NYC GameRoom Tour 2022 – Destiny Fomo 

Let’s check out this pack of lies.

She’s showing a foot of cleavage, as usual.

0:00 – “Living in New York City is hard.  Collecting in New York City is even harder because of the space.”


This is how she starts the fucking video.  If you don’t like it, move.  I know that it’s difficult because you don’t have any money, your pimp owns everything, but surely there are charities or something that deal with this sort of stuff.  Prostitutes trying to get legitimate jobs.  

0:30 – She mentions having another apartment.  Her pimp TuanX’s other apartment.  Madam Fomo owns NOTHING.  It’s all TuanX’s.  That’s how this works.

But she starts the video talking about how hard it is to live in New York.  Her situation is clearly not the situation of most people.  Most people in New York are not prostitutes living with their pimps who have two apartments.  So…how are we supposed to at all identify with this?

Then she just starts showing TuanX’s game collection.  Who cares?  Why do I want to see this?  Show us the sex dungeon or something.

She really struggles to pronounce “Famicom”, by the way.  Repeatedly.

3:15 – “One of the most common questions I get asked.”

She has problems with the English language a lot.  Earlier in the video, she said something like, “A prior question”.  She uses the wrong word a lot.  Like she’s not a native speaker.  But she is.  Unless you want to include Ebonics as her native language.  

You don’t hear anything about Ebonics any more but it was a huge joke in “the 90s” at least among my vaguely racist peers.  

Anyway, she’s talking about her favourite games.  WHO CARES?  We don’t want these boring as fuck questions.  Tell us about some of the wacky shit you’ve seen in your career as a prostitute.  You’ve done this for over ten years.  Easily.  You must have loads of stories.  

She’s wearing some weird Chun Li buns in her hair, by the way.

5:00 – She starts shaking her tits, in an obvious fashion, and she make some weird…I don’t even know.  Bad acting is how I’d describe it.  

What’s the point of all of this anyway?  Why is there a prostitute showing off her pimp’s game collection?  Why would anybody want to watch this?  Why does this collection even exist?  TuanX is a fucking moron to spend all of his pimp money on video games.  Launder that shit into gold or something.

5:45 – She’s talking about beating BattleToads now.  Who cares?  Even if it’s true, which I suspect it isn’t, why would I want to hear a prostitute talking about beating some 30 year old game?  This is pointless.

Maybe she does play video games.  She seems to have a lot of time on her hands.  She doesn’t work, in the traditional sense.  I think that she’s mostly out of the prostitution game but I’m not sure.  I suspect that she’s still doing it.  Why wouldn’t she?  TuanX needs money.

But her main “job” seems to be her god awful OnlyFans.  That can’t take too much time.  Take some horrible cheesecake photos for horny retards.  That’s not eight hours a day.  That’s not eight hours a week.  

So my point is that she she has time on her hands.  Maybe.  Maybe a lot.  So perhaps she is playing video games during some of this spare time.  She does seem to know something about video games.  Even back when she did live streams, she was able to answer questions about video games in a semi-intelligent, semi-informed fashion.

But who cares?  Who cares if she plays games or not?  This is boring.  I don’t give a fuck about any of this.  Give us some prostitute stories.

She keeps encouraging you to sign up to her Twitch.  No thanks.

6:30 – Now she’s showing Stadium…something.  I already forgot the name.  But this is the game where she did a video where she was dressed like a prostitute in some PVC gear and she flashed $20,000 in cash and offered it to any horntard who wanted to sell her the game.  Later, she had Pat the NES Punk sign the game.

7:00 – She says that she doesn’t want this game and offers to sell it.  Who’s going to buy it now that Pat ruined it with his signature?  And which one of these horny retards has $20,000 to spare?  But I guess that TuanX needs some more cash.

By the way, she’s reading question.  She never explained where these questions came from.  But they’re all just…fucking…video game questions.  This is stupid.  I don’t give a fuck about any of this.  She’s done these type of videos a billion times already.  GET TO THE SEX DUNGEON!

7:15 – Now she suddenly sat on the floor for some reason.  It was just an excuse to jiggle her tits.

7:30 – She’s talking about the Virtual Boy.  “I didn’t have it growing up because I was too poor.”

Ummm…let’s dome some rough estimates on when Madam Fomo was born.  She’s probably in her late 20s, I guess?  Let’s say 28.  So that would mean that she was born in about 1994.

