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0:00 – “Will emulation take over physical game collecting?”

What year is this? I got the internet in like 1998. That’s when I learned about emulation. The first game I played was Super Punch Out on some SNES emulator. It completely blew my mind. This is a game that I’ve always wanted to play, I only played the original game, briefly, at a friend’s house, and now it’s right here on my computer. And it costs NOTHING.

Wait a minute. You’re saying every fucking game ever released from Pong to 16 bit consoles (which were then still somewhat current) is also available for free to play on my computers? Well fuck buying video games then. I’ll just spend the next three years downloading everything on my 56k modem.

You’d be an IDIOT to still buy games after learning about emulation. The stuff that’s emulated at least.

So she’s giving a list of reasons to buy games. She says that you can’t play emulated games on a CRT. What? I’ve never attempted that, because why the fuck would I want to play on some shitty old tv, but I’m confident that it’s possible.

1:30 – Controllers. She’s…I guess…suggesting that you can’t use original controllers with emulators. Of course you can. There must be adaptors for every fucking controller.

2:45 – INSTRUCTIONS? Okay, I’m stopping here. This video makes no fucking sense. You can download every fucking set of instructions ever released.

God, this is…this is the world’s dumbest woman. And I can’t listen to this fucking accent any more or look at this woman’s trucker tattoos.

Let’s check out her Twitter. I don’t think that I’ve ever done that before.


It’s all just promoting her god awful videos.

Now what am I going to do?

As soon as I found out about emulation, I thought that I should sell all of my games. I didn’t, but that was the plan. Because who needs this shit any more? I have all of the fucking games on my computer, which is where I prefer to play them anyway.

I was thinking, “I need to sell these things really quick before other people find out about emulation. Because once word gets out about emulation, these games are going to be completely worthless.”

I didn’t realise that there are fucking autistic no-lifers out there who enjoy collecting plastic.

Look at CDs. Once rampant piracy became in vogue, people stopped buying CDs. Your CD collection became worthless overnight.

But for whatever reason, that didn’t happen with games.

I can not imagine the mentality, in 2023, where you say, “I’d really like to play Ogre Battle 64. Let me see if it’s on Ebay for a good price.”

How much is it anyway?

I’m seeing one for about £20. That’s not bad. But you know what’s better? ZERO! You can play the game right now. You don’t have to wait for it to ship. Just go to Pirate Bay or whatever, type “Ogre Battle 64” and you’re off to the races.

You can even play the games in your browser now. I don’t know about N64 games but certainly NES games. This could not be any easier.

Oh, I just looked. You can play N64 games in your browser. I mean, it’s better to download an emulator and the rom. You can use save states and go full screen and change the controls and whatever. Maybe you can do all of these things on these browser-based emulators too. But still, I’d prefer downloading everything. It’s not that difficult.

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  1. Emulation goes all the way up to PS3! I can play those games on a computer from 2021. If you have something older, PS2 and Dreamcast and Xbox run fine and your next computer can do PS3 and 360. But even then you can just mod the hard drive or on the Switch, an SD card and you’re set. I think you should buy new current gen games but even if you bought games, you’re not supporting the game makers. Just the used game shop. But once the game goes out of print, it’s fair game. A lot of digital games old and new are worth the few dollars for those who don’t want to mess with emulation which isn’t difficult and support the companies.

    But why do these people bother with all this plastic shit? Because they ALL think they ALL can cash out on this stuff and retire as millionaires! There is no other reason! Want to get games you never played before? There’s 5,000 of them right there take your pick! If you just want to relive your childhood I get it. But you’re not being honest. No body has thousands of games in mint condition in a glass case. We all dreams of winning the Nickelodeon KayBee toy run and just head to the video game aisle and weigh anchor but it never happened. The most well off kids probably had 50 games max and probably didn’t take care of them.

    So why lie Gebs? Why lie John Hand-cock?! Why lie Metal Jesus? Just fess up and admit you’re doing this for the money!?

    I’d say the chance to really cash out has passed by. It’s such a good damn pain in the ass to sell on eBay anymore. You have to measure everything and always lose money on shipping. Now you have to file with the fucking IRS if you sell over $600 a year! FUCK!!!! So imagine paying income tax on that supposed million dollars. After getting ripped off for shipping and eBay’s cut too. And who are you going to sell to? Other retards who think they can get rich too. But eventually you’ll hit a wall where people say no more. Can’t afford it. The bubble will never burst. There will NEVER be a day where games return to $1 until like the year 2200. So you’re just shuffling shit around to each other for lots of money. Just circulating and only eBay and The Man get rich. Not you.

    If you took $100 a week and bought a savings bond with it for just a year, then held onto it for 10 years versus buying $100 game every week. In 10 years that $5000 in bonds would go much further than the games. Even if they increased in value it would be a headache to keep it all then sell it and you’d certainly lose money on it. While the roms of the game can just sit on a computer take up no money no space and be there anytime and probably upscaled and improved in a bunch of ways.

    And why the fucking hell does Gebs’s pixel avatar thingy have a Stan Smith (from American Dad) -like massive jaw?! It looks so weird. Fuck her anyway.

    1. I haven’t looked at any of this stuff in many years. PS2 was as far as I got but the games were unplayably slow. I’m sure that things have improved in the, whatever, ten years since I’ve last checked.

  2. I would be lying if I said I don’t have some physical retro games, but I just have a few games that I like and I don’t try to collect all 1500 games or whatever.

  3. Recently, stupid bitch Lady Decade took a genealogy test. Ii don’t know where she got the money since she cries about having no money all the time.

    You can tell she was triggered. She kept repeating the same question that I guess everyone asks here “why is she so brown?” She must have said that at least 20 times. She then says she 20% Tamil, which is like from India. But she’s not surprised because she said her grandfather was from India. So what the fuck what the point?! She knew! She could just say the truth she already knows! And I don’t care what her background is. Annoying bitches come in all colors!!

      1. Ah yeah. Well whatever. Don’t blame you. But the triggering is off the chart. She is the most sensitive snowflake I’ve ever seen!

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