Feminism, punishment and indoctrination (Episode 58) – Diskydisk with Ircha and Tinyhats

I’m four minutes in and I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it’s good but it’s not bad. They’re both reasonably intelligent. They’re witty. I laughed twice just in this first four minutes. At things that were actually intended to be jokes. This is promising.

I’m twenty minutes in. They talked about whatever. Previous comments on their videos. Pet insurance. They’re reviewing a sugary beverage now. It’s…fine. I’m not saying that I’m going to start listening to this because…I don’t know. I don’t find their mundane topics terribly interesting. But as personalities, as entertainers, as people, I like them.

26:00 – So now they’re talking about feminism.

Icha is saying that she doesn’t know what feminism is because there’s such a diverse range of opinions. I guess as an example you have “feminists” who talk about how porn is degrading and other “feminists” who say that it’s empowering. They’re both claiming to be feminists but have opposite views. You can do this with anything, really.

It’s like people who use the bible to justify whatever they want to justify. You can have directly contradictory opinions both using the bible as their source.

Or people who use patriotism to justify whatever. Again, you can have completely opposite opinions being espoused and it’s all packaged as patriotism.

It means nothing. An argument is valid or it isn’t. When Horseface says that pornography is empowering, that’s just Horseface demonstrating her equine intellect. Just because she frames it in a “feminist” lens doesn’t mean that she’s any less incorrect.

People say that the blog is sexist. No. I’m commenting on shitty people who happen to be women. I’m not claiming that people are shitty because they’re women.

But weak-minded people use labels like this as a way to badger people as opposed to contending with the arguments. If you call somebody sexist or racist or homophobic or whatever, it’s just a way to deflect from the argument. Ad hominem logical fallacy. It’s much easier to say, “You’re sexist” than it is to justify Erin Plays’ scumbag behaviour, for example.

29:00 – Tiny Hats (who is the non-Ircha person) gives the dictionary definition of “feminism” as meaning “equality” which doesn’t get us anywhere. Then she starts talking about how equality is important.

Sure, but what does this have to do with feminism? If you’re interested in equality, join your local communist party. Men and women were very equal in the Soviet Union. Women were expected to do the same things as men and they had the same rights. This is the obvious agenda you should be pushing for if you’re interested in equality. But I don’t see feminists as particularly interested in communism. I’m sure that some are but as a group, I don’t think that there are many feminists who identify as communists.

That tells me right there that this “feminism is equality” argument is total bullshit.

And I’m not presenting this as a ridiculous argument. I’m genuniely supportive of equality and the sooner we topple the dictatorship of the capitalists and install a dictatorship of the proletariat, the better. But “feminists”, largely, are not supportive of this. They’re not interested in equality. They’re interested in perpetuating the inequality of society.

29:30 – Ircha says that feminism isn’t relevant in Norway because men and women are already equal there. Norway is a very socialist country. This goes to what I’m saying.

Tiny Hats: But it goes beyond work. Like with sexual assaults, women will say “I was raped” and then the courts are like, “You shouldn’t have worn a short skirt.”

Ircha: Does the court say that?

Tiny Hats: Yeah, that happens.

Ircha: Really?

Tiny Hats: Yeah. So people don’t get convicted of sexual assault becase, you know, “She was asking for it.”

Ircha: Citation?

Tiny Hats: No. This is a thing.

Ircha: Mmm.

Ircha isn’t buying this nonsense. Give the citations if it’s a thing.

Then they talk some more about…I don’t know…other shit. Beating your children, the Barbie movie, Final Fantasy, whatever.

It was fine. They prepared. They had stuff to say. They were intelligent and engaging. But I don’t know. It’s just a podcast where they talk about whatever they want to talk about. They have some loyal horntards watching it. I don’t really have any suggestions. If I listened to podcasts where people just talk about whatever, this would be the one that I would listen to. But I don’t listen to such podcasts.

I wouldn’t recommend that they talk about video games, though, because that’s boring as fuck.

I’ll tell you what this can be compared to: Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining and Pele’s podcast. It’s the same basic format. They talk about whatever, there’s a drink review, and they talk about video games and movies.

But while Pam and Pele’s podcast is UNWATCHABLE and Pam is an extremely off-putting and just boring personality, Ircha and TinyHats are likeable and have personality. And they have opinions and aren’t afraid to voice them.

Pam and Pele never say shit. They talk about hot actors and actresses but I’m talking about giving opinions on issues that matter. Even if their opinions are complete bullshit, give us something. Not just this surface level, “Here’s a game that I like, and I want to have sex with this actress.”

I wouldn’t mind Pam going off with her “woke” nonsense. That might actually make the podcast worth listening to. Maybe Pele has a different opinion and they can have a discussion about it.

This is something that you get with whatever this is Diskydisk. Two people having a discussion. And it doesn’t insult my intelligence.

This is something noticeably absent from all of the podcasts that I talk about here: Hack the Movies, The Cinemassacre Podcast, Newt’s livestreams with PVC Bondage Guy, Zap Cristal’s podcast, Pam and Pele’s podcast. Just have a discussion like two normal, semi-intelligent adults. They can’t do it.

I don’t know why it is. Cultural differences? Are Americans less intelligent than Europeans? Less able to have a worthwhile conversation? Or is it because I just picked duds?

I mean, Tony, James Rolfe, Newt, PVC Bondage Guy, Zap Cristal, Mr Wright Way II, Pam, none of these people are particularly intelligent. Some of them are clearly below average in intelligence, I won’t name names but you know who you are. So it perhaps explains why they’re having such braindead conversations.

Anyway, Diskydisk, keep up the good work. You’re a beacon of hope in a sea of mediocrity.

2 thoughts on “Feminism, punishment and indoctrination (Episode 58) – Diskydisk with Ircha and Tinyhats

  1. The way the title is written and that disky disk and tiny hats were next to each other, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me and this was something else!

  2. the sexual assault accusation usually only comes after the woman decided that she didn’t like the man courting her. if she likes you, then “It just happened”.

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