What 4Chan Thinks of the Gamer Girls Blog in 2023

I did a post about this last year. As here:

Spoiler: I was a hit! Let’s see if I’m still all the rage with the hip, young 4Chan crowd.

Actually, what do you suppose the average age is of a 4Chan user is? I don’t think that the hip, young people are still going there. Certainly, they’re not going to the Cinemassacre forum that most if not all of these posts will be taken from.

I’m using this site to search:


  • “I don’t care how unhinged he is. This blog is kino. Reminds me of 00s internet. https://gamergirlsblog.com/
  • “this guy is king of the truthers and truthers seethe at him. its hilarious.”
  • “is the guy from irate game sucks blog the same guy or not?”

Somebody replies, “he’s not”.

  • “hes based”
  • “This is great, it is like a ‘what if the truther sub was funny'”


That was all from August 2023. “Kino”, “based”, all good things. “Unhinged”, maybe less so.

  • “nah, this guy is worse: https://gamergirlsblog.com/ The only one complaining about JefferySweeney was Kieran, which I suspect is you.”

They were talking about obsessed people on TheCinemassacreTruth on Reddit. Then somebody replies:

  • “oh shit, he’s back, I thought he got banned. looks like kino is back on the menu boys”

And he posts a screenshot of an article I wrote.

That was from this article:

That’s all I can find. I’ll tell you what these people don’t much care for, though: TheCinemassacreTruth. They’ve reached the same conclusion that I have about those folk: that they prefer the company of men.

Any shout outs to The Ideas Man?

  • “he’s a retard that plagiarized other reviews because he couldn’t be bother to do a basic job.”

Yeah. Well, they know of him.

Virtually all of the comments are about how he’s a plagiarist. Come on, guys. He’s so much more than that. And plagiarism is one of the least of his vices.

If you want the Newt Wallen news, there’s only one source. His sexual deviancies, his autistic obsession with tits and gore, his stalking of horse-faced women, his abysmal writing abilities, his complete lack of ideas, his hiring of prostitutes, his phantom comic book, his parents rejecting him.

You know, it’s a terrible thing when parents reject their children and you immediately think, “These parents must be really awful people.” But in the case of Newt Wallen, you realise that this isn’t always the case. Sometimes there are perfectly valid reasons why parents reject their children.

But then you look at Jeffrey Dahmer, for example, and how his parents still visited him in prison and whatnot. Not even that guy was rejected by his parents. “Sure, he brutally raped and killed a lot of boys and young men, not to mention eating them, but that’s why pencils have erasers. He’s still our son and we have to support him.”

I don’t think that anybody would have blamed Jeffrey Dahmer’s parents for being too busy to visit him in prison. But they went.

Anyway, Newt’s parents reached their limit with that guy and I fully understand it. He’s a complete scumbag and you don’t want to deal with scumbags even if it’s your own son.

7 thoughts on “What 4Chan Thinks of the Gamer Girls Blog in 2023

  1. It’s is true you’re the king truther. Because you tell it like it is and in a funny way. But everything over there is a pissing contest and rather than just have a place where CM can get reamed and roasted and who cares who says it, autistic asshole retards like garbage stabber can allow it. He has to be the queen bee. Everyone has to bow down and suck his dick. No one can be funnier than him. No one can post more than him. No one is allowed to challenge him. They hate your existence and why? Because you do what they want to do only better and actually funny.

    1. So you don’t like daily updates that Justin Silverman is still overweight? Or being constantly reminded of the time when James had to pick up his children at 5:40? Or sexy Photoshops of Kieran as a woman?

      It’s beyond my comprehension how anybody can find any of that even remotely interesting or funny. Or in the case of the gay Photoshops that they do, titilating.

      It’s the same shit rehashed day after day after day FOR YEARS. And it’s stupid shit. Completely inconsequential shit. WHO CARES that James had to pick up his children at 5:40? Why is that funny?

      Or he mispronounced “mountain”. “Let’s repeat that every day for the next however many years.” Why? It’s of no significance whatsoever.

      They’re so starved for new stuff to make fun of James over that they jumped on this Soylent sponsor recently. I didn’t even write about that video. Who the fuck cares that Soylent was the sponsor? I don’t find that interesting or funny in the slightest. But they’re making CONSTANT posts over this. Here’s a screenshot of James drinking the Soylent. Here’s a Photoshopped image of the Soylent being poured over Mike’s penis. Here’s some homosexual product related to Soylent that I think James might be interested in.

      Guys. You’re gay. We get it. You’re gay and you’re stupid. Fine. But none of this is remotely entertaining to a normal person. Take your autistic bullshit and shove it up your ass along with your boyfriend’s penis.

      I know that it’s a forum as opposed to a blog so they need a constant flow of new stuff to talk about and there are different people contributing but there’s a lot that can be discussed in the Cinemassacre universe. Talk about Mike’s latest streams or Newt’s videos or whatever degenerate bullshit must go on in Newt’s Discord or shit that’s going on with James Rolfe on his Twitter, or what’s happening with Screenave. There are a lot of topics to explore.

      Or you can just repeat the same three “jokes” and post homoerotic pictures all day, every day. This is what they’ve obviously opted for. It’s complete madness. They’re idiots.

      1. The only leeway uk give on repeating the same stuff is that there are 20000 followers and many of them are excited to find the place for the first time and don’t know this has been repeated a million times. It’s is always fun to kick Bimmy and knock him down a peg though.

    2. GarbageStabber, CooperFolly, ilovemikespenis and SpankTheMovies all have to be the same deranged lunatic constantly talking and forth with each other under different handles about consistently unfunny shit, right?

  2. I stumbled upon this after finding the truthers first, unfortunately. This is infinitely more insightful, and the lack of overt racism or discussion of penises refreshing.

    That Subreddit is so deranged, and your stuff is so well written and articulate. I look forward to more!

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