I Bought More Disney Stock & My Plans For Rest Of This Year / Weight Loss Thoughts During Holidays – Adam the Woo

Apparently, Super Retro Gal aka Super Awkward Gal was in a recent Adam the Woo video. But I can’t find it and I’m not going through however many videos. This guy releases a new video every day. What kind of a fucking loser has a daily vlog?

4:30 – “I’m going to get back to the regular coffee with very little cream and sugar in it.”

He’s talking about his weight loss strategies. I don’t think that this is it. People lose weight from a slight decrease in their sugar and cream consumption?

I went on a diet a couple of years ago. I wanted to lose about seven pounds. So I was counting calories and shit. Keeping a journal of what I ate. I started at 1200 calories a day then I gradually increased it to about 1500 calories a day. I lost the seven pounds in a month or so.

After about three months, I gave up on this journal. I still modified how much I ate, I tried to stick to more or less what I was eating before but I was no longer interested in losing weight. I just wanted to maintain the weight.

Nevertheless, I gradually gained this seven pounds back.

So about a month ago, I went on another diet. I didn’t want to count calories or any of this shit. I just cut potato chips out of my diet and ate one meal a day or two small meals. And if I’d get a little hungry during the day, I’d eat a piece of candy.

That’s it. The seven pounds was gone within three weeks. And I was eating normally. I’d sometimes have a large meal from a takeaway restaurant or something. I ate whatever I wanted but just one meal. Or if I was just having a sandwich or something, I’d eat two a day.

No problem. This is how you lose weight. And all I drink is water. This is probably the biggest key to weight loss. For my entire adult life, I basically only drank water. I’d sometimes have other beverages (juice, milk, soda, alcohol) but rarely.

You see these people like Adam the Woo or whoever who addicted to coffee. You’re not losing weight with that shit.

I had one coffee in my life. It tasted like shit. Never again. I’m not interested. Aside from the calories, that stuff stains your teeth and gives you heart problems. Plus the awful taste.

So I weigh the same now as I did in college. You think that fucking Adam the Woo is going to be able to say that? He stuffs his fat face with coffee and hot dogs in every fucking video. No. You’re a grown man. It time to start eating properly.

I used to eat a can of Pringles or a bag of Doritos every day. Even after my first diet, I’d eat half a can or bag every day. So I enjoyed potato chips. But I don’t miss them. It’s food. Who gives a shit? Have some self-control. I enjoy eating normal meals.

Alternatively, do what you want. This diet talk is pretty fucking gay. If you’re comfortable being a big fat guy, then good for you. I don’t care how much you weigh.

11:00 – “I bought a bunch more Disney stock.”

I’m not a financial planner or anything but I don’t think buying stock based on your weird obsessions is necessarily the wisest of moves. This guy is in Disneyland or Disney World like every week. As a single, adult man.

So that’s the video over. The comments are mostly people complaining about Disney being “woke” and whatnot.


There’s the Adam the Woo sub-reddit. This is how a sub-reddit about a “Youtuber” should be. It’s just somebody posting each video and then you’re allowed to comment on the video. No fucking weirdo shit with Adam the Woo Photoshopped as a woman or people repeating the same three phrases over and over again. Just people talking about the videos like normal human beings.

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