Point and Drink Adventure Episode 21 – The Thinker – CannotBeTamed

0:00 – Pele asks Pam how she is. Pam hesitates and then says, “I’m…okay. I’ve been very busy and kind of stressed out.”

Pam…do you know how social interractions work? “Fine.” The answer that Pele was looking for was “fine”. She’s not genuinely asking how you are.

I’m reminded of some mental health place that I worked at. Not the one that I wrote about before but a different one. And I overheard a pyschiatrist asking some nutjob how she is. Just as a greeting, in passing. And this lunatic said, “Ummm…well…” and was about to unload all of her problems when the psychiatrist said, “It’s perhaps a difficult question” and shut that nonsense down.

1:00 – “I’m happy to have a glass of red wine in my hand.”

Pam must be happy a surprising amount of time. She probably won’t be so happy when her doctor tells her about having cirrhosis of the liver but for now she’s happy with her alcoholism.

Let’s skip ahead. I’m not watching this pretentious crap.

6:15 – Canadland Podcast. Oh, I’m on tenterhooks here. Lay it on me, ladies.

It’s about the LCBO. Uh huh. These women are LCBO alright.

Oh. The Liquor Control Board of Ontario. How silly of me not to know that.

10:00 – There’s some kind of corruption on this board and the CanadaLand podcast exposed it to all six people who listen to that. So Pele suggests that corruption is endemic in the wine industry. “Review this wine and I’ll take you out to dinner.”

Is that all it takes? Dinner? I’d be expecting a lot more. A handjob at a minimum.

“Some sort of BS, under the table thing can absolutely happen.”

Oh. Maybe I can get that handjob after all.

16:30 – Skipping ahead. They’re talking about movies that they’ve watched recently.

Let me just scan the timestamps. I’ll give Pam this: her autistic timestamps keep these videos from being completely unwatchable. Because if I just had to stumble around blindly, no way would I watch any of these.

Oh, they’re splicing in scenes from the movies now. Way to go, Pam. You’re putting some effort in.

19:00 – Pele says that Mommie Dearest is beloved by drag queens. Uh huh. I mean, it probably is but who gives a shit? Why mention this?

21:00 – Paris is Burning. This is one of Pam’s choices. It’s about gay ballroom dancing in New York.

Hey, ladies, do you watch any heterosexual stuff? They love watching stuff of men dressed like women. They love emasculating men. This is their thing. This is why Pam behaves the way she does. She hates men. Pele as well, apparently.

Pam goes on to say that only three of the young men who appeared in this film were still alive 30 years later. Yeah. Let’s talk about what actually goes on in the homosexual community. It’s demented, weird shit. We’re supposed to just accept this. “Oh, sure, fuck random men in a public toilet. Nothing wrong with that.”

24:00 – Reservoir Dogs. Pam says, “Wasn’t Reservoir Dogs almost entirely men?” Pam, like Pele, hates it because it’s full of heterosexual men.

Let’s move on.

27:45 – Bone. Black man robs a white couple. Pam enjoys the race issues explored. Uh huh.

31:00 – Napoleon. How are they going to turn this into something gay and/or woke? Let’s find out.

Well, Pele keeps calling Joaquin Phoenix “Joaquin Penis”. I guess there’s that.

Then they talk about a tv show. Then they talk about video games for a while. I’m not watching this. Come on.

Then they end with their pick ups. No. I can’t do it.

Comments. You have to be a real hardcore horntard to be watching this stuff.

Eh. Nothing interesting. What about Pelee’s Twitter?


It’s just promoting her Twitch.

Oh, Pelee is also the face of…whatever this is. Great.

Eugh. Where to even begin with this? It’s a butch lesbian pretending to get turned on by the butch Star Trek character Captain Janeway.

I mean, I don’t care that Pelee looks like that. If you want to get all muscular, that’s your business. And if you want to be a butch lesbian, that’s your business too. But…it’s gross. You have a right to do what you do, I have a right to say that it’s all gross. That’s what makes America so great. Some of that free speech.

Butch lesbians aren’t a new thing, of course. Not even butch Filipinas with butch white women. But at least the ladies in Fanny had talent.

1 thought on “Point and Drink Adventure Episode 21 – The Thinker – CannotBeTamed

  1. Pele reminds me of one of the girls in Sleater-Kinney. I can’t remember which one. The one that used to be kinda hot in a nerdy riot girl way. The kind of girlfriend you might have at college because she’s not fat and has no orbiters, but then around graduation time you realize you gotta get outta there or else you’ll be stuck listening to feminazi lectures your whole life. My sympathies for those who couldn’t escape.

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