Checking out Erin’s Instagram for the First Time

I can’t believe that I’ve never done this before. I must have looked at her Instagram at some point but I never really wrote about it.

So it’s “erinplays dot jpeg”. She doesn’t even know what a fucking jpeg is. But this is supposed to be “cute”. We’re supposed to be laughing at how cute and witty Erin is by using such a stupid Instagram account name.

There’s a picture of some Power Rangers soap that she found in her parents’ home. She must be in California yet again on one of her twice-monthly trips there.

“I’ve been meaning to post this for months- This Power Rangers soap has been in my parents house since the mid 90s and it’s never leaving at this point”

Yeah. Erin “always” “forgets” to post this Power Rangers soap during her constant trips to visit her parents.

By the way, I don’t have an Instagram account so I can only ready the first seven comments. That sucks. But I’m not getting an Instagram account just for this shit.

Here’s a creepy picture of Erin that ShiShi made showing Erin in the Doom world getting her ass eaten out by a demon while another demon licks her feet. We can expect this sort of creepy behavior from ShiShi. He’s a horny, mentally retarded man.

But why would Erin think that it’s remotely appropriate to encourage this? Shishi can not be giving her that much money. What kind of job can Shishi possibly have? He’s ALWAYS available when Erin starts streaming. Even in the middle of the night. He’s in these streams day or night. He can’t have a job. So how much money can Shishi possibly be giving to Erin that she would encourage this?

Somebody in the comments asks if Erin is on Onlyfans. I suspect that that’s about 1/3 of the comments.

Here’s Erin’s outfit at that Taylor Swift show that Mike embarrassingly took her to. And bought the tickets for, of course. Because Erin has no job and no money. Some gay man on Reddit said that tickets were like $1000 each.

Anyway, Erin’s outfit is just that jeans jacket that she often wears on stream and some gray dress. Who cares? I’m supposed to be jerking off to this? Who…I just don’t get it. In what universe is this woman a sex symbol?

Here she is pretending to drink from her Erin Plays mug, which is obviously just an advertisement for her “merch” store. I will bet anything that the one mug I sold, when I had a “merch” store, was purchased by Mike and given to Erin. It was a mug of the anime Erin from the banner. Maybe she’ll take a picture of her pretending to drink from that one day.

Just another picture of Erin in an airplane on one of her twice-monthly flights to visit her parents. How much can she possibly hate Mike that she has to visit her parents this often? She can’t stand being with him for even two weeks straight.

Plus, think of the environmental impact of taking a 4000 mile trip every two weeks. And for what? Nothing. Erin is destroying the planet with this shit. Just fucking move back in with your parents. Or Joe from Gamesack. Or somebody who you can stand being with and don’t need to get away from every two weeks.

Maybe she just really loves her parents, even though from all accounts they were awful people who never engaged with her AT ALL. Fine. Find a guy who’s local to Los Angeles and move in with him. Then when you want to visit your parents, you can just drive. What’s the problem? Who the fuck flies 4000 miles every two weeks to visit their parents? It’s completely insane.

Somebody in the comments asks where Erin got her frames. Erin says LensCrafters.

What? Maybe Mike isn’t showering her with money as much as I thought he was. LensCrafters? Glasses in an hour? You’d think that somebody who travels across country every two weeks, for absolutely no reason, would have the disposable income to go somewhere a little upscale for her spectacle frames.

She’s still in California and claims to have played Sunset Riders at this arcade in 2006. Uh huh. Let me figure this out. Erin would have been about 19. None of it makes sense. By Erin’s own admission, she didn’t play video games in college. She had Mario All-Stars in high school and Yoshi’s Island and her emotionally-absentee father had a PC compilation of 1980s arcade games. That’s it. That’s Erin’s experience with video games before she started the channel as a 29 year old. But now she wants us to forget all of that and believe this new story that she was hanging out in arcades, in 2006, as a 19 year old, playing Sunset Riders all day. Fuck off.

So that’s the fascinating Instagram of Erin Plays. She also had band t-shirts, other band “memorabilia”, and Disney shit. Who the fuck wants to see any of this?

Oh, I notice that Erin no longer has her Mastodon on her Linktree.

Remember when people were panicking that Twitter was going to shut down so they signed up to Mastodon? That didn’t take off.

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