or any office. And she wasn’t even working in “food and beverage” at the time, I don’t think.

Anyway, another shit video.

She’s “estate saling” (eugh) in Sun City Arizona. Shows her tits at the start of the video. See if they have any blouses at these estates sales. Nice old woman blouses. The sort you button all the way to the top.

I think her parents live there, by the way.

She’s talking about “Chachi” items again. I looked it up and it’s some Jewish New York term. Why she uses it, I have no fucking idea.

One of the “Chachi” items is a Star Wars commemorative plate.

She got a beret. She says that she wears berets “all the time.” I’ll bet. It’s exactly the sort of obnoxious bullshit that Super Awkward Gal would do.

Here’s Super Awkward Gal’s childhood art and homework and whatnot that her parents kept.

It seems weird not to keep this stuff. I mean, I know it’s trash and it takes up space but it’s your children. Most people have a basement and/or an attic that they can keep this stuff.

Of course, my parents kept nothing. I’d sometimes have a piece of art on the refrigerator but then it would just be gone one day. My mother would throw it out.

It would be interesting to see these things but it’s all gone. Report cards and drawings and stories and whatnot.

I remember specifically in the second grade or so looking at my stuff and saying, “If I just hold on to this for fifty years, it’s going to be worth something.” I was thinking of a recent trip to a museum where they have just every day trash in there from however many hundreds of years ago.

But I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t save my stuff because my psycotic mother thrived on throwing my stuff away or selling it for pennies at garage sales or letting my sisters take it. My father would regularly tell her to stop doing it but it just continued for whatever bizarre reason. And then when he died she had free reign.

You go to school and come back and suddenly your room has been “cleaned”. What happened to these toys that I took such good care of and had a sentimental attachment to? In the trash.

I read that it’s common for narcissistic parents to do this. They resent that the child likes the toys and thinks that the child likes the toys more than the parent. Probably true in my case but look at the parent.

My sister babysat for a couple of kids. And I hated when that kid would come over because he would take a liking to something of mine and my mother would make me give it to him. And it was seemingly beyond her comprehension why I didn’t want him to have it. The guy had his own fucking toys. His family weren’t any poorer than ours. He had loads of shit. You’d give him something of mine, something that I’ve cherished, and then he’d play with it for a day, throw it in the pile, and his own scumbag mother would end up throwing it away soon thereafter. There was no need for any of this. It’s completely unnecessary abuse.

But I mention this kid because one day he brought a couple of McDonalds Happy Meal toys. It was two of these things:

Jungle Book. 1993. Wind up toy. You wind up his arms and he does somersaults.

He was probably six to eight years old. And he has these two apes. He’s playing with them. Showing how they work. They’re kind of cool. I was like 15. I didn’t need them.

But the time comes for him to leave. And in the rush, he forgets these orangutans. As they’re driving off, he suddenly remembers that he forgot them in the house. So he tells his mother, who ignores him. He then hangs his head out of the car and starts screaming, “My monkeys”. His mother laughs hysterically as she drives off. My mother and sister also laugh and joke about it.

What kind of psycopaths are these people? They enjoy the distress of children? Distress that can easily be avoided? Just give him the fucking monkeys. If you think that your child has too many toys, stop buying so much. The problem is you. The solution is not to throw his stuff out.

So I put those monkeys in a drawer and my mother probably threw them out within six months.

It’s trash, of course. Shitty Happy Meal toys. But do you need to be a child psychologist to know that children have attachment to their toys? Were these women never children themselves? It’s completely bizarre to me that they would revel over a child in distress over his toys.

It’s a common issue. You always hear about this sort of thing. The mother who threw out the priceless baseball card collection and whatnot. You have to wonder why it’s so widespread and why it’s women in particular who seem to be afflicted with this disorder. You don’t hear many stories about fathers throwing their children’s prized possessions out. And when you do, it’s not subtle like throwing the stuff out when the child is at school under the guise of “de-cluttering.”. It’s some complete psycho shit like smashing the toys in front of him as a punishment. But this is extremely rare and universally condemned.

Anyway, it’s refreshing to see when parents actually get it right. When a parents saves their children’s stuff, it’s a sign that the parent actually wanted to have children.

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    1. No, SupaPixelGirl hasn’t used that name in years. She was SupaNostalgic for a while and the last I heard she was SupaPixelWeaver but she’s not using that name any more. I don’t know what name she’s using now. She goes into hiding a lot.

      1. This reminds me of the dozens of alts that faggot Garbagestabber uses on the truth sub, and how butthurt he gets that he can’t comment on this blog or how butthurt he gets about anyone on the truth sub making him look like a loser so he’ll remember their name (he probably writes them down in a tear filled Word document) so he can stalk them any time they comment with one of his many alts and he’ll keep renaming new ones any combination of something involving mikes penis and loving it etc. I’ve noticed he openly just cries about this blog or your subreddit whether it relates to anything being discussed or not. Such a loser and a faggot lol. He hates that he gets moderated on this blog so much. He keeps bringing you up on there lately.

        1. I saw a string of like 20 gifs of skittles Doritos and Wendy’s because he’s just an asshole and something got up his ass that day. Fuck him! Oh and by the way. Yeah I can post here probably indefinitely for eternity and he can’t! Haha!!! Fuck youuuu!!! I suppose it helps that I never said I’m going to rape and kill the author of this blog just because he exists. Not even once, let alone 500 times a day every day!!!
          Who has that much free time and who gives that much of a shit?!
          The free time/give shit matrix must be on an atomic level with that fucking asshole shit face.

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        2. His two main alts got banned recently (GarbageStabber and SpankTheMovies) so he created new ones. They were banned for the usual harassing bullshit. I was speaking to an admin (who had a rainbow character as his avatar) about this guy’s behaviour, how he’s been banned repeatedly, and he just creates new alts. I gave this admin his list of current alts. The admin said, “Just report them.” I said that I’ve done that numerous times and always get a response saying “We can’t link the two accounts”. I explained that he uses a VPN and that’s why the accounts aren’t being linked but if a human being spends two seconds looking at the posts, it’s obvious that’s it’s him. GarbageStabber540, which was created the day that GarbageStabber got banned is obviously the same person. And he always posts the same shit. It’s obviously which alts are his.

          No. This gay man who works at Reddit refused to do anything other than tell me to keep reporting the names to this automated service that does nothing.

          1. I think I’ve blocked about 6 of his alts on that sub and he’ll chime in crying like a little baby with yet another one the next week because he knows my username by now and has a grudge now that I’ve made him look like an idiot more than once on there. The guy spends his life on that blog. I don’t know why they don’t just make him an admin if they don’t care what he is doing. It would make the sub no less trash than it already is and he’s constantly chronically on there anyway every single hour of the day. Maybe they know he’s too insane and unreliable to responsibly be a mod, but then…that would also imply you idiots know he’s ban worthy. I assume they have the same problem (if they even care at all) that you ran into where he keeps circumventing reddit ban rules and they’re too fucking stupid to figure out how to permanban someone using a VPN.

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