Rarity: Retro Video Game Collecting in the Modern Era | Full Movie (Part 2)

Let’s resume the “fun”.

10:15 – This is Heidi. She’s a big “gamer” from Sweden. She has a blog here:


Hasn’t been updated since 2018.

She’s also on Youtube. That ended in 2017. Her Twitter must still be active though, right? No. She quit Twitter in 2019. Instagram? “Site not found.”

So why is she in the video? Because the video exists just as a circle jerk promotional vehicle. The “Youtubers” get to advertise their channels in this “documentary”, and in turn the “Youtubers” will advertise this “documentary” on their channels. But this woman has nothing to promote and no way to promote the “documentary.” So what’s the point? This “director” just decided that he needed to fill a quota? “It can’t just be all fat guys. Let’s try to find some reasonably slim women.”

Oh my god. It took me a while to figure out what she’s saying. She’s talking about vinyl records. And she says “vin-el” as opposed to “vine-l”. Short “I” instead of long “I”.

I know that she’s Swedish and English isn’t her first language and it makes sense that “vinyl” would be pronounced with a short “I” but why didn’t this “director” tell her about this and ask her to re-do her segment? Or at least ask her if she wants to redo it.

11:15 – Literal fat bearded guy in a fedora with a nasally voice.

12:00 – Pretty sure that this is a gay couple. The one guy has numerous piercings and is wearing nail polish. Couple of fat old bears.

Can we get some twinks in here? Why is everybody a fat bearded guy in the retro gaming sphere? And it’s not just the “Youtubers”. Whenever I see a video of one of these nerd conventions, 90% of the people in attendance are big, fat, bearded guys. Hot young studs aren’t interested in video games, I guess.

12:30 – Speaking of fags, we’ve got this guy again. I can’t remember his name or why he was annoying but he was.

13:30 – James Rolfe is back. He’s not a big, gay, bearded bear at least. Of course, he’s also not interested in video games.

Oh my god. The truth was right in front of us the whole time. We should have known that James wasn’t a “gamer” from day one. “Wait a minute…a gamer who isn’t a big fat guy with a beard? Impossible.”

“I wouldn’t recommend to the common person to fill up an entire room in their house of video games…or movies or anything, which is what I do.”

Yeah. Movies. James hordes movies. But…this is about video games. So why even include this guy? He’s at pains to CONSTANTLY say that he’s not fucking interested in video games. And that’s fine. What the fuck do I care what hobbies anyone has? But he doesn’t belong in this “documentary”.

And his use of the phrase “common person” is telling. James has an extremely inflated sense of his own self-worth. You saw this constantly in his autobiography. I reviewed his horrible book here, by the way:

I did a pretty good job of it, I have to say. The omnibus is better but the review is shorter so it’s up to you and your time commitments. Something for everybody.

Then after James gets through talking, there’s a weird animated credit sequence…like the video is over. But…sadly…it’s not. That was…a really weird artistic choice by my new favourite director Edward whatever his last name is.

By the way, speaking of this director, he constantly will intersplice some kind of random, possibly public domain “gaming” footage into these talking head videos. Footage of somebody playing a video game or footage from a video game store or something. It’s really distracting because you know that he’s only doing this to break up the monotony of having to stare at John Riggs for 30 straight seconds or whatever.

14:15 – James says that it’s more special to find a game in person. Then he concludes with “That’s a lot more rare for me nowadays.” Yet again, he’s saying that he doesn’t fucking buy video games. SO WHY IS HE IN THE VIDEO?

16:30 – Some other guy guy with a beard. At least he seems reasonably fit.

17:15 – Fedora faggot again. I mean, I know it’s not entertaining for me to just call everybody gay and move on but this is fucking painful and there’s nothing else to say. It’s a gay fat man with a beard and a fedora. Does it get any more stereotypical than this? Where’s that fucking Swedish woman? Bring her back.

So this guy tells a story about getting into a guy’s car, a guy who he didn’t know, being driven 45 minutes away, and going to a house full of “cocaine-addicted swingers.” He never mentions anyone’s gender, by the way. THESE ARE ALL DUDES. I GUARANTEE IT. And this guy got into this stranger’s car, not because he wanted to check out video games but because he wanted in on this gay, coke-fueled orgy.

Amazingly, this director was able to get public domain footage of a gay orgy involving a guy wearing a fedora. I’m not even joking. So I give full marks to the director for being able to find footage that specific.

20:45 – This gay duo is back. The one guy says, “So much pain. So much misery.” And they’re in a dimly-lit sex dungeon or something. I really don’t need to know about this. I mean, I’m an open-minded guy but I don’t want to think about this. This is supposed to be a video about retro video games. Not gay BDSM.

