Bratz of the Lost Media: The Mystery of [COOOOL TV] – Tales of the Lost – Ray Mona

I can’t watch this. I can’t even attempt to watch it. I’m only human. I know what it’s going to be. It’s going to be crazy Bobdunga doing a PAINFULLY drawn out and boring “documentary” about “lost media” about some inconsequential bullshit that isn’t even “lost”. And she’ll frame it all like it’s the most boring episode of the X-Files ever made.

If you’d like to learn more about Bobdunga’s “documentaries”, I’ve covered them all. Kind of. As much as anybody can possibly cover these absolutely unwatchable videos. Just search for the “Bobdunga” tag.

However, I was able to find the spot in this video where a certain Erin Plays made her voice acting debut. It’s at 40:00.

I wish that I could be positive but oh my fucking god. You’ve never heard worse voice acting. You know how Erin is boring and monotone when she’s speaking off the cuff? Take that and transfer her to reading a script for the first and last time ever. A script that she struggles to read. And she pronounces the word “a” in a long “A” sound. You know…like the letter “A”.

I always have to explain “long” vowel sounds and “short” vowel sounds in these articles. Do people know what I’m talking about? Because I’ve NEVER heard anyone talk about “long” or “short” vowel sounds outside of, whatever it was, second grade phonics class.

Anyway, she’s HORRIBLE. It’s completely lifeless. Just like Erin’s normal speech but…EVEN WORSE.

And there are parts where I can’t even understand what she’s saying.

It goes on for two minutes. I think that she’s reading message board comments, in Japanese, that have been translated into English. She says “cute” three times in this two minutes.

What was being said in these messages? I don’t even know. This was so fucking painful…it was just droning. It quickly just became a buzzing noise. I wasn’t listening at all. And I tried to listen because I’m writing this thing but I couldn’t do it. And I can’t bring myself to listen to this two minutes of torture again.

Don’t quit your day job, Erin. Not that you have one to quit.

Let’s check out Miss Plays’ Twitter.

Somebody asks for their favourite Saturday Night Live memory. And you guys know what a big fan of “SNL” Erin is, right? She’s ALWAYS talking about that show. That show that hasn’t been popular since…when was that Gumby sketch? Early 1980s.

Well, I guess that the Wayne’s World sketches were also somewhat popular. But were they? I think it’s only after the movie was made that it became popular. I don’t remember anyone talking about this shit before the movie.

But Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald? I guess that was popular? Again, I never heard anybody talk about it but…I don’t know. But this would have been in 1994, I guess, when the OJ Simpsons trial was on.

Erin was born in 1987. Allegedly. So she would have been seven at the time. Not an age when most children are watching television at midnight. Especially PAINFULLY UNFUNNY television like Saturday Night Live.

But Erin’s favourite moment was when…Britney Spears was a guest. You guys remember that? Oh, sure you do. Everybody does. She was in that famous butter churning sketch. It was all over the news for the next week. “Fresh cream and a little bit of salt” became a catchphrase in schools across America. It was HUGE. It was a phenomenon.

More fucking lies from this fucking podperson Erin who doesn’t have a single hobby or interest.

Oh, the video is on Youtube. It’s from 2000.

I couldn’t even make it two minutes. It’s the least funny shit in the universe.

And here’s Erin promoting that AWFUL Bobdunga/Ray Mona “documentary”.

I thought that she meant TikTok. No. She’s promoting her Instagram. She’s putting videos…where she looks through magazines…on her INSTAGRAM. WHO THE FUCK WANTS TO SEE THAT?

But somebody on Twitter comments.

“I went to college with one or two of The Strokes. Before their 2001 tour in Europe, they couldn’t get classmates to see them play. Then after it was different :-)”

Oh, that sounds interesting. And Erin is a big Strokes fan. She just went through the magazine. And she regularly cites them as one of her favourite bands. So here’s a guy who went to college with them before they were famous. Tell us more.

You know what Erin said? If you guessed, “That’s cool”, collect your prize at the door.

“Aw haha that’s cool you went to college with them. Poor guys XD”

She couldn’t even say something remotely interesting or engaging when this guy was telling an interesting story that directly relates to one her alleged favourite bands. Unbelieveable. Everything is just “that’s cool”. It’s like she’s fucking retarded.

And what is this picture that she’s using as her profile image?

What look is she trying to go for here? Vacant imbecile? If so, mission accomplished.

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  1. That pfp is the face someone makes right after sneezing really hard. She was like “yup good enough!”

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