Monty Python and the Elden Ring – Cannot be Tamed

More of the baffling comedy stylings of Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining.  This is her second video of the week.  She never posts more than once a week.  She must have thought that this was really, really funny.  She just couldn’t wait.  

It’s a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail and she sort of marries up game footage to the scene.  The game is Elden Ring.  

I’ve never seen any Monty Python.  That stuff has never remotely interested me.  Indeed, I’ve always been repelled by it.  Maybe it’s good.  I don’t know.  But I’m never going to watch that stuff.  It always struck me as hugely pretentious.  

Anyway, the comments are overwhelmingly supportive.  People talk about how funny this video is and some nerds give Monty Python quotes.  These comments are in stark contrast to the videos where Pam does compilations of her “funny” moments on stream.  Those comments are largely along the, “Ummm…keep up the good work, I guess.  You’re so hot.” variety.  People are trying to be supportive because they jerk off to Pam but they’re totally bamboozled by the video and its purported comedy.

This video at least makes sense.  And if you’re familiar with and enjoy the source material, you can probably appreciate it more.  

There’s nothing going on with her Twitter.  Nothing on Instagram.  Let’s check out her defunct blog.  Maybe I can get some tips.

She stopped doing the blog in 2016.  It seems like she mostly talked about video games and promoted her various stuff.  Youtube and the god awful Media Maven/Harpie Maidens podcast that she did.

She seems to do that annoying thing where she puts a bunch of pictures in the blog.  Like in the body of the article, there will be random pictures.  This is a common thing that one sees on blogs but I hate it.  It’s so insulting.  Like I’m some fucking moron who needs pictures every so often to keep me engaged.

I did this for posts where I analyse Erin’s subscriber count and whatnot from SocialBlade and I also did it for the “casserole” article.  As here:

I suppose that these are some of the more interesting articles but the pictures are germane to the article.  Not just random bullshit like you see in so many blogs, including Pam’s.  But I don’t put pictures in much because it too much work, frankly.  And I would never just put random pictures in because it’s stupid.

In this article, she complains about people who don’t like Patreon.  This was a big thing in 2016, when Pam wrote this.  People didn’t much care for it.  Now it seems like nobody cares if you have a Patreon or not.  In 2016, people were concerned that all of the good content was going to be Patreon exclusive stuff.  But now we see what happened.  The stuff that gets posted on Patreon is just trash that nobody wants to see.  Patreon exists solely so that horntards have an outlet to piss their money away.

So in the article, Pam says that she lost 17 subscribers when she did a video advertising her Patreon.  Who gives a shit?  Seventeen subscribers?  She wrote a whole fucking article about this.

Anyway, I don’t think that Pam even has a Patreon now.  It’s not on her Linktree.

Oh, she links to it in the article.  Here it is:

She has 196 “patrons” and she’s getting about $350/month.  Not sure how that works because the only tier is $1/month.  Or £1/month.  Or probably 1 CAD/month.  Still…I’m thinking that some people are giving more than $1 or whatever a month.  How else could 196 people giving one of whatever their local currency is equal $350?

She’s still posting there.  One low-effort video a month.  Like clockwork.  They’re mostly about her plans for the month.  Who cares?

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