I’d be equally outraged if I was watching a video about gay BDSM and then suddenly somebody started talking about retro video games. It’s just that there’s a time and a place.

By the way, the topic of this segment of the video is how these various scumbag “Youtubers” got video games for pennies from impoverished people who didn’t know any better.

24:30 – Back to Deniz Kahn. Fuck this guy. He’s going to talk about how graded games are the bedrock of America.

Then he’s showing home videos. I could swear that this guy is Jewish. Is he not Jewish? No. Deniz is a Turkish name and he had on Linkedin that he spoke Turkish. Well, his lust for money accords with the Chosen People anyway.

Wait…is it possible that he’s a Turkish Jew? Are there Jewish people in Turkey? Who knows?

26:00 – Oh, it’s “Kid” Shoryuken. He’s wearing his trademark beanie because he’s a bald man who’s self-conscious. He has the bangs of an 8 year old boy, though.

Credit where credit is due, he’s a big fat guy but at least he doesn’t have a beard. So at least he has that going for him. Mix it up a little. It’s not a strict uniform, guys. You can do you what you want.

Why do these fat nerds seem to gravitate to beards? Does it make their face look slimmer? I think that might be it. But you know what else would make your face look slimmer? Diet and exercise.

So anyway, “Kid” whatever is talking about how he moved to Japan in 2005 and that’s when he started buying games, in stores at least. And as soon as he says “Japan” some racist Japanese music starts playing. The music itself isn’t racist but it’s stereotypical Japanese music. Why include this? When that Swedish woman was talking, they didn’t start playing Abba’s greatest hits.

27:30 – I’m on chapter 2 now. I guess. They call it “level 2”. Get it? Like a video game.

28:00 – You have got to be kidding me. “Kid” whatever says that Japanese people take good care of their games because of the history of Shintoism in Japan. Oh, do tell. I have to hear this.

“You can have an attachment to something. It’s my understanding that in Shinto, even something like a doll can develop a soul if you attach an emotion, an attachment to it. Maybe there’s some soul that’s attached to a piece of art because of the emotion that you attach to it. It compels people to take better care of things that you can put into an artistic context. You could argue that this box is a piece of art. This manual is a piece of art. The cartridge, all of this, it’s all art.”

This New York prostitute is a piece of art. This 20 year old ladyboy is a piece of art. I just want to stick my dick into all of this art and give it a soul. That’s what Shintoism is all about. Oh, and taking good care of your video game collection.

Yeah, I think I’ll do a little more research on Shintoism before I take your word on this one, “Kid” Whatever.

28:45 – Oh, John Hancock. I never got into him. I know that a lot of people hate him but I just never watched his videos or investigated his scam museum or whatever the problem is. But I’m sure he’s an asshole like the rest of these people.

30:15 – Fedora Fag is back.

31:45 – Some other fag is talking about how great it is to get your games graded. A significant portion of this video seems like an advertisement for that one asshole’s video game grading company. The guy who owns the company also shilled for his company during a segment.

Well, the next guy does start out by saying that grading games has had a negative effect on collecting. So maybe it’s not a straight forward advertisement.

32:45 – Some new guy is talking. A fat Indian guy. You don’t see that often. You don’t see many fat Indian guys. So this guy must have REALLY tried to fit in with the fatass “gamer” demographic. No beard, though. That’s disappointing.

I made it to 35:00. That’s as much as I can do today.

3 thoughts on “Rarity: Retro Video Game Collecting in the Modern Era | Full Movie (Part 2)

  1. she seems to have quit this madness in the late 2010’s and doesn’t seem to have ever looked back since. being from sweden, it’s actually surprising she didn’t make a comeback only to chime in about the coronavirus pandemic. even erinplays couldn’t resist the urge and graced us with some sage-like behavioural tips on how to make it through the “pandemic”

    1. looking at the blog, it shows she had a baby 5 years ago. so simply she grew up. she probably sold all of the stuff and spends time with her baby, which is good. this is what happens to all girls who played games. biology kicks in and they drop it. gaming isn’t some special thing anyway, everyone does it, its like listening to music or watching movies. some do it more than others but its just a part of daily life. that’s why I’m not impressed when someone like Gebs or Jaysla or whoever says they played games in their youth. nearly everyone did. its also why the bullshit alarm goes off when I see someone like lady decade, truly the most insufferable bitch (aside from pushing up roses) pretend she has some kind of cred. its obvious she has none. not only because its just not there, but no woman on earth would obsess with this shit especially after getting married and having kids. why? let the husband cash it out sure, but that’s the maximum interest any woman could possible have.

      only massive retards like every dude in the “movie” can’t let it go.

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