Is The Buffy The Vampire Slayer Movie Actually BETTER Than The Show? – Tony from Hack the Movies

This is basically confirmation that Erin will never appear on the show again. What a fucking disaster that was. How long ago was that? Let me check.

July 2021. Over two years ago. Time really flies.

She must know that she’s awful on these things so doesn’t do them again but then why doesn’t the same apply to her channel broadly? I suppose that she has really scaled back. She used to post a video every week. Now it’s like ten videos a year.

Anyway, if Erin was going to subject herself to further humilitation, this would be the episode that Erin would be on. Because she’s all about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But she was too busy getting fucked in the ass for Youtube promotion to appear on this one.

Instead, we’re treated to Johanna and my second grade music teacher. She was a hippie. Had hair down to her knees. Glasses. She was Miss Something, I’m pretty sure. Unmarried. She only taught there for a year, as far as I’m aware. She was a nice woman.

But how old must she have been? Because as a second grader, she seemed pretty old to me. But she reminds me of this woman on Hack the Movies, who is probably in her mid 30s.

The year was like 1985. And you have this woman, who’s clearly a hippie, teaching music in a Catholic grade school. Peak hippie culture was 20 years earlier. If she was 35 in 1985, she would have been a teenager in the late 60s, so that tracks.

But why in 1985 would she still be holding on to this? It’s interesting. I’d like to know how it all came about and what she did with her life subsequently. What must the dating scene have been like in that small town for a hippie music teacher? She was unmarried, so you think maybe things weren’t going great for her, but maybe marriage just wasn’t her thing. She was anti-establishment. Maybe she was fucking everybody. Some of that free love.

But whatever. Pleasant woman. I hope she found what she was looking for.

0:30 – This is Angela. She has no social media or at least no social media that she wants the horntards to know about. Good for her.

Tony talks about how he experimented with only having men on the channel for the past month. He says that views dropped so he won’t do that again. Tony is all about those views. Bring in the pennies, however we can get them.

Then he shows a screenshot indicating that he had 318,000 views and that this is 20,000 less than usual. This is total views in a month, I guess.

Who cares? That’s a miniscule change. But no, we have to bring in the hot chicks. Or, failing that, Horseface and Johanna. It’s pathetic.

1:00 – There’s a screenshot of JoeyC, who’s some fag who they have on the show ocassionally, wearing a dress and bondage gear. As desperate as Tony is, he aspires to be as desperate as this JoeyC faggot.

1:15 – Angela says that she met Tony in college and that they were both fim majors. Well, we see how that worked out for the two of you.

2:45 – Tony suggests that the course was a waste of money. Well, at least he’s aware of it.

3:30 – Neither Johanna nor Angela ever watched the show. Great guests, Tony.

I’m eight minutes in. This is brutal. I mean, it’s no more boring than a typical Hack the Movies episode. I’m mostly trying to figure out if Angela has big tits or not. If she would just raise her chair an inch, this conundrum would be solved.

Let me look at the comments. I don’t think I can watch more of this.

  • “Johanna is an energy vampire…”
  • “Get rid of Johanna the other lady is sweet.”
  • “I see Johanna I click off.”
  • “Its great to have Johanna back in the store!!” – Somebody replies, “No the hell it’s not.”

Well, it’s good to see some sanity in the comments.

Not really much about written about Angela, though.

I watched for another few minutes. I made it to the 12 minute mark. I can’t. Let me just skip around. Maybe we get a better shot of this woman’s chest.

Tony…Tony…Tony…Tony…Tony…Tony…Tony…Tony…oh, finally a shot that isn’t Tony. But no, she doesn’t move.

So…final thoughts. Well, this was unwatchable, as usual. Johanna is horrible. One hour and fifty minutes is about 90 minutes longer than the video should be. And this woman may or may not have big tits. So this was a good use of the past hour of my day.

Oh, you can get t-shirts at Tony’s TeeSpring. I won’t link to it because it’s in some weird bullshit format, probably a referrer link or something. But a lot of the t-shirts say “Fun and Fine” in different fonts.