The Virtual Boy was released in 1995.

One year olds aren’t playing video games.  You can start playing video games when you’re five?  Six?  But not in any meaningful way.  Certainly, you wouldn’t be playing the Virtual Boy at that age.  It’s too cumbersome and the games are no good.

So maybe…eight years old would be the earliest that anyone would play the Virtual Boy.  The system had already been cancelled for seven years by that point.  Nobody was talking about it.  Nobody wanted it.  People had long moved on.  The GameCube was out.  Playstation 2.  Game Boy Advance.  Shit like this.  Not fucking Virtual Boy.

8:15 – “How many games do you own” is the next question.  How many times have these questions been asked and answered already?  WE DON’T CARE!  

The reason why she can’t talk about her actual life is obvious.  She’s a prostitute.  What’s she going to say?  She’d get demonitised.

But this is boring as fuck.  Retro Ali and Pelvic Gamer do the same thing.  All they ever talk about is video games.  You get no insight whatsoever into their personal lives.  So they just come off as one dimensional video game playing robots.  I don’t a give a shit about that.  Nobody does.

If you don’t want to talk about your personal life, fine.  I get it.  But then go get a job at Jiffy Lube.  When you’re making Youtube videos and trying to make money from this shit, you need to be engaging.  You need to somehow connect with the audience.  

9:00 – She says that it’s taken her eight years to build her collection.  Where did the money come from Madam Fomo?  That’s the question that people are going to have.  She’s trying to downplay how much all of this shit cost but no.  This is hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of games.  Stadium Events was $20,000 by itself.  Where did the money come from, Fomo?  Tell us about your day job.  Or night job, more accurately.

She can’t.  It’s all criminal.  

How do the horntards who don’t realise that she’s a prostitute rationalise any of this?  Don’t they wonder where the money comes from?  She never talks about her job.  Is she a doctor?  A wealthy industrialist?  Did she win the lottery?  How can any of this be explained?


10:45 – She says that she tried to put all of her games in her bedroom but it doesn’t fit.  Plus, it would be a little awkward with all of the sex for money activity that goes on there.  “Hey, I think there’s a Mario Paint in my ass.  Can you dig it out?”

11:00 – She leans over to show her boobs some more.  She’s done this sort of thing throughout the video.  I haven’t mention nearly all of them.

She invites the horntards to comment on her game room.  “Do you think it’s too much?  Do you think it’s too little?”

WHO CARES?  What can anybody going to possibly say about this fucking collection of TuanX’s?  Do whatever the fuck you want, TuanX.  I don’t give a shit.  There are bigger issues at play here than a fucking video game collection.  Like human trafficking.

Then she advertises her Twitch and her Twitter.  No OnlyFans.  Does she still have the OnlyFans?  Let me check.

Yeah.  Only $3 for a month.  It’s a “limited” time sale.  The “spring special”.  Ummm…spring was six months ago.

Maybe this hasn’t been updated in six months.  Her Amazon gift page is all current, at least.  She wants a lot of prostitute stuff and children’s toys.  This is the sort of stuff that she always has on here.  Her johns must be into some weird stuff.

Oh, no.  She advertised her OnlyFans just recently.

“Be nice it’s #HispanicHeritageMonth 🥰 #puertorican link in my bio for more”

Madam Fomo has said NUMEROUS times that she’s mixed race.  Black father and white mother, I assume.  The mother was the prostitute, the father was the pimp.  But now she’s Puerto Rican.  It’s just constant lies from her.

She used to get really annoyed when people said that she was Hispanic.  But now she’s just going with it because it’s “Hispanic Heritage Month”.  She’s trying to cash in all of that Hispanic Heritage Month mania.  Then when February rolls around, she’ll be looking at some of that sweet Black History Month cash.

Does anyone in the comments call her out?

– “Your one hot Puerto Rican”

Here’s this guy’s Twitter:

Holy fucking shit.  It’s just sad.  I don’t even want to comment.

– “Happy Hispanic Heritage month.”

That was from this guy:

Again, pity prevents me from saying anything further.

Here’s another guy who replied:

Fifty year old redneck from Texas who enjoys professional wrestling.

There are also a bunch of fake accounts leaving spam comments.  She doesn’t even bother to delete them.

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