My Healing Journey: How VIDEO GAMES Changed My Life – Zap Cristal

Video games and mental health. Everyone’s favourite two topics. Well, by “everyone” I mean women who make Youtube videos about video games. Everything is, “Me, me, me. My mental health. My problems. My inability to solve my problems. Oh, and Mario is so cute.”

0:15 – Animal Crossings: New Horizons. This helped her with covid. She worked in a school and couldn’t go to the school because of lockdown. So she played Animal Crossing instead.

“For the very first time, I had to celebrate my birthday in the middle of a lockdown and that was a lot to process.”

Ummm….I’m pretty sure that this was the same for EVERYBODY. But these mentally ill gamer girls LOVE talking about themselves. Everything is about them.

Oh, by the way she has “inspirational” quotes before each of these games. I won’t give all of them because they’re infuriatingly trite and stupid. But this one is, “Pain has an expiration date. Treasure the good moments.”

2:00 – Now she’s talking about another game that saved her life. I don’t know what it is. She gave the title but I couldn’t understand it. Spririt Feral? I don’t know.

She had a miscarriage so played this game. I’m sympathetic but at what point do you move on? Miscarriages are not uncommon.

Let’s not look at miscarriages. Let’s say that you have a close family member who died. Obviously, I’m sympathetic. But you can’t go the rest of your fucking life talking about it. Who does that? Self-obsessed, mentally ill, gamer girls on the internet do that. They mention every fucking tragedy that they ever experienced at all times. It’s a way to constantly bring the attention to themselves.

Everybody knows people who have died. It’s the nature of things. But you move on.

3:30 – What Remains of Edith something. This is also about her miscarriage.

4:45 – Florence. This helped her cope with being in a long distance relationship. But…she’s married. I think that she’s been married for years. Maybe she’s talking about her long distance relationship with John Riggs.

By the way, this is the woman who gave a talk at a nerd convention and said that people constantly tell her that she’s too attractive to be an “influencer”. I’ll let you decide how accurate that statement is.

6:30 – Unpacking. She says that she’s moved a lot. She moved from New Jersey or somewhere to Texas. I think that her husband is from Texas.

She finds it traumatic that she moved from her hometown. So move back. Problem solved.

Or be an adult and appreciate where you’re living now.

8:30 – HA! “Self-love” is the “inspirational” title this time. This is going to be about how excessive masturbation has traumatised her, I guess. Then stop fucking doing it. Have some self-control.

She’s talking about Two Point Campus. What does this possibly have to do with onanism? Maybe she was that weird kid in school who got caught playing with themselves. Typically, it’s a guy who gets caught but…whatever. She must be REALLY into self-love.

She says that this game helped her overcome the tragedy of getting burnt out on making awful Youtube videos. So we have Two Point Campus to blame for these videos.

She says that she nearly had an “identity crisis” because she didn’t want to make videos any more and therefore “didn’t know who she was any more”.

Well…maybe I can assist. You’re a weird narcissist who makes your son record bizarre, vaguely sexual Youtube videos of you. And you’re under the complete delusion that you’re a hot chick.

She also had some health problems that required medication. Whoop dee doo.

10:00 – “I was also leaving a relationship behind to find my own true self”.

So is she not married to that black guy any more? What the fuck is this? Did she leave him for John Riggs? She just made a video with her husband AND John Riggs a few months ago.

10:45 – Two Point Campus helped me escape reality and make me realise that I was able and capable of handling things, of managing things, of running things on my own and that I don’t really need someone who is going to drab(?) me or belittle me or talk down to me or to my son.”

She is/was married to Mr Wright Way.

I’m not seeing any recent videos of him with Zap Cristal. But I’m not sure if he ever really made videos with Zap Cristal.

She’s also not mentioned on his Instagram. Or his Twitter. So I’m guessing that he dropped Zap Cristal like a sack of crap. Guess she wasn’t so hot after all.

Oh yeah. And this confirms it:

So allegedly Mr Wright Way was talking down to Zap Cristal. Well, she is a dummy. It’s kind of required to down to unintelligent people. Otherwise, they won’t understand what you’re saying.

Or maybe it’s because he’s a black guy and black guys aren’t known for being good, reliable, long-term partners. But then this goes back to her being a dummy. Because she picked him. This is who she wanted to be with.

So that’s the video. To summarise, the traumas that she went through in life are: covid, miscarriage, not being sure if she wants to make Youtube videos any more, moving home, taking medication, and Mr Wright Way finally having enough of her nonsense.

It’s a fucking joke. You call that a difficult life? I’m not saying that Zap Cristal is living the good life. She seems to be doing a low-paying job, she’s a single mother, she lives in Texas. But these are all the results of her own poor decisions. Nobody wronged her. And she didn’t get cancer or something.

Too hot to be an influencer, my ass. Too DUMB to be an influencer. Too SELF-ABSORBED to be an influencer. Too dumb and self-absorbed to even run her own life.

This is some weird hate video about…Mr Wright Way? Maybe? It’s some complete scumbag, who, I guess, is trying to woo Zap Cristal with this.

He has videos about Andrew Tate as well. I don’t know anything about that but I think it’s some weird bullshit.

6 thoughts on “My Healing Journey: How VIDEO GAMES Changed My Life – Zap Cristal

  1. She’s too attractive to be an “influencer”

    Really? She is ugly as shit. I looked at her instagram and man, is she ugly. And fat.

  2. He can fuck Ahmer Gamer now. She’s already had him at her house lol. She loves the dark meat

  3. Albert Menendez is a homeless bum with an arrest for public masturbation. Sorry about my typos earlier, I’m busy at my JOB that pays extremely well. It allows me to keep a roof over my head… unlike Albert. Also Albert sleeps at Home Depot while his daughters are being raised by another man.

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