ASMR Saria prepares Link to leave Kokiri Forest (Ocarina of Time) – PixelWeaver

Let me start off by saying that this person, allegedly, has a degree in psychology or psychiatry. She is/was looking for work as a psychologist/psychiatrist.

I wonder why I stopped hearing about that job search. I remember her classmates telling an administrator that she was on OnlyFans. I remember PixelWeaver (as she likes to be called now, although that will change any day now) saying that she was moving from Washington state to…Boston or something to look for professional work. And then that’s the last I heard about this job search. This was years ago. Before covid. What happened? Do you mean to tell me that this complete lunatic, who had the second worst OnlyFans in the universe (second only to Destiny Fomo’s OnlyFans) couldn’t find a job in a professional field? That’s shocking.

So here she is dressed as an elf and doing “ASMR”. Is this even a thing any more? Do people still watch this shit?

I don’t know who the character is, by the way. I’ve never played a Zelda game.


Now I have to crank this up.

“Oh. You’re leaving. (smacks lips). I knew you’d leave the forrest some day.”

What the fuck is this? It’s disgusting. I want to hear this mastodon smacking her lips. And she’s referencing the game, I guess, but who’s POSSIBLY jerking off to this?

In the thumbnail, her fat tits are shown but not in the actual video. So I’m just supposed to jerk off to her fat face?

There’s some greenscreen shit in the background, by the way. It’s like a video game thing…a fairie is flying around or something.

Oh my god. I’m not even 30 seconds in. This is the cringiest thing in the history of cringe. And it goes on for FORTY MINUTES.

Come on. Is anybody expected to actually watch this? It’s insane. It’s an insane video by an insane woman.

0:30 – “I want you to have this ocarina.”

And then she starts tapping…this plastic instrument. Even calling it an “instrument” is too far. It’s a child’s toy.

What the fuck. Is anybody watching this? It got 1,000 views after a month. She completely humiliated herself for 1,000 views.

Haha. I’m reading the comments. She “hearted” every single comment, no matter how stupid, except for this one: “u should do try ons, bikinis, lingeries”

Why didn’t that one get a heart? This video is CLEARLY intended to arouse horny retards. Is a try on haul any worse? I want to see this fat lunatic squeezing into some retro lingerie. A corset. Stocking. I don’t know. Those pointy bras from the 1950s.

Back to the video. I’m not even a minute in. This is fucking torture.

I’ve skimmed through the video, by the way. She never moves the camera. So this is what you’re going to see for the next 40 minutes. She never gets her fat tits in frame, like she did in the thumbnail.

She keeps teasing that she’s going to play a song but she doesn’t. I don’t think so, anyway. I’m skimming through the video. All she does is tap her fingernails on this toy and explain that if you hold different holes, it will make a different sound. And she shows where you blow into this toy. But she never blows shit. She’s just tapping her fucking fingernails on this plastic children’s toy.

I’ve skimmed to 10 minutes and she’s still just tapping her fingernails on this children’s toy. She says, “Do you remember my song?” NO! YOU DIDN’T PLAY ANYTHING!

Is her song tapping her fingernails on this children’s toy? That’s not much of a song.

10:15 – So that was that. That was her song. Tapping her fingernails on a plastic children’s toy. And I assure you that at NO POINT did she play a song. Not one fucking note. But then she took out some plastic gems. More children’s toys. And she’s tapping her fingernails on these plastic gems while talking about what you can buy with these gems.

THIS IS AWFUL. This isn’t ASMR. Is ASMR just some fat lunatic tapping her fingernails on various objects? I don’t think so.

15:00 – Now she’s tapping her fingernails on a green gem. Does it make a different sound than tapping her fingernails on the red gem? NO! OF COURSE NOT! What the fuck is this? Why did she think that this was a good idea?

19:15 – So after she tapped her fingernails on two children’s toys in the shape of gems, she now brings a bag out. It’s a children’s toy. Made of felt or something. And she rubs the felt. Well, at least it makes a change from tapping her fingernails on plastic.

Oh god. This isn’t even something you want to listen to. Not that tapping fingernails on plastic was aurally appealing either. But somebody rubbing felt? No. Felt is cheap shit. It doesn’t feel good when you rub felt. It doesn’t sound good. This is shit.

21:00 – So then she reaches inside of the bag, and made a sexually suggestive remark while doing it, and shows a…toy nut? Is that what this is? And then she taps her fingernails on this plastic, toy nut.

