Beating Jekyll and Hyde – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) – Cinemassacre

How many times can he do a video on the same game? I’ve never found his obsession with this game funny or interesting. I’ve seen Mike beat the game, on stream, for money, and it was…whatever. It’s not a particularly good game but it’s not interesting.

0:00 – But first a word from our sponsor. This VPN splashed out for probably their 100th ad on the channel. Aren’t there diminishing returns? Anybody who’s interested in VPNs and watches the channel already knows about the service.

1:30 – It starts with some greenscreen shit of James as an old archaelogist uncovering a Jekyll and Hyde game. I fucking hate the greenscreen. Fuck the greenscreen. And these skits are never funny in any event.

2:45 – Then he’s back in the present. Probably still greenscreen, I don’t know. Everything is greenscreen with this guy. And he starts making scat “jokes”.

6:15 – The game vomits on James for some reason.

10:15 – He gets the Japanese version of the game.

By the way, he was mostly explaining how the game operates. It was fine.

13:45 – More scat “jokes”.

14:30 – One of the homos from Movie Dumpster makes a cameo. Not the faggot who’s a moderator on Reddit, though.

16:00 – Now there’s some…Back to the Future reference…and the old archaelogist James Rolfe meets present day James Rolfe but…then the archaelogist becomes a priest and it becomes an Exorcist “parody.” What the fuck is going on? Loads of green screen, of course.

16:45 – More totally uncalled for and unfunny scat “jokes”.

Then the video ends with yet more delightful green screen and a dummy being thrown down a staircase.

Gameplay by James, Sean, and Mike. Uh huh. Can we get the percentages?

The boys on Reddit really praised this episode. “Oh, look at the camera angles.”

We’re not making Mutiny on the Bounty. I don’t care about the camera angles or how many hours of green screen went into this or the fabulous “special” effects. Just make an engaging video.

This was not engaging. I didn’t find it remotely funny. It was somewhat interesting at times when he was describing the gameplay but those times were few and far between. He had to make way for these delicious skits.

And the story made no fucking sense. Elderly James Rolfe is an Indiana Jones parody, then he takes the Back to the Future car back to the present day, then he’s suddenly the priest from the Exorcist? Believe me, I didn’t leave anything out. Nothing is explained. That’s the sequence of events.

It’s always time-travel with this guy. Time-travel and poop. These are his autistic obsessions.

James is always convinced that the number of hours he puts into a video equates to how good the video is. No. We don’t want greenscreen videos that took 500 hours to edit. Forget all of that. Spend that 500 hours making a good script. Then record footage of you or Mike or whoever plays these games, playing the game and you read the script. There you go. There’s your video. No poop. No green screen. No bad CGI explosions. No convuluted nonsense about a robot who turns into a Martian who goes back in time to save the underground vampires from The Adventures of Lolo. Just come up with a decent script, you fucking retard.

Oh, some dope posted about it on my CinemassacreTruth subreddit and then deleted it when he realised his mistake.

Who are these people? I’ve never seen these names before. I assume that anyone posting there is lost and was looking for THECinemassacreTruth.

These people must be going to my sub-reddit and being really confused. “I heard about Cinemassacre Truth and how funny it is but…this is just one guy posting stuff and calling everyone gay. I must be missing something. I’ll give it a chance.”

That psycho GarbageStabber was spamming up my page recently. He must have been horny. He sometimes does this sort of thing and then expresses regret, after he cums.

So I reported him to the moderators at TheCinemassacreTruth for a clear violation of their, “No user feuds/drama” rule:

Do you not consider this to be psychotic behaviour from your favourite user GarbageStabber? If you don’t, I’m happy to forward you some of the thousands of death and rape threats that he’s sent me.

I’d be curious to see those, but I’m not sure what it is that you expect from us.

Personally no, I don’t condone it, but our job is to moderate our subreddit, not follow what users do elsewhere. Even if we banned them from our sub it wouldn’t stop them from sending stuff to you, so I’m not sure why even message us.

Block the accounts, report to reddit, that’s all I can suggest.

I expect you to ban a lunatic who only posts on your subreddit. You’ve repeatedly threatened to ban people who harass Newt or Kieran, for example, which takes place outside of your sub-reddit. Why be so selective in what you choose to enforce? The guy is a complete lunatic as you must be aware. And dangerous.