Explain to me who would want this. And if you do want a t-shirt that says “Fun and Fine”, why wouldn’t you just create a TeeSpring account yourself, design the shirt, and buy it? You can but the shirt’s at the minimum cost if you do this.

It’s not like Tony did anything with these “Fun and Fine” shirts. All he did was use the “text” tool on TeeSpring and fucking type it out and put it on the shirt. Anyone can do this and be done in five minutes, from start to finish.

At least the “Hack the Movies” t-shirts have a somewhat stylised logo. He didn’t just use the text editor. But absolutely nobody is buying any of this stuff. Why would they? Nobody is buying any of this TeeSpring shit.

Apparently, TeeSpring uses poor-quality printing as well. It’s all rock-bottom, cheapest possible shit. It’s just print on demand garbage.

If Tony is committed to this, he should get 100 t-shirts printed out, or whatever the minimum order might be, from a reputable printing company, high-quality printing, high-quality shirts, keep them in his room, and send them out as orders come in. This way he’d be able to show you the actual product that you’d get instead of the virtual bullshit that TeeSpring shows.

He doesn’t do that because he knows that nobody buys the fucking shirts.

8 thoughts on “Is The Buffy The Vampire Slayer Movie Actually BETTER Than The Show? – Tony from Hack the Movies

  1. It’s funny to think all these YouTubers have tshirts, dozens of them that don’t actually exist. I saw a video once of some tech guy who had 250k subscribers and he said he had never sold a T-shirt. And after he said this in a video he said later on that prompted ONE PERSON to buy a shirt! Holy fucking shit!

    Have any of these people on HTM et. al. Admitted to themselves the only reason they are doing any of this is because there’s a loose tangential connection to retard Hames Rolfe (leaving the typo in. It’s funny) and because of that connection they might share screen time together and it will propel them into superstardom?
    …except that the “shoutout” concept doesn’t work. People think it does. Maybe it did when only 5 retards were making this shit. But it’s been proven for the last 5-6 years fans of James only want to see him scream about shit and talk about old video games. They reject everything else. Because they are autistic retards. So what are they doing it for? Tony makes all the money. What is art teacher being paid? Does she even know this makes money, however small?

  2. So it has come down to this. I was literally thinking that this video would be way better if Erin were it in. At least she is not fat, is easier on the eyes and yeah, forgive me if I prefer younger chicks. I am not a fan of listening three fatsos talking about stupid things.

      1. Erin also has disgusting lumpy cottage cheese legs. She looks like the result of Austin Powers fucking a Cabbage Patch Doll.

  3. Wait wait lol….so literally nobody in that video has fully watched the Buffy tv show (or for that matter the far superior Angel spinoff), and yet they expect people to take their opinions on this topic seriously? This is a level of desperation I didn’t know they were capable of. They’re essentially manufacturing drama while simulatenously admitting they are complete fucking posers about the topic. Good god. Also really? Johanna hasn’t watched Buffy? Johanna the supposed bisexual, hasn’t watched a ton of a show that much like Xena in the 90s promoted the female LGBT community especially? Damn, how surprising these people are fake as shit as usual.

    1. I could swear that they said that they didn’t watch the show, and I time-stamped it so this can be checked. But later in the episode, they seemed to have familiariaty with the show and with Angel. So maybe I’m wrong.

      1. I suspect what it is is that Johanna and the other woman probably have seen the show at least. Highly doubt they have fully finished it. Highly doubt they have watched Angel hardly at all. Tony I guarantee hasn’t watched shit of either because his typical contrarian bullshit is to judge things without having even seen them or do a comparison with some way crappier film version of something because he’s lazy and would rather watch a single movie than a tv show like he’s doing anything better with his life and doesn’t totally have all the time in the world to watch any tv show. The man has never even seen Game of Thrones (which is obviously far superior to almost anything he reviews on his channel). You don’t even have to be a fan to know how pathetic at this point all these years later that is. Especially for someone who makes a “living” off of viewing media content. The man is a fucking joke and made a YouTube channel so he could showcase how much of a contrarian nutcase who lives in a bubble world he is. His shit takes are very deeply embedded at this point.

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