Come on. People are expected to watch this? People are expected to enjoy this? I think that we’re expected to jack off to this. It’s so far beyond what any reasonable, rational person would do.

23:30 – Then she takes two of these toy, plastic nuts (or whatever they are) and says, “They sound so good together. Let’s listen to them” and smacks them together. You know what it sounds like? Two plastic children’s toys knocking against each other. Is that a sound that you want to listen to? Are people jerking off to plastic being banged against plastic? It’s…NOBODY IS JERKING OFF TO THIS. NOBODY! I DON’T CARE HOW RETARDED YOU ARE. I DON’T CARE WHAT KIND OF BIZARRE FETISH YOU HAVE. NOBODY IS JERKING OFF TO THIS. NOT ONE PERSON.

But inexplicably, SupaCrazyWoman thinks that they are. She thinks that people are jerking off to a CLEARLY mentally ill, 40 year old unemployed woman, who’s overweight, wearing a children’s Halloween costume, and banging plastic children’s toys against each other.

26:00 – She’s still banging these nuts together (not in a good way) and says, “They’re so cute.”

This is…this is astonishingly bad content. Even by the standards of the videos that I cover.

28:00 – Now she’s feeling this felt children’s toy bag again. It’s gross. I dont’ want to listen to this.

I mean…if she was feeling leather or velvet or fur…you know, some kind of classy material, I could maybe get behind it. But felt? No. There’s nothing good about felt. It sounds gross. It feels gross. It’s an entirely synthetic material. It’s cheap. That’s why it’s used so much in children’s toys. I don’t want to listen to this. I don’t want felt anywhere in my home. And indeed, I can’t think of a single thing that I own that’s made of felt. Why would I? I’m an adult. Felt is not used in my products that adults purchase for themselves.

28:45 – “Do you like these little wooden things I made?”

And then she starts tapping her fingernails on them. What are they? She doesn’t even know. Just more children’s toys. And she’s going to tap her fingernails on them for the next five to ten minutes while whispering weird comments.

Oh, they’re the end pieces on the string for this felt bag.

29:15 – Now she has a toy fairie. Plastic, of course. Is she going to tap her fingernails on the fairie? We just have to wait and see.

So far, she’s just zooming it in and out of of the camera. The fairie lights up.

31:15 – She starts clicking her tongue or something, while continuing to move this lightbulb fairie around. She hasn’t tapped it with her fingernails yet but here’s to hoping.

36:30 – No. She never tapped her fingernails on the fairie. But now she has some other plastic children’s toy that she’s tapping her fingernails on. There should be a law against producing content this bad.

Oh, it’s a plastic heart. “The more that you collect, the stronger you get.” Like in the game, you know? Link collects hearts. But not plastic children’s toys. And he doesn’t tap his fingernails on them for forty minutes.

38:15 – Then she says, “Goodbye, Link” and for the next 45 seconds, it’s just this greenscreen.

This was a complete abomination. Somebody should be held accountable for this. Why is SupaPixelGirl or whatever her name is now, even allowed to live in society? She should be locked up for her own safety and the safety of others. She’s completely fucking insane. And she should not be allowed to make videos any more.

This isn’t the only one that she’s done either. She also did one on some Resident Evil character. I haven’t watched that. But the Resident Evil video came out shortly before the Zelda one and that got 5,000 views. Her Zelda video only got 1,000. So I think that she gave up. Even the horntards were watching this shit and thinking, “What the fuck? I think that I’ll watch Erin Plays stumble through a video game instead.”

It’s completely mental.

Oh, you know how earlier I was suggesting that SupaLunatic should do a video where she tries on a corset? Well, here you go:

Ummm…that’s a corset?

Somebody says, “That elastic fabric is the real hero here… good heavens.” SupaLunatic replies, “It’s not elastic hater”

What…there’s something not right about this. That is not a corset. It’s a dress. A weird dress that has some type of corset type thing integrated into it.

Here’s a close up picture of SupaLunatic’s face, looking derranged. She posted this. She thought that this was a good idea.

And if you still need proof that SupaLunatic is completely insane, look no further than this:

She claims to enjoy the podcast of Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining and Pele.

If there’s anybody out there who knows SupaLunatic in real life, do the right thing and get her the help that she needs. She is clearly mentally ill. It’s not funny, it’s not insulting, it’s sad. She needs urgent help.

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