I’m not sure what ‘threats to ban’ you’re even referring to. We have announced rules about content posted on the sub, though I don’t think we ever threatened or banned anyone over those. But again, that’s rules about stuff in our sub.

Look, I could accuse you of the same stuff. You talk shit about like every other post anyone posts on our sub, how is that not obsessive and harassing? You’ve been reposting our stuff for what, 3-4 years now? You want to keep interacting with content that people post on our sub, so how is it not hypocritical to then expect us to ban people who go and interact with you?

And again, what would it change anyway? Block them and you’re good.

He has a thousand alts. I’ve reported all of his shit. My subreddit hasn’t even been up for two years. I cross-post posts of public interest.

GarbageStabber is known to be an obsessive lunatic who sends death and rape threats. He was undoubtedly the person who talked about Kieran’s father. He was undoubtedly the person who sent threats to Newt. He’s sent thousands to me. How on earth do you justify not banning this guy who is clearly disturbed?

I’ve not seen any proof of any of what you claim, I don’t follow random people around the internet to see what they post. He was punished for his behaviour on the sub a couple times when we deemed it necessary.

And you’re no better than him anyway. You’re evading a full redit-wide ban, and you’ve made a subreddit after Reddit banned your previous one and blocked you from creating another. And you’re actively ‘evading’ a ban from our subreddit by dedicating yours to interacting with posts in ours. Sure, it’s not technically ban evasion, but in practice you’re just using a loophole because you clearly can’t get enough of our community.

And no, don’t give me those excuses, you’re talking shit about every single thing you crosspost. It’s your choice to interact with people and make personal attacks at them. I’m not sure what your goal is, but if you’re looking for attention, don’t come expecting us to take action when you finally get it.

All that said, I would genuinely love to know why you think that crossposting random things people post and writing detailed reviews of shitty youtube videos (that almost no one will ever see) is a worthwhile use of your limited time on this earth.

“We won’t ban a clearly dangerous lunatic because you call us gay.” Interestingly, they also say that harassing Kieran and Newt in real life is not a bannable offence.

If you don’t want to be called gay, stop allowing clearly homoerotic content to be published on your catty homosexual subreddit.

I’m not “blocked” from creating a new sub-reddit, by the way. I don’t even think that that’s a thing.

You know what a normal person does when I suggest that they’re gay on Reddit? Nothing. Why would they? They either know that they’re gay so appreciate my understanding in this regard. Or they see the humour in it. Or they say, “Oh, I didn’t realise how my pictures of Kieran Photoshopped as a woman were coming across. Thanks for the information.”

What they don’t do is send thousands of death and rape threats. Only one lunatic does that. Why is this person possibly allowed to continue? The moderators all know that he’s a lunatic who does this shit. But because I call those faggots gay they don’t have a problem with it. They should be deeply ashamed of themselves for any number of reasons, running a fucking homosexual harassment board being one of them.

Anyway, GarbageStabber ended up deleting the three alts that he was using to spam that shit. He was no longer horny and afraid of getting banned. Why? Nothing happens.

4 thoughts on “Beating Jekyll and Hyde – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) – Cinemassacre

  1. Yeah, Garbagestabber is a massive nutjob alright. Replied to one of my comments once, bunch of nonsense and replied to his own schizoposts with alt accounts. In other words, talking to himself.

    And of course Bowser and the other mods who run that trainwreck of a subreddit are just as dumb. They’ll fiercely protect James’s wife to the point of auto-removing any threads just mentioning her, while letting users send death threats all day long without consequence. They also can’t seem to make up their mind wether Newt is a banned topic or not.

    1. I say let those guys talk about Bpril getting gangbanged by a bunch of black guys. They’ll get bored of it eventually.

      1. I wouldn’t count on them getting bored of anything. They’re still talking about stuff that happened over a decade ago. Every single day. The same handful of things.

      2. They don’t get bored with anything. Garbagestabber started a separate sub dedicated to photoshops of Mike’s uncensored genitalia, where the same 3 guys keep talking about how they’re pretending to be gay together.

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