Garfield’s Halloween Adventure (1980s) – Monster Madness 2023 – Cinemassacre

Now, before I begin, every single time that this cartoon has been brought up, I’ve mentioned that the book adaptation is remarkably faithful to the cartoon. It’s so faithful, that whenever the cartoon would be on tv, I’d rush to get the book so that I can read along with the cartoon.

I’ve mentioned this probably half a dozen times right here on the blog. It’s my thing that I say. I’m the go-to guy for talking about the how faithful the book is to the cartoon. And I’ve never seen this mentioned anywhere else on the internet and I’ve looked.

So if they mention this anywhere in the video, it’s just ripping off my observation Newt Wallen style. Let’s find out then.

0:15 – But first a word from our sponsor. Fuck off. And he gives a shout out to Rex Viper. Fuck off again.

0:45 – “Test your MET-al”. He REALLY pronounces the “T”. Why? It’s weird.

1:00 – Then he does an unbelievably bad “Kiss, Marry, Kill” thing that the company obviously told him to do. And he’s clearly never played the game before, even though he claims that he has. It’s Raid: Shadow Legends, by the way. And it’s the childish version of “Fuck, Marry, Kill”, not that “Fuck, Marry, Kill” is a game played by adults. But it’s the dumbed down toddler version of this game which is obviously inappropriate for toddlers in any event, even with the change. So why change it? Who are they trying to appease by changing “Fuck” to “Kiss”?

2:15 – He’s finally starting the video. By the way, in previous videos he was always adamant that it had to be a tv show, it had to be originally broadcast around Halloween time, they had to mention Halloween in the episode. He had a whole list of autistic criteria that nobody cares about.

So what about this? This wasn’t a tv show. I mean, I know there was a Garfield and Friends Saturday morning cartoon but this was a 30 minute (I think) special that was broadcast at night. It had the same animation and voice actors as the Saturday morning cartoon but it was a separate thing. So this fails his stupid autism test.

2:45 – He starts talking about Alf. James…we don’t fucking care. We don’t want to hear about these stupid honourable mentions. He did this in the previous two videos too. Just get on with it. This is mindless padding and we can all see that.

4:00 – “Just to clarify, it’s not actually an episode, it’s a special.”

Yeah, exactly, you dumb fucking autist. So it’s out. It doesn’t meet your criteria. Pick one of the ten other tv shows that you mentioned during your honourable mention segment.

Oh, and it preceded Garfield and Friends by a few YEARS.

James. You fucked up. Just admit it. Admit to your autistic self that this thing does not fit your criteria but you just wanted to talk about it anyway.

4:30 – “While I grew up with it, I actually remember more vividly the comic book version.”

OH, HERE WE GO! What fucking horseshit. And he’s holding up the book. Now I have to check the archives.

I said, “I had the book Garfield in Disguise and it follows the movie almost exactly. I used to be really amazed by that as a kid. The cartoon would come on, I’d race to get the book, and I’d go through it as the show goes on and it’s identical. Same words, same drawings. It’s the most faithful book adaptation I’ve ever seen. There were some minor differences but I don’t remember what they were.”

Fucking bullshit. Nobody has ever mentioned this anywhere on the internet. Just me. But now James Rolfe is reading this script prepared by some intern at Screenwave and talking about his fondness for the book. Obviously ripped this shit off from me.

“It’s almost exactly the same as the animated version. Every panel is near identical.”

UNBELIEVABLE! That was James Rolfe reading that. The same fucking thing that I wrote. Hopefully it was that faggot Sean from Movie Dumpster who wrote this script and he’ll get fired for plagiarism.

5:30 – Then Jimmy just starts summarising the fucking movie. Or whatever this is. It’s not a tv show. Animated special.

This is fucking awful. He’s literally just summaring the special. That’s it. That’s all that these things are. IT’S AWFUL.

So I listened to the rest of this as background noise while doing other stuff. He mentioned the book several more times. Complete bullshit. I can’t wait until Sean from Movie Dumpster gets fired for this shit. I don’t even care if he’s responsible for this.

3 thoughts on “Garfield’s Halloween Adventure (1980s) – Monster Madness 2023 – Cinemassacre

  1. I haven’t even read this yet. I’m sure it’s good! I know the video has to be shit and I’ll never watch it but the best 80s Halloween episodes were from Cheers. And for the 90s Roseanne. You could the cast and writers were really into them and there was some continuity, rare for sitcoms. But then again Bimmy is a fucking retard that doesn’t know fuck.

  2. I watched a video about how YouTube is in a broken business model. They are trying to push the ads-free premium version, but it’s not sticking. They have tons of new content every hour (as anyone can upload anything), but 99.9% of it is shit and nobody will ever watch it. But they still have to pay for its storage and all. Now, they are actively pushing out adblockers because sponsors are tapped out, and there is just not more money coming in; still, the content keeps increasing. Simple supply and demand.
    They transfer that problem to the content creators by paying them less every time, so they must find additional money streams. And now, even if you pay for YouTube Premium, you’d still get the ads that are embedded in the video itself, like this Shadow Legends shit. Over 2 minutes of ads.

    This is sad, man. For a channel that built its core around the love of video games and complaining about “shitty games that suck ass”, they are now promoting Shadow Legends. I played it a few times (a friend of mine got sponsored by them, and I think he got paid for sign-ups, but you’d have to play at least 30 min.

    Capitalism is a bitch. And to think that James must now provide for all of those screenwave parasites.

    1. YouTube has never turned a profit. Google bought it to harvest data. It is very true that 99.999% of the videos are shit that no one cares about for sure. God knows why they keep at it. And I don’t mean Erin. I mean the guys with 4 hour lets plays that get less than 10 views

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