Ultimate Nintendo Switch OLED Unboxing Zelda Tears of the Kingdom – Destiny Fomo

0:00 – “Hi. My name is Destiny Fomo and I have a problem.”

Yeah. You’ve been getting pimped out by TuanX for years. I don’t know what to tell you, Madam Fomo. At what point does it become your problem? Because he’s not chaining her up, is he? I know that pimps use coercion and threats of physical violence and actual violence against the women they’re pimping out but women leave their pimps all the time. Just move. There are 10,000 horntards out there who would let her stay with them. There are charities who deal with helping women escape their pimps. I mean, come on. Enough of this bullshit.

And she had the world’s worst fucking escort reviews. And her OnlyFans is likewise awful. It’s a scam. Pictures of her in the bathtub wearing a one piece swimsuit. Fuck off.

Then the video starts with a link to the aforementioned AWFUL OnlyFans. Don’t fucking bother. You’ll see more skin in an old JC Penney catalogue.

5:45 – She says she’s going to go back to Japan in the near future. She’s bleeding “Kid” Shoryuken completely dry (or Mad Panic Gaming as he likes to be called now). How much money can that old, fat, perverted loser possibly be making as a TEFL “teacher”?

6:00 – Oh, I should mention that Madam Fomo is wearing a little crop top and booty shorts. Must be hot under those lights again. In the past, she actually used the excuse that she dresses like a prostitute in these videos because the lights make her hot. No, Rose. You dress like a prostitute because you’re a prostitute. We’ve seen the reviews and the ads. Or at least I have.

This is boring the shit out of me so I’m reading comments. I found this one:

  • “how do people afford massive collections like this”

Madam Fomo replies, “it takes years and years lol”

Well, how does that help anyone? Tell us what your job is, Madam Fomo. It sounds like a lucrative job. And it can’t be too hard of an industry to break into because you managed to do it and you’re a total moron. So maybe the horntards would like to get into this business too. Tell us what it is. How did you amass all of this money? Video editing? Comic book writing? What’s your made up bullshit job now?

She’s a prostitute. How could anybody possibly not see this?

Let’s check out her Twitter. I haven’t done this in…fuck I don’t know. A year?

Oh, she advertised for a three hour of stream where she went “game hunting” in Japan with “Kid” Shoryuken. Yeah, that’s what we want to see.

How about a three minute video of this fat fuck plowing Madam Fomo’s ass?

Then she says that she’s going back to Japan in two weeks. She was just there. How can “Kid” Shoryuken possibly afford this?

There are prostitutes who travel. It’s not uncommon. And you can pay them to come “visit” you but you have to pay the airfare, you have to pay the taxi costs, you have to pay their hotel costs, and on top of that, it’s something like $1,000/day. Mininum.

“Kid” Shoryuken works as a TEFL “teacher”. They make like $1,500/month.

Where is this money coming from? How can he afford any of this on his meagre salary? And we know that he also sees local prostitutes regularly.

Madam Fomo had ads where she promoted her prostitution services. And in these ads, they had pictures of her, scantily clad, like in the picture above. But her face wasn’t showing.

However, the pictures all had one of her fake names or her phone number written on them in a stylised fashion exactly as we see in the picture above. It’s something that she has on all of her pictures. It was clearly her in these ads. And she would give her prices. And she got UNIVERSALLY negative reviews.

This raises the question of why “Kid” Shoryuken continues to pay for this. He must be her only repeat client ever. He’s the only one of her customers who wasn’t grossly dissatisfied with her service. Maybe his standards are lower. Maybe he’s so old and obese that he can no longer get an erection so he’s just happy spending time with her looking at video games. Still, he’s paying for that. Madam Fomo isn’t doing this for free. She’s not going to hang out with this giant fucking creep, in Japan, for free. He’s paying full price for this. At least $1000/day plus all of her expenses. And probably TuanX’s expenses too.

She can’t wait to “hug” her “friends” again. We’re not all fucking retards, Madam Fomo. We know what exactly what this is.

This guy replies:


He says that he wants to go “game hunting” with her. There’s a picture of him with, presumably, his daughter. You’re a total fucking creep. We know what “game hunting” is a euphamism for. Go spend time with your family instead of whoring around.

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