Does The Jim Carrey Grinch Movie Miss The Point of Dr. Seuss’s Book? – Talking About Tapes – Tony from Hack the Movies

Alright, Tony. I’m finally desperate enough to watch this shit. So let’s see what you’ve got.

0:15 – But first a word from our sponsors: some shitty shoe company that thinks that we’re concerned about water getting into our shoes.

0:30 – Footage of Crystal Quin aka Horseface McGee testing the shoes out in a bucket of water. She’s entirely clad in leather. Whoa! This is hot!

What? Who’s jerking off to this? Who could possibly have this fetish? A horseface woman in leather putting her shoe in a bucket of water? I’m sorry, but this isn’t for me.

0:45 – “Now that the weather is changing, I need shoes that keep my feet dry in case it rains or I step in any puddles.”

This has never happened to me. Where are these shoes that are getting your feet wet when it rains? I’ve never once encountered this problem. How shit can shoes possibly be that you can’t wear them in the rain? It’s ridiculous. This problem does not exist.

1:30 – Johanna from nothing is the co-host. Let’s see if this is tolerable without Horseface also there, constantly talking about how hot Johanna is.

5:15 – Tony is literally reading from Wikipedia. He even says as much. And this goes on for like five minutes.

They feign outrage, or maybe it’s not feigned, at the widow of Dr Seuss (who sold the rights of the movie) refusing to have Jewish Whos in the movie. There was going to be a joke about Jewish Whos, who don’t celebrate Christmas. Johanna and Tony, apparently, find this to be anti-Semitic.

It’s a joke that has no place in the movie and was only inserted because the writers, producers, and everyone else involved were Jewish. But it’s irrelevant. Maybe this woman just, rightly, didn’t think that this shit had any place in the movie.

But if you are going to make this joke, why not have Buddhist Whos or Muslim Whos or whatever? Why Jewish Whos?

But no. If you don’t put a Jewish joke in a Christmas movie, you’re an anti-Semite, according to the brain trust over at Hack the Movies.

15:15 – Johanna is talking about a CHILD ACTRESS and she says, “She’s so hot.”

What the fuck? I know that she’s talking about her now, as an adult, but can she not fucking stop this shit? Why does this have to be her default comment for every fucking woman in every fucking movie? She’s as bad as fucking Horseface. Maybe get a brain and then you’ll be able to make more intelligent comments.

25:15 – Johanna is talking about some other hot actress now. At least it’s an adult this time.

“What a babe.”

What a shit comment.

Aside from anything else, these comments are sexist. Why does every fucking female actor have to be reduced to how they hot they are? What about their skills as an actor?

Men aren’t getting this treatment. Johanna and Horseface and whoever aren’t talking about how hot the men are. Why does physical appearance seem to be the only thing that matters when it comes to women actors? At least according to these fucking retards.

When you bring this to the logical conclusion: that appearance is the only thing that matters to all women, it doesn’t bode well for bottom-feeders like Johanna or Horseface. So why would they perpetuate this ideology? It’s against their own self-interest.

As an unattractive woman, you should be downplaying the importance of physical appearance. You should be talking about everything else that makes somebody attractive. Their personality, their intelligence, I think that dress sense would even be appropriate. But not how hot they are. Because…I mean…look at Johanna or Horseface. If appearance is the only thing that matters for a woman, these ladies are in some real trouble.

Speaking of dress sense, I think that Johanna raided my father’s closet from 35 years ago. Is this supposed to be attractive? Dressing like a French lumberjack from the 1950s? I am not jacking off to French lumberjacks.

It used to be men who make these sorts of comments about hot actresses. And they’d be derided by lesbian feminists. “Don’t objectify women. Women are more than the size of their breasts. Women have a brain and a personality.”

But now it’s these same alleged feminists who are making these comments that objectify women. Now it’s “empowering” to make these comments. It’s “empowering” to behave in the same boorish fashion that certain low-functioning men behaved in. And they’re just pretending to be lesbians because that’s on trend now.

It’s interesting to see the cycles that society goes through and how the dim-witted blindly follow the current trends. In the 1920s, Germany was one of the most “progressive” countries on earth. Lots of homosexuality and racial equality and sexy cabaret shows and jazz and the feminist movement exploded in popularity.

Then by 1939, the children of these fucking beatniks weren’t down for that shit. They didn’t like what they saw. They thought that this decadence, which was largely funded by Jews, was destroying the country. These “progressive” parents must have been horrified to see little Wolfgang going to his Hitler Youth meeting.

I’m not watching this shit any more. Let’s check out the comments.

  • “This feels like listening to two people who recently suffered a stroke.”

I don’t know what this means but if he’s saying that it’s bad, I concur.

  • “Here’s a fact. All movies suck. They are an illegitimate art form.”

That’s another thing. The Nazis were opposed to the degenerate art from the 1920s. A lot of these artists were Jews, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to know. But you look at this art today, and just about everybody is in full agreement that the Nazis were on point, at least when it comes to this. Say what you will about the Nazis but they got this art thing right. It’s complete shit.

Do you want this hanging on your wall?

  • “Im surprised ur still not talking About horror films”

Oh, that’s a good point. Maybe that’s why I was able to watch this one, as much as I did. Yeah, the horror shit is unwatchable.

  • “Man no offense but where is the fine little redhead. The ex is okay but would rather have the one that’s easier on the eyes LOL if you want more views”

See? This is what happens, Johanna, when you fuel this mentality. This guy just wants to see Horseface because Horseface is hotter. And if a hotter chick comes along, of which there are billions, he’s going to prefer the hotter chick over Horseface. It’s not the way that people should be evaluated, is it?

  • “Fun fact: Dr. Seuss drew political cartoons during WWII against the Nazis”

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